Let Me In(Harry Styles)

The mysterious boy Harry moves in next to August, a girl who has to deal with her parents' divorce and being bullied. August develops a special bond with her strange neighbor, but when the small town they live in is startled by a series of brutal murders ever since Harry moved into the flat, it seems he's more involved with them than August thinks. "Innocence dies, Harry doesn't."



26. Chapter 24: The definition of love.

My whole body atched when I woke up the next morning. I slowly opened my
eyes and turned my head when I felt a cold breath on my shoulder. Harry
was lying next to me, his eyes closed, his lips slightly parted and
quiet snores left his lips signalling he was asleep. His eyebrows
weren't frowned and it made his facial expression look sweeter and
friendlier. I look more down, to see his collar bones. Collar bones
always turned me on more, just like neck veins. You have me once you can
see them.

I slowly reached out my arm and with my finger, I traced his collar bone
lightly. As my eyes followed the movement of my finger on his soft skin,
I suddenly heard a quiet moan and my eyes shot towards Harry's face. He
was still asleep, but he had moved his head more forward. Our foreheads
were almost touching right now and I smiled when I felt his breath
stroking my face.

I started to trace his other collarbone with my index finger. Suddenly,
I saw two eyes looking at me and I looked up to see, just in time, his
eyes closing. I smiled and stuck out my tongue, knowing he was awake. I
then added more pressure on his collarbone before I started to trace my
finger down to his chest. I traced a circle around his left nipple
before lightly brushing over it and it immediately hardened. After that
I did the same to his right before looking up. Harry's eyes were still
closed but I could see he was biting his inside cheeks to hide a smile.

I smirked and started to trace my finger more down again towards his
belly button. I saw goosebumps appearing on his stomach as I drew one
circle around it and smiled at the reaction. My smirk grew even bigger
when I started to trace his v-lines and I saw his body was about to
shake but he managed to control himself. Biting my lip to control my
laugh, I focussed on my finger as it started to trace lower and lower
until it almost reached/it/. When I had reached it, I added more
pressure on it and added two more fingers, but stopped when I heard him
moan quietly.

I looked up to see his eyes still closed, but he was biting his lip. He
still refused to open his eyes or let me know he was awake, although I
already knew he was. Trying to hold in my chuckle, I then embraced
/him /with my whole hand and Harry's eyes immediately shot open as he
moaned again, but this time, really deep. "Oh my God." He moaned before
closing his eyes again.

"Goodmorning to you too." I chuckled and pulled my hand back as I faced him.

"Please, just continue and pretend that I'm still in sleeping." Harry
mumbled, still with his eyes closed.

"You wish." I joked before throwing the tangled duvet off of us,
revieling our naked bodies. Harry immediatly groaned and dug his head in
my pillow again before opening his eyes and looking at me.

"Goodmorning beautiful." He said in his morning and raspy voice and
goosebumps immediately appeared on my whole body. I saw Harry looking at
my skin from head to toe, and then smirked as he looked at me again.

"I will make you some breakfast." He gave me a peck on the lips and
stood up, stretched his back and turned around to hand me his hand.

"No I can make it myself." I argued and stood up, refusing to take his
hand, but all my muscels and especially the ones in my shoulder and
neck, hurt.

"You alright?" Harry asked as he pulled up one eyebrow.

"Yeah, it are just my muscles." I explained before grabbing his hand and
letting him pull me up. "Thanks." I mumbled and smiled at him before
walking over to my closet and throwing on a t-shirt and underwear.

"You can borrow something from my dad?" I said but it sounded more like
a question.

"No need for." Harry said.

"Oh so you're planning to walk in your dirty clothes you wore
yesterday?" I asked him, crossing my arms over my chest.

Harry rubbed the back of his neck. "I uh..." He then sighed. "Alright."

I smiled at the fact that I won and walked into my mums bedroom. I heard
Harry's footsteps as they followed me. When I reached the closet, I
grabbed a T-Shirt and a pair of boxerse and handed them to Harry. I then
excited the bedroom and walked down the hallway towards the kitchen. I
walked over to the counter, but Harry suddenly grabbed my hands from
behind and put them behind my back.

"Nope." He said, plopping the 'p' before pushing me onto one of the four
chairs. I glared at him but he just smiled a cheeky smile back before
walking over to the fridge.

"Do you like pancakes?" He asked and looked at me from over his shoulder.

"Love them." I admitted and he immediately smiled before grabbing a tube
and a pan. I looked at the window and opened it a bit so only the
sunlight would fall on my face. The dark sky showed it was still really
early in the morning, which wasn't strange since Harry and I had fallen
asleep really early yesterday. It was deadly quiet outside, no one was
outside and the snow gave it a magical sight. I always loved when it was
dead on the streets in the nights and early mornings, the early mornings
and the night were mine and my thoughts. When I looked up, I saw a
neverending starry sky floating above the roofs of the flatbuilding and
the moon that sent light on the playground. The stars looked so close
and touchable and sometimes, I would reach my arms to them, but found
nothing. I wished moments like this would last forever, that all the
people would never come out of their houses and just stay asleep forever
and that daylight forgets to show up.

"Taste this." A husky voice snapped me out of my stare and I turned my
head to see Harry's finger pointed towards me as he leaned over the
table and on his fingers was a brown liquid. Pulling up one eyebrow, I
opened my mouth and Harry placed it gently on my tongue before I slowly
started to sucked on it and I immediately knew what it was.

"Chocolate!" I cheered happily and Harry chuckled as he pulled his
finger back and walked back over to the counter.

“Chocolate-chip pancakes!” He said in a pumped up voice. "I hope you
like them, I haven't made them in years." He mumbled most likely to
himself, but I did hear it.

