How Could You Forget About Me? (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Chloe is Zayn Malik's forgotten sister. Chloe is an 18 year old surrounded with the words 'Zayn, Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall and One Direction,' and she hates it.

Her brother left her, forgot about her, doesn't call or text her and she has to pretend she isn't related to him- this couldn't make her happier,- she hate's her brother for what he did to her.

What happens when he comes back? Will she forgive him and leave the past behind?


6. The Marlicurlz Hotel

After a 2 hour long limo drive we finally got to our stop. Dave got out of the car and opened the door for us.

"Thanks! But, where are we?" I asked looking at the hotel in front of us.

"The boy's insisted the day you came, for me to take you to the hotel you'll be staying at for a couple days, until you all go to the beach house." he smiled at how confused our faces looked

"Oh. But, we can't afford this. We were only hopping for a motel.." I trailed off

"What are you talking about? Can't afford what?"

"The hotel, we can't afford this." I replied

"Your not paying.." he said while walking to the boot of the car and putting it on the luggage cart.

"Then who is?" I asked still confused with this whole thing.

"The boys." he winked

I sighed. "Why?"

"You sound annoyed? Why?" he leaned on the car and crossed his arm, sounding amused

"It's.. It's a long story. Nothing to worry about." I faked a smile and shut the door, "Thanks for everything!" I hugged him and walked onto the red carpet that led to the inside of the building.

"See you! Nice to meet you! I'll see you later!" he waved and hopped into the limo and drove away.

Jake and Max walked over to me, with huge smiles on there faces.

"What?" I asked, wondering why i was so easily confused today.

"We are at a 5 star hotel. This is already the best holiday ever!" Jake practically shouted

"I know! I'm so happy!" I smirked.

"Let's go inside!" Max pulled us towards the door where a man opened it for us. He greeted us with a warm smile.

"Thanks!" I smiled back

He replied with a wink.

We walked up to the front desk were a man was on the computer.

"Good afternoon, how may I help you?" he looked up from the screen.

"Hi, um, Is there a reservation for Malik?" I asked, uncertain of what we were named under.

"Hmm. Let me check.." he looked down at the computer screen and typed my surname on a keyboard. "Yes, there is. Chloe?"

"Yep, that's me!" I smiled

"Great. You have floor 3, room 24 and 25. Room 24 has the bunk beds, I'm guessing for the boys.. and room 25 is a double bed, for you." he smiled while handing me the keys,

"Thanks so much!" I grabbed the keys and turned around, before i walked away he started talking again.

"You're room service menu for dinner is in the dining room over there, and we have a table reserved for you," he pointed to the left where the big doors where, "the same for the rest of your meals, also, there is a map for all the areas you can go in your rooms. Your bags are already in your rooms." he finished with a smile.

"Are you sure you have got the right people, reservations? room service?" I asked confused, again, surprise surprise.

"Ah, yes! Chloe Malik. A boy named Niall requested it for you." he chuckled

Niall. The boy I met at Nando's. Of course he requested it for me. Just hearing his name made me laugh at how weird this all was.

"Oh, okay. Thanks!"

I turned around and walked up the stairs to the elevator gesturing the boys to come to. The doors opened swiftly and we stepped inside. It was just the 3 of us, so it was quiet spacious. Max leaned over to the buttons and clicked the "3rd floor" button.

The doors opened and we scanned for our room numbers. The boys soon found there's which made it easier for me.

"See you in 20 minutes!" Max laughed

"Yep, we'll met here," I winked

I opened my room and walked inside. I studied my surroundings. There was a lounge room, bathroom and bedroom, with a walk in closet. Yay. More room for my clothes. I unpacked my clothes and hung them up, put my shoes in the shoe rack, and put my underwear and socks in the draw. I plugged my iPhone changer in the wall and plugged my IPhone in to charge.

I put my toiletries on the counter in the bathroom and walked out of the room. I checked I had the keys on me and walked out of the hotel room. I walked to the boys room and knocked twice. Max answered the door,

"Ready?" I asked

"Yep. Jake, come on!" he shouted

We walked to the elevator and went to the bottom floor.

The elevator doors opened and we walked down the stairs. We made our way over to the dining room and waited at the desk.

A lady came over, "Hello, what table would you like?"

"Um, we were told we had a reservation?" I smiled

"Ah, you must be Chloe Malik?" she asked

"Yeah.." How does everyone know me?

"Follow me!" she lead us over to a table with 3 seats, "Here you are," she handed us all a menu as we were sitting down.

"Thanks!" Max winked at her. Wow. What a flirt.

She giggled, "Do you guys want any drinks?"

"Uhm, I'll have a glass of water, thanks," I looked up at her

"I'll have a glass of Lemonade," Max added

"Me too, Lemonade thanks," Jake looked up, then looked down at the menu.

"Okay, I'll be back with your drinks!" She walked away,

"I'm just going to have a salad.." I closed the menu and looked around

"I'll have the chicken Parma" Jake said licking his lips

"I'll just have the chicken noodle soup." Max smiled

He always orders that.

The lady came back over with the drinks.

"Here's your water," she put the water down in front of me, I picked it up and took a sip. "And here's your 2 lemonade's."

"Thanks!" I smiled.

"Are you ready to order?"

"mmhm," Max whispered something to Jake about the waitress. I guess she heard, because she blushed.

"Can we please have the salad, Chicken Parma and the Chicken Noodle Soup?" I said, for the guys to.

"Yep, sure."

