Let Me In(Harry Styles)

The mysterious boy Harry moves in next to August, a girl who has to deal with her parents' divorce and being bullied. August develops a special bond with her strange neighbor, but when the small town they live in is startled by a series of brutal murders ever since Harry moved into the flat, it seems he's more involved with them than August thinks. "Innocence dies, Harry doesn't."



10. Chapter 9: Goodnight

"Oh my God, Kenzie! I need to tell you something." Taylor yelled from
across the classroom. The teacher hadn't showed up yet, so we had to
wait and I was staring outside at the falling snow. I heard her heels
clicking on the floor as she walked towards the table beside me, where
Kenzie was sitting.

"What is it hunny?" Kenzie ask in her annoying as she tried to sound
sweet voice. Taylor sat down on her table and looked over at me, giving
me a death glare. I was about to drown into my thoughts again while
looking outside, but I stopped when Taylor spoke.

"You know, a few nights ago I saw this sexgod walking!" She said and
clapped in her hands.

"Oh my God what does he look like?" Kenzie asked and swept her hair out
of her face as she blinked a few times when she noticed she was getting
a few admiring looks.

"He had chocolate brown curls, dark-pink lips and he was really tall!
And the thing was, I could see through his white T-shirt that his body
was really toned!" Taylor said and looked at the ceiling, pretending she
was daydreaming about him. I repeated what she said in my head, before I
concluded they were talking about Harry. Still pretending to look
outside and being drowned in my thoughts, I sneakily listened to their

"Kenzie and you didn't cal me right then? How can you! We need to find
him as quick as possible!" Kenzie said and held her hand in front of her

"I know, but there is only one thing wrong with him.", Taylor said and
from the corner of my eye, I saw her pointing up her finger.

"What?" Kenzie asked and I saw her winking at a few boys in front of her
before returning to Taylor.

"He was at the fair with that.", Taylor said in an annoyed voice and
pointed her finger towards me. I pretended that I didn't hear and didn't
see it and continued to look out of the window.

"With that fat freak?" Kenzie said astonished and I my heart breaking
into a million pieces. Was I fat?

"Alright class, sorry it took me so long, but here I finally am. Taylor,
go back to your seat, right now." The teacher announced as she walked
into the classroom and put all her stuff on her desk.

"Of course.", Taylor said in a sweet voice and I mentally thanked my
teacher for finally showing up, while normally I didn't. I looked down
at my belly and laid my hand on it. Biting my lip, I squeezed in the
skin, not that it was much to squeeze in, and felt tears prickling in my
eyes. They were right.




"Mum I'm home!" I yelled into the apartment as soon as I got in, but
again received no answer. I looked at the clock and saw it was already 6
o'clock. I threw my bag in the corner of the hallway and walked into
the living-room. I hopped down on the couch and kicked my legs up.
Wondering where my mum could be for so long, I put on
themusic-channel on TV and laid down on my back. I sighed and stared at
the ceiling, almost falling asleep, but my stomach grumbling stopped me.
I sat up with my back against the arm of the couch and thought for a
moment if I should make myself dinner or not.

I sighed again and laid back down, but shot up when I suddenly heard my
doorbell ring. I turned the TV off and walked towards the front door.
Forgetting to look out of the little window to see who it was, I opened
the door.

There he was standing, his curls messed up, wearing a dirty T-Shirt and
a pair of trousers that ended just above his knees. He looked up when I
opened the door and I saw the dark skin under his bloodshot eyes. He
looked really tired.

"Hey.", He said and smiled at me as he looked me in the eyes.

"Hey." I answered quietly but didn't smile back. We stared into each
other's eyes and stayed quiet. I finally decided to open the door more
to give him more space to enter.

"You have to invite me in," Harry said quietly as he looked down. "it's
your home."

"What if I don't?" I asked. "Can't you just come in? Is there something
in your way?"

