Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


77. 7 MONTHS

Ariana's POV

I'm now 7 months!!!! YAY! The past months we've been doing concerts CD signings, Meet and Greets, Private concerts and Appts for Ava. I've been getting mobbed which is making me super stressed!!!! The doctor told me not to think about and just to calm down. SO I have...  Luke is going crazy about the baby! Tomorrow Marcy is one already!!! She never crawled she just walked! She can kinda talk. Today Perrie are doing a photo shoot for a pregnant magazine and a toddler of the year thing. They put in a 'I <3 My Bump' pink and white  tank top with a pink cardigan. I put on white jeans. They put my hair up in a bun with a bow. I put in feather earrings and a heart necklace and a leopard bracelet. I did different poses. After the photo shoot I went to the bus. My phone started to go off like crazy!

Dylan~ Hey babe ;)

Ariana~What do you want Dylan? -.-

Dylan~ I wanted to know how both my babies

Ariana~ Luke's Babies are doing good!

Dylan~ Sweetie it's my baby!

Ariana~ NO IT'S NOT



Dylan~ Whatever you say ;)

Ariana~ STOP

Dylan~ Baby stop texting me ;)

Ariana~ OKAY BYE

Dylan~ Stop texting me Ariel

Ariana~ BYE

I started to cry. Luke soon saw and came running towards me. He scooped me up into his arms. I handed him my phone and he read all of the convo. He got so mad!

" I know"

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