Crazy Sins

Oozie is the mate to Satan, making her the Queen of Hell. Her life is great, with everything she could want. That's what she thinks, until she runs into an old demon who tells her who her mother is. Curiosity gets the better of Oozie and when she finds out what her past is, she's determined to get revenge on the person who lied about everything.

Prequel to the Succubus Series. Book 1 is Red Succubus


6. Número Dos

I stepped inside as the man stepped aside for me. "Don't you think those clothes are a little, odd for hiking?" He asked.

"Nah. Now, answer my question." I glanced.

"My names Barry, first." He held out his hand and I shook it.

"My names Olive." I said quickly.

"Nice. Um Elektra? I think I heard the name once. Yea she lives in a house in the jungle somewhere pass this mountain." Barry scratched his head.

"In a village or...?"

"No I think it's just randomly there. Like someone decided to place a house in the middle of a jungle. I think she lives there with some guy." he explained.

I stiffened at the mention of this man. This was probably the man my mother left me for. "Thank you Barry." I smiled.

"You must be tired, why don't you rest? And maybe I'll find some of my sisters old clothes for you." Barry gestured to his couch.

I sat and said, "Thanks bub. But I'd like to keep my hat on."

"Ok. But you might get hot." Barry shrugged and walked away.

"Woo, is it just me or did someone turn up the heat?" I grinned and fanned myself.

This Barry guy was attractive. With a capital A. "uh here." Barry walked in and tossed me some clothes.

Ripped jeans and a white spaghetti strap tank top. "Thanks." I nodded.

Barry showed me where to change. I changed and put my other clothes in a bag. I walked out and he handed me a water bottle. "It's going to get hot and would you like a pistol or something to protect yourself?" Barry asked as I took the water bottle and put it in my bag.

"No I'll be fine. Thank you though Barry." I smiled.

He nodded and led me out. "Uh this Elektra lady, she lives in the jungle around Crystal Lake. It's about five or six miles from here." Barry informed.

"Thanks hon' that will be very helpful." I started walking.

"Why is it so important to find her?" He called.

"Just an old friend I wanna see again. We never really got to talk." I called back.

Yea, she was a really old friend that I never got to talk to, never got to see. What kind of mom did that? Lots of human moms I knew but demons and angels, they had no reason to abandon kids. I bit my lip. "Just think positive." I muttered. 

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