-30 minutes later-

"I'm so full!" Jake mumbled while we were in the elevator.

The doors opened and we were on our floor. "Me too." Max pattered his stomach,

while we walked to our rooms.

"I'm not." I smiled unlocking the door,

"Probably because you barely ate." Jake muttered

"Exactly, I'm not a pig!" I poked my tounge out at him, "See you in the morning?" I smiled

"Mm." Max pushed Jake into the room, "See you"

"Bye!" I walked into the room and shut the door behind me. I took my shoes of and put them on the shoe rack. I walked over to the bathroom and washed my face. I scrubbed the makeup off and brushed my teeth.

I walked to the closet and changed into my pajamas and slipped into bed. I grabbed my phone and looked at my notifications.

Instagram; @Tayla_Ate_My_Meatballs_ liked you photo

Instagram; @Tayla_Ate_My_Meatballs_ commented on your photo "OMG, YOUR IN A LIMO. LUCKY BITCH! :D

Twitter; @MaxWalters; Great Dinner! @ChloeMalik @JakeMatthews #yummfood #foodisgood

Twitter; @JakeMatthews; Dinner is yum! @MaxWalters @ChloeMalik #givememore

Snapchat; from Jake

Snapchat; from Jake

Snapchat; from Max

Snapchat; from Amanda

Messages; Mum; Hey Darling, did you get there safe?

Messages; Mum; Tell me you got there safe?

Messages; Mum; How's the hotel?

I unlocked the screen and replied to mum first.

Chloe; Hey Mum! Yeah, we got there safe! The hotel is amazing, it's the best thing about the whole experience. Not sure if I'm looking forward to seeing Zayn yet, though. Bye Mum! xx

I looked at the snapchats and sure enough, they were all selfies. Next, was Instagram. I clicked on the photo that Tayla commented on.

Chloe_Malik; Aha, yeah. I did. It was really weird. And different from London's taxi's. But, it was fun and I made a new friend, Dave. The limo driver. @Tayla_Ate_My_Meatballs_

Last was twitter, but I couldn't be bothered replying. So I just retweeted. I turned my phone of and paid attention to the TV. It was a celebrity gossip show and sure enough it was about One Direction. God. Why are they everywhere? I sighed.

"We have just been told that Zayn Malik, a member of the One Direction- 1/5 of the famous boy band's- sister, Chloe Malik *Shows a picture that the paparazzi took of us*, had been spotted coming out of the boy's limo, with what seems to be two boys *Show's another photo*. They entered The Marlicurlz Hotel today at 9:00pm and was seen eating at the dining room. We were also told that they will be staying with the boy's at there beach house in a weeks time *Show's another one*. We've heard from a little bird that Zayn and Chloe have had a silent past as he forgot about her. We have an exclusive interview of Zayn talking about Chloe *Another picture*. Check it out;

Interviewer; I've heard you forgot about Chloe? Is this true?

Zayn; That's what everyone's heard. But it's not true. I didn't forget about her. She was always on my mind every concert I did, I was thinking about her. It has been all for her. The reason we haven't been in contact in such a while is because I had to change my number so many times, it's unbelievable. I didn't want to text her through Twitter because then she will begin to get so much hate for no reason and I didn't want that to happen. She is everything to me.

Interviewer; That's deep. But, many people-"haters" as they say- think it's not true. Tell me why everyone thinks it's not true?

Zayn; Look, haters going to hate. You can't let them get to you. I can't even believe that I'm going to see Chloe is a couple of days and I can't even believe why she said she'd come. We use to be the best of friends. And I stopped talking to her. Stopped loving her. And it's all my fault. If she doesn't forgive me, I'd understand why. I don't think I'd even forgive myself.

Interviewer; You're seeing Chloe? Do you think she would want to come onto the show and talk about this as well? Could you give us her twitter?

Zayn; I don't think she would. But, I could try. And no. I don't think she would want the hate, or her twitter going viral.

Interviewer; That's great. And, maybe you could ask her. We would love to see what people have been saying about her. See you soon Zayn.

Zayn; Bye.

So that's it on Chloe Malik. Next week we will continue this, Forgive and Forget or Not. Chloe if you're watching this. Give us a call and we might be able to pick up some dirt on Zayn and the One Direction boy's. Goodbye everyone.

He looked pissed when he said bye. Why is that? Odd.

"Stupid Zayn. Stupid lady. Stupid show." I muttered.

I turned the TV off and turned the light off. My phone lit up and I checked what was so important at 10:00pm that I had kept me from closing my eyes.

Twitter; @MaxWalters; OMG, Chloe you were just on TV! Did you see it? @ChloeMalik #luckypoohead #yourontvchloe

Twitter; @MaxWalters; HEY EVERYONE CHLOE WAS ON TV! @ChloeMalik

Twitter; @MaxWalters; Chloe, Chloe, Chloe, Chloe, Did you see it? @ChloeMalik

Twitter; @JakeMatthews; Chloe, you were on TV! @ChloeMalik

Twitter; @AmandaMitchell12; Why is Zayn talking about you? Or is it someone else? @ChloeMalik #imconfused

Twitter; @bradsimones; Haha, Chloe your name was mentioned on TV! I'd faint if it were you. @ChloeMalik

I laughed at Brad's tweet. If only he knew.

I turned my phone's ringer off and flipped my phone upside down so I could sleep. So far it was great. But I have to see Zayn in two days. Totally going to ruin it. Thanks a ton Zayn.



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