How Could You Forget About Me? (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Chloe is Zayn Malik's forgotten sister. Chloe is an 18 year old surrounded with the words 'Zayn, Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall and One Direction,' and she hates it.

Her brother left her, forgot about her, doesn't call or text her and she has to pretend she isn't related to him- this couldn't make her happier,- she hate's her brother for what he did to her.

What happens when he comes back? Will she forgive him and leave the past behind?


3. I'm Not Ready

I woke up to the sound of the phone. I got up and made my way over to the bench the phone dock was placed on.

"Hello?" I asked, wondering who would call this early

"Hi Darling, It's your mother."

"Oh, hi mum. What's up?"

"Oh, not much, you?"

"Not much. Why did you call?" I whispered, trying not to wake Max up.

"Zayn called."

"Mum, I-," She cut me off and began talking

"I know you don't care about him. But, you really have to know this,"

"what? what do I have to know?" I muttered

"As you know Zayn is beginning a tour again in about a week." She started

"No, I didn't know."

"Well, he is, and I suggested to him, that you should go on tour with them."

I was frozen. I couldn't move. How could she do this to me. She knows how much I don't care anymore. I don't want to go. I don't want to see him. Ever. Again. It's that simple. So why doesn't she get it?

"Hello? Chloe? Are you there?" she spoke

"Oh, um. Y-Yeah. I-I'm here. I just.." I trailed off

"I know you don't want to go. But, I think it would be good for you. Plus, he thought it was a great idea."

"Mum, I'm not ready to see him. After what he did to me. To us. How could you just forget about it?"

"Do it for me? Please? Or at least think about it.. Also, he told me he missed you.."

There was a long pause. But my mum knew me more than anyone in my family. She knew I was still on the phone line. I can't believe he said he missed me. He is probably lying. Not like he's never done that before...

"Chloe?" she asked

"Mum, I-I've got to go."

"Think about it. For me?"

"Yep." I tried to hold the tears that were filling my eyes.

I hung up the phone and turned around to see Max looking at me. He saw the tears in my eyes.

"Does she want you to see Zayn?" He asked looking at me blankly.

I nodded, letting a tear fall out of my eyes. I'm not ready to see him. I don't think I could ever forgive him. I want to. But I just can't.

Max jumped up from the couch and run up to me, hugging me. I put my arm's around his neck and cried into his chest.

"Shh, It's going to be okay. If you want, Jake and I can come with you.." he said holding me tighter,

I nodded and continued to bawl my eyes out.

- 2 hour's later -

I put the empty bowl into the sink to be washed after my breakfast, coco pops. I walked towards my bedroom and slipped on something. I hit the floor, hard.

"Oww!" I got up and rubbed my elbow. God, I have no idea why you'd call it the 'funny bone', it's absolutely not funny.

I turned to see what I tripped on, and of course, it was Josh's base ball bat.

"JOSHH!" I yelled,

"YEAH BABE?" he shouted back



Josh walked into my room wearing nothing but dark grey sweatpants, while playing with his dark brown hair. He picked the bat up, winked and walked straight out.

I walked into the bathroom and hopped into the shower. I washed my body with a strawberry scent body wash and washed my hair with mango scent, shampoo and conditioner.

I wrapped the towel around my body and put my dark brown hair up into a messy bun. I walked over to my wardrobe and pulled out my river island dark purple lace cami peplum top, my lipsy floral leggings, FRYE veronica combat boots, black ray ban glasses and my oversized beanie. I blow dried my hair and straightened it. I pulled my beanie over my head and walked out of my room towards the kitchen where Josh was.

"Woah! You look good. What's the occasion?" he chuckled

"I always dress like this!" I poked my tounge out at him.

"Are you hungry?" I added

"Starved!" Max said rubbing his stomach and pouting,

"Since I'm the only one dressed, do you want me to go to Nando's and get something for you?"

There faces lit up.

"YES!" they both shouted at once

"Okay! I'll be back!" I smirked, grabbed my keys and walked out of out apartment and into the elevator.

The doors opened and I stepped out, I walked towards the door and the doorman opened them for me.

"Thank you!" I smiled

He returned the smile and nodded his head.

I got into my car and put my keys in the key hole. I pulled out of my car spot and drove off onto the busy streets of London.

I arrived at Nando's, 5 minutes after I left my apartment building. I opened the doors and waited in line. Finally, the blonde boy in front of me finished ordering and the lady gave him the total. He paid with money and moved to the right to wait for his order.

"Hi Chloe!" the lady at the counter said.

I noticed the blonde boy was looking at me, squinting his eyes. Um okay.

"Chloe?" she repeated

I looked at her.

"Oh, Hey Lily!" I smiled

"What can I get you?" She asked, doing her job.

"Um, can I please have 1 Supremo Chicken Burger and 1 Supremo BBQ Chicken Burger. Also, can I get a large chips?" I smiled

"Is that for you?" she giggled while tapping the machine to place my order

"Ha-ha, no. It's for Josh and Max." I laughed

"Thought so, that's $21.78, thanks!"

I handed her the money and moved to the right as well.

I felt someone looking at me. I turned to see the blonde boy still looking at me, squinting his eyes.

"Can I help you?"  I smiled a fake smile, a little scared

"Um, yeah. Are you related to Zayn Malik?" he questioned in a thick Irish voice

"No. Why?" I lied. How does he know?

"Oh, you just look like someone, who-" he cut himself off.

"Who, what?" I asked

"Um, it doesn't matter.." he trailed off

"No, tell me, I want to know.." I commanded

"Uhm, you just look like someone.. in a photo.. that he tweeted." he grinned.

I could tell it was fake. He was lying.

"Well, I have no idea, what your talking about." I lied, again.

"oh," he looked a little embarrassed, "my mistake."

yep, he was defiantly embarrassed.

"Chloe Malik? Your order's ready."

I grabbed my order and he had stern eyes on me. He knows I'm lying. Oh great. I quickly turned around and walked quickly out the door and I heard the strong Irish voice following me.

"Chloe! Wait!" he shouted,

"What do you want from me?" I yelled

"I know Zayn. I'm Niall Horan."

I stopped. Tears filling my eyes.

"How did you know who I was?"

"Zayn always talks about how much he misses you, how much he wants to see you. He always shows us pictures of you. That's how I knew it was you."

"Your lying. He doesn't miss m-," he cut me off

"Chloe, he does. Trust me."

"Why did he leave me. Never reply to my emails, texts, calls. You don't know how many nights, I couldn't sleep because I missed him.." I let the tear fall, I didn't care anymore. Niall must've know I was crying because I felt someone wrap there arms around me and I cried into there chest.

I finally stopped crying as we sat down on the concrete curb.

"Why did you lie?" he began,

"Because. I don't want anyone to know I'm related to him. I just.. didn't.. care about him anymore.." I said starring at my feet

"So, you care about him.. now?"

"I don't know," I continued "I better go. My friends are waiting for me." I got up from the curb.

"You mean Jake and Max?" he winked

"Yeah," I smirked " um, well.. bye." I waved and started to walk away.

"I'll see you in a week.." he also got up from the curb and started heading inside Nando's but stopped before he did. "I'll tell Zayn, your doing well and looking great."

I nodded "Thanks." I smiled weakly.

"He'll appreciate it." he smiled and walked back inside.

I turned and walked to my car.

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