Stole my heart

This is about a girl called Olivia who really doesn't like one direction she thinks they are stuck up and jerks. Until she unexpectedly bumps into them..find out what happens and please fav!!!


8. Chapter 8

CHAPTER 8, OLIVIA-         

I look away from his green eyes and on to the sparkling water in the moonlight. Why is my life so complicated?! Harry puts his hand under my chin and lifts it so im forced to look him in the eyes. "Your right. I do care about you." He leans forward caressing my cheeks and looks deep into my eyes. He closes his eyes and presses his lips against mine. I have never kissed anyone so im startled at first but then close my eyes as well and kiss him back. We stay like that for a while softly kissing each other when i hear a stick breaking. I quickly pull back and whip around. I squint to see though the darkness to see what it was, the light coming off of the Christmas lights only go so far.And although the moon is very bright tonight the trees block the light. I was quick enough to turn around to see a dark sillouet of a guy disappearing one of the trails. I am frightened for a moment but decide i dont want to seem weak near Harry.

I was told by my father i had good hearing. My father and I used to go hunting and i could pick up the slightest sounds such as leafs rustling or an branch moving. I would point out the deer and my dad would shoot it and I would end up with a dead deer in my hands. My dad usually shot and when i rarely did i was told i was a good shot, but i never beileved him. I am one of those people who are never satisfied with their work and keep pushing for better results. I snap out of my falshback and turn to see Harry looking in the direction of the trail, looking irritated.

          There was something familiar about the shape of the body. But i just cant seem to place who it might be, though i highly dought it was anyone i know. Harry looks back at me and his face relaxes. "do you know who that was?" I ask him. 

          He hesitates deciding on his answer before he shakes his head unconvincingly."No. I have no idea." that i dont believe but i go along with it and lightning up the mood by adding,

          "so shall we paddle?" i give him one of my rare smiles and he nods excitedly handing me a paddle.

          We both start to paddle horribly out into the center of the lake. Im so wobbly and i dont really know how to steer the little boat. Harry finally realizes that it is no use trying to paddle around so we end up just sitting in the middle of the lake in a patch of giant Lilly pads. We start a game of who can find the biggest. I end up winning finding a Lilly pad with the width of two of my waist next to each other. Harry cuts it off with his pocket knife and tells me to hold it so he can take a picture. i put in front of me but you cant see all of it so im forced to stand up. I do so and i hold it in front of me and the Lilly pad goes from my coller bone to mid thigh. I smile and i hear the click of the camera. Im about to sit down when i realize im standing in a boat. I start freaking out and dont want to sit down afraid the boat will flip. I put the Lilly pad on the bottom of the boat and  I slowly put my arms out to my sides and try to sit down, but my legs are to shaky i cant.

      I hate boats.

        I end up standing there with my arm slightly lifted from my sides to catch my self in case i fall. Harry looks up at me still standing and furrowes his eye brows, He has been on his phone looking at the picture, "Why are you still standing up?" I start shaking even more because i cant swim.

"Ummm.... im afraid that if i sit down the boat will flip" i say fast. Harry chuckles a bit and stands up. i give a shriek as he stands and now he looks really concerned.

  "Why are you afraid if the boat will flip?" he ask slowly. I dont answer right away deciding if i should tell him.

"Well umm... you see i um.... i cant swim" i let the last part out fast afraid he will make fun of me.

"ohh ok." he says it so calmly as if he was expecting it.

"Why arent you making fun of me? I mean i am an 18 year old who lives on her own but i still cant swim" He chuckles a bit and says,

"dont worry Zayn cant swim either" i feel suddenly relived that someone around my age cant swim either. I let a sigh escape my lips and Harry just laughs at my reassurance. His eyes suddenly soften and he steps closer to me and his eyes quickly glance at my lips. He puts one hand on my cheek and the other on my waist. I take a deep breath and Harry leans in and closes his eyes i close mine as well and lean in.

        When our lips touch it sends sparks though out my entire body. I wrap my arms around his neck and he slowly begins to kiss me pulling me closer to him. Harry moves his hand from my cheek and puts it on the back of my neck, pulling me into him. I begin to run my hand though his hair and he slides his hand under my shirt rubing my side with his thumb. He begins to quicken the pace of the kiss and slowly putting his tongue into it. I do the same and we fight for dominince, he wins. 

       I pull away trying to catch my breath and he smiles. I smile as well and he says, "So dose this mean i get a date" he laughs a little. 

  I bit my lip and look away from him pretending to be thinking, "umm...." i look him in the eyes and add, "Absolutely" he smiles and says,

"Good....... Do you trust me?" im a little confused of what he means so i slowly nod my head. He gives me a evil grin and kisses me lightly and begins to pick me up bridal style. I pull away and look at the boat and see it shaking a little from the weight shifting but his legs are steady. "Im not going to drop you... WE are going to jump in" he says this so calmly and i look at him like i have just seen a ghost and raise my eye brows. He laughs a little and says, "Its fine i will have my arm around you the entire time" i nod and he smiles at me. "Ready?" 

"Better do it now before i change my mind" i grin at him and he starts to count down,

"1.....2.....3!" I hold my breath just in time. Harry jumps off of the boat and i can tell it moved a little ways behind him from him pushing off. I keep my arms tightly around his neck and he keeps me held up in the air. For a while it feels like we are suspended in mid air, flying but when we hit the water it is cool against my hot skin from the Texas hot and humid air. When we are under water Harry lets my legs drop and i panic until Harry puts both arms around my waist. When we brake the surface i am really freaking out. Harry notices and says, "It will be fine... im going to teach you how to swim a little." he grins and i freak. i nod thinking i have no choice. "Okay now keep moving your feet"  I do what he says and start kicking under water. I get a little more above water and he smiles at me "Your doing great love. Do you think you got i down?" i nod and he raised his eye brows and says "Okay now listen to me. Im going to let you go and you have to move your arm side to side to keep you above water." He sees the worry and adds, "Dont worry i will grab you if you start to go under." I nod still freaked out. He takes one hand off my waist and starts to move his free arm side to side under water. "Just like this... Its not that hard. You ready?" 

"Ready" I echo. He takes his other hand away from my waist and i am in who knows how deep water with me the only one keeping me above water.

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