Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


83. Beach house and bye bye 1D and 5SOS

Perrie's POV
Zayn and Luke are leaving today for a tour! Ariana didn't take the news so well but now she's okay... So while the boys are gone Ariana and I got a beach house for little mix and Paula! Sereen and Kenya are going with the boys since they don't have kids and aren't in a band...

"Ready to pack and get dressed Marcy?" I asked. she nodded.She walked over to her dresser and pulled out suspenders and a white top. I helped her put hem on and put her little curls in a ponytail.

"Mommy get dressed!" Marcy yelled. I picked her up and ran to my room. I put on a pink see through tank top with a black bandeau and jean shorts with heels. Marcy put my hair in a ponytail and then we packed!

"Hey baby we gotta go!" Zayn said while picking up Marcy

"Okay lets goooo!" I smiled. We hopped in the car.

Ariana's POV

Luke is leaving me!!! But Perrie and I got a beach house! I put Ava in a 'Daddy's girl' Shirt with little pants and shoes. I put on my 'Beach Bum' tank top and jeans short and sandals... Perrie tld me we had to go so Luke and I hopped in the car.

~At the AirPort~

Perrie's POV

When we arrived at the airport Marcy started to cry.

"Baby don't cry you're going to make Daddy cry!" Zayn sadi while picking her up

"Sorry Daddy!" I apologized

"Daddy will be home in a few months! Okay?"

"Okay Daddy!" Marcy smiled. Zayn walked over to me and kissed my lips passionately!

"I'm gonna miss you babe!" He said kissing me

"I'll miss you too!" I cried into his chest.

Ariana's POV

I was saying goodbye to Luke but I couldn't help but cry!

"Princess look at me." Luke said calmly. I looked up into his sparkling eyes..

"I'll be back soon!" He said while kissing me!

"Don't leave!" I cried into his chest

"I have to baby" he said into my hair

"I love you!" I cried

"I love you too!" I pulled away and handed him Ava.

"Bye Ava! Daddy is going to miss you! Take care of Mommy!" He winked and gave me Ava. They soon called his flight and he kissed Ava and I on the forehead...

Perrie's POV

"BEACH HOUSE TIME!!!!" I yelled while putting Marcy into her car seat. Ariana out Ava in the back and we were on our way to the beach house!

~At The Beach house~

"MOMMY IT'S!" Marcy yelled spreading her arms apart.

"Yeah baby it is!" I smiled. I picked up Marcy and her bags and carried her inside.


"Okay baby lets go get bathing suits on!" I smiled "Ariana are you coming?" I asked

"Yeah sure!" She smiled

"YAY!" Marcy yelled running up to get dressed.

"MOMMY THIS ONE FOR YOU!" She yelled holding up my red bikini.

"okay and for you!" I said holding up her Nemo one piece bathing suit. We walked downstairs and Ariana was in a plaid bikini and little Ava Dora one piece.

"Lets go!" Ariana yelled. We walked to the beach with little Marcy running ahead. Ariana and Ava stayed on shore until...

"Auntie come in!" Marcy begged and pulled her. Ariana put Ava in the water and she loved it!

"Don't splash Mommy! Silly girl!" Ariana said while kissing her.

"Mommy I sleepy!" Marcy yawned

"Want dinner?" I asked

"YES!" Ariana yelled and we both laughed. We walked back into the beach house and ate Nacho's and Cheese. It was yummy!!!!! Ariana put Ava and Marcy to bed! So I could relax.

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