Life As Niall Horan's Girlfriend

Read and find out.! :D


8. Chapter 8

Mae's p.o.v.

     What if I'm pregnant.?? Niall and I aren't ready to be parents yet.. After Niall left to change clothes I called Kasie. "Kasie come home. We have to talk." I said. "Okay, what's wrong.?" she asks. "I'll tell you as soon as you get here." I reply. When she got here I told her what me and Niall did and told her we didn't use protection. "So you could possibly be pregnant.?" she asked. I nod. "Wait here." she said. She came back and handed me a pregnancy test. I went to the bathroom and took the test.

Kasie's p.o.v.

      I gave her the test and she went to the bathroom. When she came out she had a look of shock mixed with fear on her face. "Pregnant.?" I ask. She nods. I jump up and hug her. "I'll help tell Niall." I say. She half smiles. "Thanks."

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