Togther Forever

*Sequel To Adopted by Louis Tomlinson* It has been a year. Liam still hasn't regained his memory. Abby is losing hope that Liam will ever remember. They all love Bradford so everyone bought a house. Liam he is falling more and more in love with Abby but is afraid that he will lose her. How far will he go to keep Abby? Will he screw it up or will Abby finally have hope?


3. Chapter 3

*Abby's POV*

I had fun today with El. We went everywhere. I walked through the door to see Louis and Liam watching Toy Story. I smiled and went up behind Liam. I wrapped my arms around him and said "Hey there."

He said "Hey there sweet thang."

I giggled "Why did you just call me that?"

He shrugged and said "Cause I felt like it." I laughed and sat next to him on the couch. He held my hands and we watched Titanic. About half way through the movie Liam asked me "Abby? I want to take you somewhere. Just you and me."

"Like a date?"

"More like a vacation."

"Well when?"

"How about tomorrow?"

I looked at him and said "You have been planning this haven't you?"

"What gave it away?" He smiled and I hugged him. I cuddled with him until my eyes became heavy. Then I felt someone carry me to my room. They set me down in my bed and I opened my eyes wide enough to see that it was Liam. He kissed my head and said "I love you Abby."

I mumbled "I love you too." Then I let sleep take over me.


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