A Love Like That

Short stories about love.
Mostly inspired by a song.


1. Inspired by a song -- Love Story - Taylor Swift

September 2016


It’s the first day of my last year of college. The door closes softly behind me. With my bag over my shoulder I walk past the trees of the school. Still the same old boring trees. The same old boring place. My friends wave at me as I walk towards them.
“Last year, bitches.” They all yell. Yea, my friends.

Everyone walks to their classrooms when the bell rings. With my books and back in my hand I suddenly stop. My friends almost bumping into me. That can’t be true. Austin?


June 2012


I step into the big sports hall of school. Everything is decorated with glitters and silver and gold. A big sign above the stage says: WELCOME TO SENIOR PROM. I walk towards the side where the chairs are standing. That’s where we decided to meet, since my dad didn’t allow me to bring a date to prom.
After 5 minutes I see him, by the door. He is looks around the room. Searching for me. I pull my dress and he walks my way.
“Hello, miss Kaylee.” He says.

The smile I had when he said that didn’t leave my face for a whole week. Untill he was gone. My dad found out that I danced with him, was with him at prom. He was furious.


September 2016


“Austin, what are you doing here?” I ask him, as curious as I am.
“Whe moved back, I’m doing my last year here.” I smile at him. “I’m back Kaylee.” He says softly. I nod. “I..” He starts, he looks around trying to find the words. “When I still was here, I talked to your dad.” My eyes grow big. “He said that he liked me, he was really nice to me.” “Why did you go?” “I was afraid.” “Of what?” “Of what people will think. Cuz, I am different. I’m not like your people.” He looks me in my eyes. “I still like you, Kaylee.” I look down and smile. “I still like you too, Austin.” “Say yes?” “To what?” “Promise me to say yes?” “Oke.” “Will you… Will you marry me?”

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