His Contact

It started with a contest. One simple contest. I didn't mean to fall for both niall and harry! And if Niall hadn't added his stupid contact into my phone everything would have been fine! I don't want to choose between them! if niall would have just left everything alone! I thought I would just be another fan they meet! And sure its every fans DREAM to have niall and harry fight over you, But not like this. I didn't want this. I guess I'm not just another fan. It probably would have been better if I was.


2. Chapter 2: Meeting The Boys

I barely got any sleep that night I was to excited! it seemed like it was the longest night ever! I finally fell asleep at 5:54 am. I woke up at 8:00 sharp! I had to be ready by 9:30 am. Even though I was dead tired, I jumped out of bed and put on a blue V-neck on and a pair of skinny jeans it was cold outside so I put a black coat on, and wrapped a white smooth scarf around my neck. I walked over to my closet and grabbed a pair of black ugs and a pair of sock and put them on. I didn't want to "over do"  my look so I curled my hair and put some mascara on so I didn't look to fancy or like I didn't try at all. I brushed my teeth and grabbed my phone and a pack of spearmint gum and stuck them in my pocket. I looked at my clock in my room and it was 9:25 I had 5 minutes to spare so I quickly sprayed some perfume on a shoved a bowel of cinnamon toast crunch into my mouth. Right as I finished I heard a knock on my door. My eyes widened, it had just now hit me that I'm really going to meet my hero's! and I get to spend a WHOLE  day with them! my stomach started to turn. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to shove breakfast down my throat, I probably shouldn't have eaten. I walked over to the door and opened it. There was Henry smiling. "Hi is Emma there?" "Your looking at her!" I giggled a little bit "You Excited ?" he asked. " yes! my stomach is turning and I'm extremely nervous!" I said "Well I would think so, but we should head on our way the boys are on their way" he smiled I ran back into my living room to tell my parents I was leaving and to say goodbye. I gave them both a kiss on their cheek and started to walk towards the door. "Good luck!!" my mom shouted. I looked back at her smiling "thanks!" I shouted back. I walked out the door and got into henrys car. It was a silver jeep that looked brand new. We pulled away from the house and as soon as I knew it I was in front of a cute little restaurant called Mimi's Café. Henry looked at me and started to talk "So the boys thought you might want breakfast so I'm gonna walk you in and help you find them and your all theirs!". Even though I had eaten breakfast already I had room for more I didn't want to turn anything from one direction down. " I'm so nervous! my heart is pounding so fast right now!"  Henry laughed and asked if I was ready to meet them. I inhaled big and blew out slow. " I'm ready!" I smiled trying to hide how nervous I was. we both got out of the car and walked into the restaurant. The waiter sat us at a table and asked if we needed anything just to ask and then walked away. Henry and I talked for a couple minutes when all of the sudden he looked behind me and smiled really big and looked back at me and started talking again. I thought to myself wondering if what he smiled really big at was them. I didn't want to look back because it made me feel nervous. I opened my mouth to reply to Henry when I felt two hands come from behind me and cover my eyes. even though no one could see it my eyes got huge! and my heart started pounding faster and faster. I felt someone come close to my ear and say "guess who it is??" I smiled it sounded like Zayn. "Uhm is it Zayn?" he moved his hands away and looked at me and then the boys."shes good!" they all laughed a little. I opened my eyes to see all five of the boys and Henry. Henry started to speak "Boys this is Emma, and she is extremely nervous to see you guys!" they all looked at me and smiled. Niall started to talk " hi em! is it alright if I call you that?"  "Yep! that's fine!" I smiled henry looked at me " I'm going to leave now it that ok?" I nodded my head. He smiled and waved and then turned to walk out of the restaurant. The boys all squeezed in the booth harry was sitting next tome then liam and in front of me was niall, Louis, and then zayn. Louis looked at me and started to talk " So Emma, tell us about yourself." he smiled. " Well Im 16, I dance, My favorite color is pink, and my favorite band is well you guys. Theres not really anything else"  "Have you got our new album?" said harry "I sure do! I love it, you guys did amazing!" the boys all at one time looked at me and said thank you! I started to laugh. We all started talking and telling funny stories to each other. They were a lot of fun! Niall stated to tell a story about him and zayn. I felt an arm come around me, I felt a hand on my shoulder I looked over at harry he looked back at me smiled and then winked.

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