Hazza & Caca

When Lou and Tom's friend Acacia Brinley comes to dinner with them and Harry styles, Acacia and Harry are both single and instantly clique the minute they see each other. They become great best friends and spend a lot of time together. All of their mates question there love life asking if they'll ever find someone of their own....... Trust me the story is much better:)


2. Chapter 2

So we're at the restaurant and since its only my second time in London I did not exactly know where we were.

Lou and Tom started to get out of the cars so I did too.

"um guys? Where are we?" I said spinning around examining my surroundings.

"we're at this French cuisine restaurant, idk Harry picked it" Lou said looking at her phone

"hey acacia?" 

"Yea Tom?" I said looking at him

he was smirking. Oh great.

"you know I think Harry is already in there an-" Lou cut him off

"yea actually he is in there he just Texted me, lets go."

we all started walking to the restaurant door

"soo before I was rudely interrupted by my beautiful yet interruptive girlfriend" Tom said looking at Lou

"I love you too Tom" Lou said

"oh baby I love you too"Tom said

she smiled knowing that they were joking.

"anyways Harry is well known to be a flirt so if he does flirt with you don't be surprised love" Tom said opening the restaurant door for Lou and me. 

I nodded towards him with a smile showing that I understood what he was saying.

he smiled back

we walked towards our table 

i noticed a mop of curls in the distance.

"Lou, Tom! Hey you guys made it and brought a friend?" I heard a deep voice say.

"Harry you know I would never miss  dinner with my best mate" Tom said putting an arm around  harry that was now standing.

oh so he's the famous Harry.

"hey Harry! I've missed you!" Lou said hugging him and coming back to me

"Hi, I'm Harry, Harry styles and you are?" Harry said smiling introducing himself to me.

"Hi,I'm Acacia. acacia Brinley. " I said smiling, taking his hand and shaking it.

but he pulled me into a warm hug placing his arms around my waist.

i was a little taken back but accepted it.

we let go and we began to sit down but Harry pulled out my chair to let me sit.

i sat. And he took the seat next to me. Lou and Tom both gave me weird grins.

i ignored it and picked up the menu.

"so acacia what are you ordering?" Lou asked while scanning the menu

"umm I don't know really. I've never been here." I said putting the menu back on the table and looked at Lou and Tom.

"oh love do you want to have what I'm having?" Harry said sweetly to me while looking at me.

"um yea sure. Surprise me." I said smiling towards him.

he nodded.




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