I saw Harry's nostrils flaring as he breathed out through his nose
really heavy. He looked into my apartment before looking back at me.
Slowly, he stepped in and walked past me into the hallway. I closed the
door and turned around to see him stopping to. He turned around really
slow and when his eyes met mine, I couldn't read his facial expression.
He looked down at his feet and I stood there, waiting for something to

Suddenly, his head started to shake uncontrollably. It were like those
movements some people do when they are really nervous. His head started
to shake faster and faster. His body started to shake too, first slowly,
but as time went by, faster. I looked at his T-Shirt with wide-eyes and
not knowing what to do to see the bloodstains on it getting bigger and
bigger. I looked at his legs, to see the blood coming out of his
trousers and the pool of blood in which his feet were standing, getting
bigger and bigger. I slowly looked up and just when I did, he did the
same with still his head shaking really fast. I gasped when I saw his
face. Blood was streaming down his face. It was coming out of his eyes,
of his mouth, of his nose and of his ears. His beautiful green eyes were
again golden with a hint of red, but his fangs were nowhere to be seen.
When his eyes met mine, I couldn't watch it any longer.

"Stop!" I yelled and ran towards him, but he didn't change. "Please make
this stop!" I yelled again, but Harry only looked at me as the blood
continued with streaming down his face while his whole body continued

"You can come in!" I finally yelled at the top of my lungs and grabbed
his shoulders. The blood stopped with streaming down and his whole body
stood still when I had yelled it.

"You can come in." I whispered and wrapped my arms as tight as I could
around his waist and buried my head in the crook of his neck, not caring
that I was going to get dirty. Now it was my turn to shake a bit and my
breathing to become heavily.

"What was that?" I asked him quietly.

"I don't know," Harry said with his deep voice. "but this is what always
happens if you don't invite me in."

"What if I didn't say anything?" I whispered and felt the tears burning
in my eyes. "Would you've kept waiting?Would you've d-died?" I whispered
and let the tears fall down my cheeks.

"I knew you wouldn't let me.", He said and finally wrapped his arms
around my body and started to rock us back and forth for a few minutes.
My hands started to draw small circles on his toned back as I closed my
eyes and buried my head even deeper in the crook of his neck.

"Do you want to get cleaned up?" I asked him and felt him nodding his
head. We pulled away and I started walking towards the bathroom when I
suddenly felt him grabbing my hand. A lovely sensation went through my
whole body and I smiled at him before continuing with walking towards
the bathroom. Once inside, I grabbed a towel for him and opened the
doors of the shower. I laid a towel in front of the shower and grabbed a
few stuff my dad had left behind, like shampoo and shower-cream. I
placed them into the shower and turned around to see Harry looking down
at his with blood covered feet.

"Take your time" I whispered to him and he lifted his head up and smiled
at me. I smiled back before walking out of the bathroom and closing the
door behind me. When I saw the pool of blood, I shivered. I quickly
walked to the kitchen, grabbed a dishcloth, made it wet and went back to
the hallway. I knelt down and started to rub it cleanwith the sound of
the water falling down onto the showerground in the background.

Just a few days ago, my life wasn't full with surprises. I went to
school, got my daily beating and went back home to see my mum drinking
numerous bottles of alcohol and swallowing numerous pills down her
throat. Since Harry came, so much had changed; I hit Kenny, got a
friend, almost died, my mum is gone and a few minutes ago there was
someone in my house almost bleeding to death because I didn't invite him in.

"August?" I heard someone saying and I over my shoulder to see Harry
looking at me with only a towel around his waist. Again, I tried to not
focus on his abs.

"Yes?" I asked him and suddenly realized he had a great view of my bum.
I quickly turned myself and looked up to meet his eyes.

"I'm going to my apartment to get some clothes.", Harry said and looked
at my front door.

"Oh wait! I think I have a few for you.", I said and stood up.

"You don't need to.", Harry said, but I shrugged my shoulders and walked
past him.

