I'll try to remember__sequel to I have loved you forever__

ever since Emiy has given birth she can't remember who she is who she loves ,she had memory loss so the boys ae trying to jog her memory again ...........


5. still nothing

Still can't remember nothing. I mean NOTHING! ugh I hate this ! Ashleigh started to cry , I ran over to her crib picking her up. I look at the clock " Six bloody o'clock" I mumble hushing her , she starts to quiet down. I lay her back down sighing Niall (being Niall) still sleeping. I sigh laying back down, then I hear another mad burst of crying I groan and bury my face in my pillow.

"I'll get her," Niall says rubbing his eyes getting up quieting her,

"FINALLY," I groan loudly, I slowly drift into a sleep as Ashleigh starts crying again.

"Emily?" He whispers.

"What?!" I snap.

"I-I think she's hungry," I sigh sitting up holding my arms out for her. He hands me her as I pull down my pyjama shirt as she starts to suck on my breast. I cuddle into her as Niall lays down beside me. My eyes start to close. She finally falls asleep. I get up laying her in her crib (once again!) I lay back down. Niall already sleeping.


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