Stole my heart

This is about a girl called Olivia who really doesn't like one direction she thinks they are stuck up and jerks. Until she unexpectedly bumps into them..find out what happens and please fav!!!


7. Chapter 7


I stay on the dock for a while next to the boat and hesitate going in. Harry is already in and is picking up an orh. i start to bite my nails when he notices me hesitating.

"come on!!' he says excitedly.

"i don't know Harry..."

"Its fine... here" he says putting his arms up to me. i stick my hand out then pull it back to my side. he smiles obviously liking me being scared. he stands from his seated position. puts his arms out to his side and starts jumping up and down. "nothing bad will happen!" he says loudly over the sounds of the little waves he is making. "come on!" he says getting a little impatient.

"only if you stop doing that" i say pointing at the boat rocking vigorously. He immediately stops jumping. and sticks out his hand. I slap it away and sit on the dock to get in easier. 

He chuckles a bit. "Annnnd... back to your normal self..." he says emphasizing the 'And'. I shot him and a irritated look. His eyes widen and he sits down saying "alright, alright" i sigh and sit down slowly. Hes eyeing me. "do you not like boats?" 

"dose it look like i like boats?!" i say a little to harshly.

'Sorry" he says sounding hurt not making eye contact.
"No. Im sorry." he perks up.

"What?" he says sounding surprised.

"I have been really mean to you and..... I dont even know why you bother with me. Im a jerk." I say looking away. He says scilent for a while. I look back at him and his eyes are soft. "And i know you arent stuck up because you took the time to be with me and to prepare all of this and i can tell that.... that you.... care about me" I feel so stupid! i should have never said all those mean things to him! Im just so protective of myself because I dont want to get hurt.

After my parents died i was told by the state to go live with my grandparents because i was to young to live on my own (13). I was happy that i was. I was always over there when i was little to be with my grandpa. I loved my grandpa so much we went fishing, work in the yard, go on hikes, and sometimes we would just eat a snack and he would tell me storys of when he was younger. that was my favorite thing to do with him. Just to sit there and listen to his storys. But when he died when i was 15 I couldnt take it any more. losing the people i love. so i left my grandma there and went to live on my own. I disconected myself from her and my Aunts and Uncles. I have been protective of myself ever since, i dont want to love someone and loss them again.


HEYY EVERYONE!! I just wanted to say if anyone is reading it please favorite, like and recomend PLEASE!!!! Sorry i havent been writing lately i have been camping and been busy, sorry!!

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