A Bad Boy May Be Good For You

You never know who to fall in love with, but me with a bad boy? HAHAHA no.


1. New At School

Hi! My name is Leea Rae Di Angelo. I'm seventeen years old and new to New York. I travel every two years with my parents and younger brother Gale. He is the jewel of the family. Me? I'm the odd and outsider of the family. Well anyway, it's Monday and I start my senior year at a private school called Faith High. I get dressed in the uniform and fix my long, raven black hair into curls. I put on a little bit of make up and go to the kitchen. I take a bowl of strawberries and my things and leave. I walked to school. I overheard my parents say that this school is very strict. I just hope it's not that bad. I get there and as I walked in, I bumped into a boy. I picked up my glasses and saw the most gorgeous boy I've ever seen. He had beautiful brown curls, big green eyes, and tanned skin. "Sorry beautiful. I didn't see you there." He said with British accent. HOLY DUCK SAUCE! "I-its ok..." I say. He looked up at me and smiled. He had the perfect dimples. I was about to die. "I'm Harry. Harry Styles." He said looking deep into my dark blue eyes. "Leea. Leea Di Angelo." "Oh, you're the new girl?" He asked. "That's me." I smiled. He took my hand and took me inside. "We're in the same classes. That means I can show you around!" He said excitedly. I felt my cheeks turn warm. We went to History. Then Science. Then Math and then it was time for lunch. I made the line. A boy came up to me. "Liam, friend of Harry's." Said a boy with brownish hair, dark brown eyes and cream skin. He also was British. "Leea." I said smiling. "If you want, you can sit with us at our table." He said ever so nicely. I nodded. He left. I paid for my lunch and went with the boys. I saw two more. I learned that they were Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. We chatted a bit and then I saw a boy that was way different than the ones I met. He had tattoos and piercings all over him. His shirt was not tucked in, his hair was a mess, and he smelled like cigarettes. "That's Zayn Malik. You might not want to be near him. He plays with every girl, has bad grades, and he's a troublemaker." Niall said to me. I nodded and looked at him once more. He looked at me and winked. I blushed and looked away. I can't believe I'm at a school with such hotties!


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