Life As Niall Horan's Girlfriend

Read and find out.! :D


2. Chapter 2

Mae's p.o.v.

     I was walking home from where I work, Nando's, when I heard my best friend/roommate Kasie yell at me, "MAE ANNE JACKON.!" I turn around and yell back," Kasie Estelle Smith.! What do you want.?!" She runs up and says," Guess who Mikal's best friend is." I act like I'm thinking," I don't know who.?" She repliess slowly," His best friend is.......NIALL JAMES HORAN.! And Niall is coming over to our house. Tonight. If you don't have anything to wear we are so going shopping." I just stop. "Niall.? Like the Niall that's in One Direction.? The one that loves Nando's.?" I ask. She nods. I slowly  turn around and start walking. "Where are you going.?" she asks. "Dress shopping. You know Niall's my favorite.! OMG.!" I randomly start fangirling.

Kasie's p.o.v.

     She was like freakin out. "Niall's single," I said. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head. No let me rephrase that. They did pop out of her head. "Ohmigosh ohmigosh ohmigosh.!" she said freakin out. Then we picked out a really pretty dress that was green with sparkles on the breast.

Mae's p.o.v.

I got a green dress with sparkles on the breast. It was pretty. Right at 6 o'clock the doorbell rang. "I'll get it.!" Mikal said. Then Niall walked into the dining room.

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