His Contact

It started with a contest. One simple contest. I didn't mean to fall for both niall and harry! And if Niall hadn't added his stupid contact into my phone everything would have been fine! I don't want to choose between them! if niall would have just left everything alone! I thought I would just be another fan they meet! And sure its every fans DREAM to have niall and harry fight over you, But not like this. I didn't want this. I guess I'm not just another fan. It probably would have been better if I was.


9. Chapter 9: Nialls surprise

I woke up rolled out of bed grabbed my phone off the charger, and dragged myself down stairs. I was extremely tired, because of how late I stayed up. I walked into the kitchen and did my usual morning routine. Grabbed the box of cinnamon toast crunch out of the cabinet, then a bowl and some milk, and made myself a bowel of cereal. The kitchen smelled like something had been cooked. "that's odd.." I mumbled to myself. the reason why it was odd was because my parents leave for work at like 6:30 or 7ish  and they never cook breakfast they always eat cereal like I usually do. I looked around the kitchen to see any pots or pans or spatulas that had been used and I found nothing. It was so weird I swear I could smell it! I walked over to the trash and looked inside and it was empty, someone had taken out the trash. I just ignored it I was probably just tired from last night. I grabbed my bowel of cereal and walked into the dining room. I stopped as soon as I walked in the room. I stood there in confusion. a plate of pancakes eggs toast and bacon and a glass of orange juice was on the table. I slowly walked over to it. the plate of food was still steaming which means it was just made I looked around the room. nothing was different and to be honest this was kinda freaking me out. under the glass of orange juice there was a slip of paper. I lifted up the orange juice to take the paper out from under it. It was a note.



I made you breakfast hope you like it!


- Niall

 A huge cheesy smile grew on my face. "awhh!" I said out loud. I was just about to pull out the chair and sit down when two arms wrapped around my waist from behind. I felt a kiss on my cheek  and heard a whisper in my ear "morning love". my face instantly got red and my cheesy smile was still on my face and bigger than ever. I turned my head to see niall "morning" I replied with my rough morning voice smiling. he let go of my waist and pulled the chair out for me  I sat down and started to eat it was delicious!. niall had sat down next to me I paused, and looked up at niall.



"how do you know where I live?"

"oh well I called henry and told him you had left something at our house and I wanted to give it back. and he gave me your address!" he grinned

I started to laugh " stalker."  I said in a joking way

"just a little bit"  he winked at me.

I finished my breakfast and put my plate in the sink. niall had followed me. "so I have a couple things planned for the day" said niall

"oh really" I replied

"yep they'll be fun!"

"I guess I better get ready then, come with me you can help! " I said to niall

we ran upstairs to my room I opened my closet and picked out 2 shirts I couldn't decide between one was a navy blue v neck and the other was a long sleeve green shirt. I held them up. " which one?" I asked niall he pointed to the green. I should have guessed, he's from Ireland. I pulled out a pair of skinny jeans and a tan knitted scarf. I grabbed the bottom of my pajama shirt to take it off and started to pull up and then stopped and looked up at niall who was staring at me. I gave him the look telling him to turn around.

"Oh yea! sorry!"

he turned around I pulled off my shirt and put on the long sleeved green one, and took off my pj shorts and put on the skinny jeans. "ok niall I'm done!" he turned around right as I was wrapping my scarf around my neck. "I like it!" said niall "thanks!" I replied I pulled out a brown pair of ugs and a pair of socks and put them on. I walked over to the restroom with niall following me and brushed my teeth. I kind of didn't want him to watch me because you know you have to spit and rinse and spit again so I had him wait outside the bathroom and I shut the door and as soon as I shut the door I heard him yell to me " Its cause I'm Irish isn't it!"  I started to laugh but I was still brushing my teeth so my nasty toothpaste gunk shot out of my mouth. its a good thing I kicked him out of the bathroom. I cleaned the mess up and finished up and let him back in. I brushed my hair and threw it into a messy bun with strands of hair hanging down. I grabbed my makeup bag out of the mirror cabinet and opened it and took out my shimmery nude eye shadow. I was about to swirl my eye shadow brush in the eye shadow but niall had grabbed the brush and eye shadow from my hand and took his hand  lifted my head up to look at him using one finger and looked me straight in my eyes and said " em, your beautiful without make up you don't need it one bit!" I starred into his bright blue eyes, my heart was racing " that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me niall!" "well its true" he smiled " well I guess I don't have to do my makeup then I'm ready!" we walked down stairs and I grabbed my coat and we walked out the front door and headed towards his car. he opened the passengers side car door for me and then headed to the drivers side and hopped in. he pulled out of the driveway and headed on our way to whatever niall had planned for today. 


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