Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


78. Ava Alice Hemmings

Ariana's POV

"Hey guys so we are currently in the hospital waiting for Ava Alice Hemmings!" Luke said

"Ariana is having bad contractions and she's about to give birth!" Luke said into the camera

"How are you doing baby?" He ask pointing the camera at me

"I'm in pain but it's all good!" I smiled

"Anything else?"

"Well the baby is coming soon! Urmm the doctor said he'll come back soon so I canhave the baby! I have been induced.. SO yeah!" I smiled

"The doctor walked in and said "Ready for this baby?"

"YES!" We both said

"Okay ready?"

"Yeppers!" She smiled

"1...2...3 PUSH AS HARD AS YOU CAN!" The doctor yelled and I pushed

" I can see her head" He said

"AGAIN!" The doctor yelled and I pushed again. After an hour of pushing Ava Alice Hemmings was born! The nurse wrapped her up into a pink blanket and put a little pink hat on her. She was beautiful! She has a chubby little face. We don't know her eye color yet since she hasn't opened her eyes but...She's perfect. Luke turned the camera back on to record this moment.

"Well Ariana has had a beautiful baby girl!" He said

"Welcome to the world Ava!" I smiled and kissed her head

"Hi Ava!" Luke said kissing her

"Well everyone this is little Ava!" I smiled as Luke turned off the camera.

"Mrs.Hemmings are you willing to have visitors?" The nurse asked

"Yes please" I smiled and handed Ava to Luke

Luke's POV

Ava is perfect! She looks just like her Mom! I can't believe I'm a Daddy!!!! Little Mix had to move their concert back so Ariana can perform but everyone is okay with that! Ariana handed me Ava while Perrie and Zayn and Marcy walked in.

"Awe she's adorable!" Perrie said in awe

"Mommy I wanna see her!" Marcy pouted. Perrie lifted Marcy up.

"Wanna hold her?" I asked Perrie

"Sure!" She smiled.

Perrie's POV

When Luke handed me Ava I was super proud of my little sis! The doctor told us that Ava wouldn't open her eyes like other babies did we would have to wait a few minutes. Then she started to fuss ad her eyes opened when I handed her to Ariana.


Zayn's POV

After Ava calmed down I got to hold her. She was a very small baby. I bent down so Marcy could kiss her.

"Want me to call the lads and ladies?" I asked

"Sure!" I smiled

So I called Louis

"Hey" I said

"Hi what's Up?" Louis asked

"Come down to the hospital" 

"I'm with my sisters"

"Bring them with you! And the lads!"

"Okay see you soon!"

"His sisters are coming?" Ariana asked

"Yes" I replied

"I'll call Jesy!" Perrie chriped

"Mrs.Hemmings the Tommo family is here with Mr.Styles Mr.Payne and Mr.Horan. May they come in?" The nurse asked

"Yes" Ariana replied

"Hii!" Louis yelled

Ariana's POV

"Hi" I replied playing with Ava's fingers

"Awwww She's sooo cute like you!" Lottie said

"Awww thanks" I smiled

"Wanna hold her?" I asked Lottie

"Yes!"  I handed Ava to Lottie then to Fizzy and then when Daisy and Phoebe held her I got a bit nervous...

"Looks like Mommy is getting nervous!" Louis said

"I'll give Ava back okay?" He asked the twins

"Okay!" Daisy said

"Liam would you like to hold her?" I asked

"YEAH!!!!" He jumped up and down. I handed Ava to him and his face lit up.

"You look just like mommy! Yes you do Yes you do!" He smiled. I handed Ava to Niall and urm lets just say he was a little weird

"Are you my new food buddy?" She asked Ava

"Of course Niall my fave Uncle!" He said in the best baby voice.

"Harry want to hold her?" I asked

"Sure" His face lit up. Once everyone left I passed out with Ava in my arms. Luke stayed with me but tomorrow I get to do a concert then home! YAY!


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