How Could You Forget About Me? (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Chloe is Zayn Malik's forgotten sister. Chloe is an 18 year old surrounded with the words 'Zayn, Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall and One Direction,' and she hates it.

Her brother left her, forgot about her, doesn't call or text her and she has to pretend she isn't related to him- this couldn't make her happier,- she hate's her brother for what he did to her.

What happens when he comes back? Will she forgive him and leave the past behind?


7. Swim, Swim

I was woken up by a loud knocking sound. I rubbed my eyes and walked over to the front door. I was face to face with the most scariest thing you could ever see. Max Walters.

"God, I've been knocking for hours! You're such a heavy sleeper.." he began

"You've been knocking for hours?" I repeated, wide eyes staring blankly at him,

"Well, not really. More like 3 seconds. But, close enough, right?"

"No. It's not even close." I snapped

"Woah, Woah, Woah. Calm down. No, need to be grouchy. Hurry up and get dressed were going to get Breakfast.." he spoke while making his way into the lounge room and flopping himself onto the couch.

"Oh, yeah. You can totally come inside. Not that it doesn't matter." I rolled my eyes and he ignored my comment.

"I'll be back, I'm going to get dressed." I walked away and went inside my closet. I got my floral print tank top, my skinny straight leg jeans and my Prairie Grass brown sandals. I brushed my hair and put it up into a messy bun and tied a white lace bow around the hair tie. I walked out of the bathroom and saw Jake and Max sitting on the couch re-watching the stupid show that was on last night.

"Did you see it? You, we were on TV!" he shrieked with excitement

"No. No, we weren't. We were mentioned on TV with like 4 photo's paparazzi's took of us. Which is strictly illegal if you don't want your photo taken.." I trailed off noticing that they didn't care.

"Let's just go." I commanded

Max and Jake got up from there spots and Max turned the TV off. We walked to the elevator and watched the doors close, once again. We began to walk to the dining room once again. Seriously, we should really get an entertaining life. We were walking in the direction of the dining room, when all I could see where these huge white flashes every second. I started blinking uncontrollably. I felt a hand on my back pushing me through the white lights. I heard yelling but I was still blinded.


My eyes readjusted and I saw a huge crowd of people taking pictures of Max, Jake and I. What the hell?

"Chloe, tell me how you feel about Zayn? Does it annoy seeing him on TV all the time? Do you like him? Do you like their music? Have you listened to it?" A lady in a grey suit asked shoving the microphone she was holding into my face.

"Um, what?" I replied

"Do you like One Direction?" She asked again, annoyed that she asked all those questions for a 2 word answer.

"I don't know." I looked at the camera that was filming every move

Everyone gasped.

"Why? Haven't you heard there music? Is it because of you brother?" A bold man said

I felt uncomfortable. The only people that knew was Jake and Max, now everyone knows. I wasn't ready for all the hate and paparazzi.

"Look, could you just leave her alone? She doesn't have to answer you. And you don't need to know about her personal life. Gosh. Show some respect." Max looked over at me and smiled a shy smile. I guess he noticed I was feeling uncomfortable.

"Why do you care if we want to know? What's it to you?" A lady snapped,

"Excuse me? I care because she is my best friend. Why do you care?" Max snapped back.

"It's my job to be nosey." She glared at him.

"Nosey is right. Stop being rude to my friends. Okay? You have no right to ask me about my personal life. I don't want to explain my whole life story to you. You have to leave me alone. Go bother someone who is actually famous.." I waved them off and grabbed Max and Jake by the arms and pulled them into the dinning room.

"I'm so sorry about them. We couldn't get them out. We even called security and there coming now. They won't be bothering you anymore." The manager said with wide eyes.

"It's okay. Has this ever happened?" I asked

"Nope. No one usually finds out there is a famous person staying in this hotel. I don't know how they figured it out."

"But, I'm not famous?" I had confusion written all over my face

"You might not be famous where your from, but you're pretty famous in America. There's even a fan page for you on Twitter." She smiled


Uh, what? Are you sure you have the right Chloe?

The manager waved goodbye and a waiter came over.

"Anyone want orange juice or apple juice?" he looked down at me and smirked, what the?

