Crazy Sins

Oozie is the mate to Satan, making her the Queen of Hell. Her life is great, with everything she could want. That's what she thinks, until she runs into an old demon who tells her who her mother is. Curiosity gets the better of Oozie and when she finds out what her past is, she's determined to get revenge on the person who lied about everything.

Prequel to the Succubus Series. Book 1 is Red Succubus


11. Action

I sat up, looking around. The room was dark and the soft snores came from where the old demon lay. I swung my legs off the hammock and I softly padded to the door, putting my shoes on. Several days had passed, and I'd rarely leave the house. Guards stormed up and down streets watching for me. Now, I was going to put my revenge in action. I opened the door with a small creak and left.

I sped through the streets toward the castle. I ducked into some of the alleys whenever I saw someone. Most of the inhabitants were sleeping but I couldn't take any chances. Upon reaching the large grand doors of the castle entrance, fear and adrenaline started to pump through my blood. I walked around until I reached a certain wall where the stone was uneven, easy to climb.

I huffed and started scaling the wall. Luckily, Satan's window wasn't far from where the wall was. A couple times, a gargoyle or demon sped by, but they didn't see me. I scoffed at their obliviousness. I reached the top and started side crawling toward my dad's window.

I shuddered. Dad. Never thought I'd call him that. Teaching the top, I started side crawling toward his window. I grabbed the ledge and lept in, landing quietly. I saw his large chest rise and fall. I caught my breath. How many times had I slept with him? How many times had I sang soft lullabies, listened to his heart beat? I shook my head and crawled forward. I smelled the scent of sex. He must've been busy. I caught sight of a pile of panties in the corner of my eye. Yeah, he'd been busy.

I reached under the bed and grabbed the large knife I'd hidden there just in case. I heard a soft growl and turned. "Moochie poo! It's ok it's just mommy." I whispered to my hell dog.

He immediately whined happily. "Shhh." I pressed a finger to my lips.

I crawled up and straddled Satan. I placed a hand on his chest, feeling his heart beat. Thump, thump. Thump, thump. I swallowed a lump in my throat. Raising my knife I drew in a shakes breath. "Sorry." I choked out.

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