Is This Real?

Elleny is an unpopular girl at school. But one day the guy that she likes Niall Horan, the most popular boy in school asks her out. does he really like her? why did he ask her out? what does she do when her parents get divorced? was she always unlike at school? And most importantly, what will happen do their love?


1. walking to school

Elleny's P.O.V


I woke up to the sound of my parents fighting. I let out a moan as I get up to check the time. HOLLY SHIT! It's already 8 o'clock and it took me about half an hour to get to school, which meant I only had 15 minutes to get ready! I run to the bathroom, wash my face, brush my teeth and hair then tie it in a high pony tail. I run back to my room and put on something random, but made sure that they matched. I grab my bag and phone then run to the kitchen to see my parents still fighting. I go towards them to try and stop them, but my dad pushes me to the wall really hard and holds me there." don't ever come between your parents business, got that?" he spat through his teeth. "Don't hurt her!" my mum yelled at him. " don't yell at me!" he yelled back and pushed her against the wall too. I took a step towards him to try and stop him again, "don't ever forget what I just said" he repeated himself, but it sounded more like a last warning. so I try to ignore them, I take my lunch chuck it in my bag and start walking to school. as i start walking to school I check my phone to see if i had any messages. I unlocked my phone and then got a message from Kat.

Kat: hey 

me: hey:)))). want me to call you so we call you so we can talk easily?

Kat: yeah

I dial her number and hold my phone against my ear. After a few beeps she picks up.

"hey Ell" she said.

" hey Kat" I replied

" your coming to school right?" she asked excitedly.

"yeah, what are you excited about?" I ask.



"why do sound a bit down?"

" my parents were fighting again this morning"

"ohhhhhh...... i'm sorry"

"its fine."

" hey Ell i gotta go so talk to you when you get to school."

"okay bye!" i say before hanging up.




hey everyone. this is my first story on movellas. i know i didnt include anything in this chapter but the next chapter will be better! I PROMISE! since its my first story on here if you liked it please like and comment whether i should continue or just stop because i dont wanna be wasting my time if no-ones going to read it! if u like and comment it would mean the world to me!!!!!! thanxxxxx :))))))) 


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