I shrugged and looked at the boys. I could tell they wanted apple juice, it was in there eyes.

"3 apple juices, please" i looked up to the waiter who was still looking at me. He winked, nodded his head and walked away.

"Are you okay?" Jake asked looking at me from across the table

"Yeah, I'm fine. Is this what the rest of my life is going to be like?" I looked down hoping he would say no.

"Maybe, but you have us to help and protect you!" he chuckled hoping he'd cheer me up, a bit.

"Haha, i guess." i giggled

"As long as we're here no one can hurt you." Max winked

What is it with people and winking today?

"Thanks guys! I really appreciate it! I smiled

"3 apple juices," the waiter placed the apple juice in front of me and dropped a piece of paper on my lap.

"Excuse me, you dropped-," I looked up and he was gone. I picked up the piece of paper and looked at the writing.



"I heard you were crowded by heaps of people. Sorry about that. Wanna talk about it over a drink sometime? - Toby ;)

Number; 0423453221"


I smiled to myself. I looked up and saw Max and Jake looking at me.

"What?" I asked

"What did the guy drop?" Max asked suspiciously with a grin

"A piece of paper." I asked confused as to why it's such a big deal

"What did it say?" Jake added in

"Just a number.." I replied as normal as I could

"Chloe has a lover, Chloe has a lover!" Jake and Max sung together

"shut up! I do not!" I poked my tounge out.

A lady with a red bow in her hair walked up to the table.

"What can i get you?"

"I'll have 2 pancakes, thanks!" Max started

"I'll have a muffin," Jake added

"I'll get the fruit salad, thanks!" I smiled

"Okay!" the lady recorded our order and walked away.

-1 hour later-

The elevator doors opened and we stepped out.

"What do you guys want to do today?" Jake turned on his phone and looked at the notifications,

"Swimming in the pool" Max started doing the free style action,

"YES! I LOVE SWIM, SWIM!" I yelled

"Shh, Jeez, could you be any louder?" Max poked his tounge out

"I could be, wanna see? I LOV-," I was cut off with a hand over my mouth.

"No. I don't want to see. And you mean hear?" he laughed

"Ok, let's get dressed. Meet out here in 10, ok?" Jake suggested

"Yep." I agreed and walked inside my room,

I got into my Navy Stripe Frill Bandeau Bikini and put my hair up into a high pony tail. I grabbed my Lazy River Straw Fedora and my Studded Python-Print T-Strap Thong Sandals. I opened the cabinets in the bathroom and pulled my Missoni Home Obi Beach Towel out. I walked out of my room and into the hallway. I knocked onto the boy's door and waited for a response. The door flung open to see Jake in blue Mini Boden Boys' Bathers.

"Woah, you have a massive thigh gap! How is that possible?" he looked down at my legs

"Thanks?" I asked confused if it was a compliment of not, "And if you work out a lot, it'll get there" I winked

"Haha, thought so." Jake turned around "MAX HURRY UP!" he shouted

"I'm here, I'm here." Max said running to the door,

"Nice bathers!" he smiled looking at my bikini

"thanks, i could say the same about you.. but i don't want to offend you" I smiled

"You know you want to," he laughed

"You wish" I blew him a kiss.

"Let's go already!" Jake walked out of the room and down the hallway. Max and I did the exact same and we waited for the doors to open. Ever notice that we wait for a lot of things? 'cause I did.

The doors finally opened and we walked inside the metal box.

Once the elevator was on ground floor we walked down the stairs and out the back door. There was a pool with a water slide and a spa. The pool was massive and a clear blue colour. There was a waterfall and tiki sticks. There was a kiddy pool that was shallow and had a mini jumping castle that floats on water. It seems really fun.

The first thing we did was find three deck chairs and put our things down. I took my shoes and hat off. I chucked my towel on the chair and sat down. I closed my eyes and felt hand wrap around my waist and lift me off the ground. I felt coldness all over my body as I kicked and returned to the surface. I saw Max looking at me from the concrete with a huge smile on my face and Jake coming up to the surface to. Wow. That was a weird way to get use to the water. I saw Max run over to the water slide and go down on his stomach.

"WEEEEH" he shouted and hit the water.

What a freak.

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