"I'm not worth it." I heard him whispering and stopped dead in my
tracks. A lump in my throat appeared and I turned around to see him
looking at the ground.

"You really are worth it Harry.", I said and walked over to him. Without
knowing what I was doing, I stood on mytippy toes and leaned closer to
his face. I placed a quick kiss on his cheek before standing back on my
feet and feeling my cheeks were getting redder by the second. Harry only
looked at me with no expression on his face.

"Come.", I said as I grabbed his hand again and pulled him with me into
my mum's bedroom. I opened the closet and grabbed one of the few white
T-Shirts, a boxer and one pair of Jeans my dad had left. I handed them
over to Harry and he smiled when he grabbed them.

"Thanks." He mumbled and placed the clothes on the bed. I walked out of
the room and turned around as I closed the door, but just before it was
closed, I stopped and at Harry to see him looking down at the clothes.
When he grabbed his towel and was about to pull it down, I quickly
closed the door. Although I had finally the chance to see a handsome boy
naked and what probably was going to be my only chance in my life, I
couldn't watch it. I leaned my back against the opposite wall and waited
for Harry to come out. When he did, I looked up and smiled when his eyes
met mine. My dad's clothes had the same size as Harry's and it suited
him well. I was about to speak, when a doorbell was faster than my
voice. Thinking it could be my mum, my eyes widened and I saw Harry's
did too.

"Hello Mrs. Moonsky?" A manly voice called from the front door and I
quickly pushed Harry in my room. I looked at the front door and yelled,
"Coming!" before looking into my room again, to see the window was open
and the curtains were flying in the wind. I quickly ran towards it and
looked outside, to see nobody. I suddenly heard chuckling from my left
and turned my head to see Harry also looking out of his window. I
chuckled too before closing the window and making my way to the front
door. Without thinking it could be a bad person, I opened the door
slowly and not too far.

"Hi. August Moonsky, isn't it?" A man asked as he looked at me. I nodded
and just like I did when the policeman was here, I held the door tight.

"I came here to tell you that we've picked up your mother because of an
overdose. We brought her to the hospital and cleaned her stomach, but
she has to stay there for a while. Do you want to go there and be there
until your mother is clean or do you want to stay here? Since you're
sixteen, you can choose." The man stayed and tapped his foot on the
floor as he waited for my answer.

"Stay here." I answered quietly, not wanting to be around people at the

"Okay. We will call you every day to check you. Goodnight." The man said
and nodded before walking away. I stood there, staring at the wall
opposite my front door and let it all sink in. I walked out of my
apartment, closed the door behind me and walked down the corridor to the
first front door on my left. I pulled at the handle and surprisingly, it
was open. I walked inside the dark apartment and closed the door behind
me. I walked a bit further and noticed no one was inside. I fell down to
my knees and laid down on the cold floor. Tears started to escape my
eyes and as time went by, I felt my eyelids becoming heavier.

I closed my eyes and when I almost fell asleep, I heard the front
door open and closing. I didn't open my eyes since I was too sleepy for
it. I heard footsteps coming near and then two strong arms lifted me up
bridal style. The person started to walk, with me in his arms and his
scent was weird again like the other night. One hand opened a door while
the other remained around my waist. Once the door opened, he started to
walk again until he came to a halt. I felt myself being laid down on a
soft surface and a soft duvet being laid over me. I immediately grabbed
it and hugged it tight, before sleep finally took over.




When I woke up, I slowly opened my eyes, but wasn't greeted by
the morning-light. I frowned as I rolled over and saw an alarm which
said it was 4:56 AM. I groaned and stood up, wanting to get a drink.
When my feet touched the cold floor, I shivered and quickly stood up,
but I bowed forward and grasped my lower-belly when I felt a sharp pain
going through it, but I couldn't find a reason why. When it disappeared,
I walked towards the door and pulled at the handle, but the door
wouldn't open. I tried it again, and again, and again, but nothing worked.

What the hell?

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