I Just Don't Feel

I just don't feel like myself any more. I feel lost and without cause. I am lonely, sad, and bored. It just does not feel the same.


1. I Just Don't Feel

I just don't feel like

Myself any more

I don't feel

Just think


I'm lonely and yet

I don't want to be

Around anyone anymore

I'm not myself


i sit and cry for hours at a time

Then turn around and laugh

For no reason at all

I just don't feel


I never know what is going to happen

I live from day to day

Yet I'm not living

Only existing


I don't have no one since you left

My promises from you are gone

I never knew love until you

Now your gone


My life does not feel the same

My thoughts are a puddle

I feel a burning in my heart

How can I go on?


Each day is getting harder

Don't know what to say

never knew I could hurt so much

All from loving you


I'm in a panic

Lost in blood

Flowing like velvet

Down a stream


Where did I go wrong?

What did I say

Nothing I do or say

Is right these days


I never wanted to hurt anyone

But I wind up hurting everyone

Without meaning too

Please forgive me

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