"Harry can I ask you something?" I said quietly and hesitantly and I saw
Harry turning around.

"Yeah?" He said and I quickly looked down.

"How many years ago?" I asked quietly and fiddled with my thumbs,
waiting for his answer.

It stayed quiet, until Harry said, "You don't want to know. You won't
even believe me."

"Harry you told me you never lied." I said and looked up to meet his
eyes. His eyebrows were again frowned but I could see sadness in his
eyes which honestly hurt me too.

Harry sighed and looked down, "I don't know, something around 150 I
think." I said quietly and I could see he had a hard time so I quicly
got up and swung my arms around his bare torso, but he never embraced me

"Doesn't that scares you away?" Harry asked. "If I would never be
like/this,/ I would've died already and never met you."

"It doesn't and honestly, I have no idea why. This is maybe going to
sound mean, but I'm glad you turned into a vampire, otherwise I wouldn't
have met you." I admitted and looked up to see him looking down at me.

He sighed and closed his eyes for a few seconds before re-opening them
and putting his hand on the back of my head. He then pushed my head back
in his chest and I felt it vibrate as he spoke, "That's the only good
thing about being it." We slowly pulled away when I saw steam coming off
the pancake. Harry quickly grabbed a plate and put the pancake on it. He
then turned the heat off and handed the pancake to me along with a fork.
I smiled at him before walking over to the dinnertable, sitting myself
and the pancake down and starting to eat. Harry sat down in front of me
and watched as I eat.

"Is it good?" He asked and I moaned as an answer. Harry chuckled and
opened one curtain before looking out of the window, which was possible
since the sun still wasn't shining.

"Do you want a bite?" I asked Harry before putting a piece in my mouth.

"No." he answered, still looking out of the window. "I can't eat
anything anymore." He mumbled.

"Oh." I said quietly and felt guilty for eating in front of him, but
quickly put the last piece in my mouth before walking over to the
counter and wanting to put the fork, the pan and the plate in the
dishinmachine, but as soon as I bend down, I felt my muscles hurting
again and I immediately stood up.

"Sh.it." I cursed and Harry stood up and grabbed the stuff out of my
hands before putting them into the dishingmachine.

"Let's get your muscles relaxed."  He then said and grabbed one of my
small hands in his big one and pulled me with him towards the
bathroom. He carried me to the bathtub and opened the faucet. He then
turned towards me and grabbed the hem of my shirt before pulling it off
me. I stripped out of my underwear before Harry grabbed my upperarms and
helped me with sitting in the bathtube, like I was a little child. As I
waited in the bathtube for the tub to be filled, he pulled off his
boxers and T-Shirt. I watched him remove every piece of clothing he had
on and I eyed him up and down, not even realizing that I was already

"Staring is rude." Harry said and chuckled.

"Sorry." I mumbled and quickly looked down at my lap.

"Can you move forward?" He asked and I nodded before doing it. Harry
stepped inside the bathtube and sat behind me, so I was sitting
inbetween his legs. I sighed deeply and closed my eyes, feelings his
hands rubbing my my arms up and down underwater.

Suddenly, I felt Harry's chest vibrating as he first started to hum, but
not soon after, started to sing one of my favorite songs.

/ "Staring out at the rain with a heavy heart/

/It's the end of the world in my mind/

/Then your voice pulls me back like a wake up call/

/I've been looking for the answer/


/I couldn't see that it was right there/

/But now I know what I didn't know,"/ All that I could think was how
amazing his voice was. It was deep, yet it could reach the high notes
and as soon as he had started with singing, goosbumbs had appeared on my
whole body.

/"I've been looking for the answer/


/I couldn't see that it was right there/

/But now I know, what I didn't know

/Because you live and breathe/

/Because you make me believe in myself/

/When nobody else can help/

/Because you live, girl/

/My world has twice as many stars in the sky/


/It's all right, I survived, I'm alive again/

/Cause of you, made it through every storm/

/What is life, what's the use/

/If you're killing time/


/I'm so glad I found an angel/

/Someone who was there when all my hopes fell/

/I wanna fly, looking in your eyes/


/Because you live and breathe/

/Because you make me believe in myself/

When nobody else can help

Because you live, girl, you live

My world, my world, has twice as many stars in the sky


Because you live, I live


Because you live, there's a reason why

I carry on when I lose the fight

I want to give what you've given me



Because you live and breathe

Because you make me believe in myself

When nobody else can help

Because you live, girl

My world, my world, has twice as many stars in the sky

Because you live and breathe

Because you make me believe in myself

When nobody else can help

Because you live, girl , because you live

/My world has everything I need to survive

Because you live, I live, I live."

I tilted my head to reach his supple lips when he was finished and my
other hand moved to cup his face. As our kiss deepened, his tongue asked
for entrance and I didn't deny. We battled for a few minutes and
eventually pulled away. We then just layed in the warm skin with his
arms around me, pulling me close against him. I felt his breath on the
top of my head and laid my hands down on his, which were laying on my

 Right now, all I could feel was love - yes love. I finally figured it
out. I really did love him, and all that time, I already did, but
because I had never felt it before, I couldn't come to a conclusion of
what that feeling was. All I know is that I'm the arms of the person I
loved, and the most wonderful things was; he loved me too.

I proved them all wrong. All the boys and girls from school who told me
I would never get a boyfriend, were wrong. But then, it plopped into my
head. Was he my boyfriend? Was I has girlfriend? I looked up and Harry
smiled down at me, exposing his adorable dimples. He bend his head down
and placed a sweet and soft kiss on my cheek, making me paralyzed for
some reason. What he could do to me was unreal. With only the smallest
touches he could make a cocon of butterflies explode in my stomach.

But there was an weird feeling inside of me for some reason. It was like
one of those feelings you got when something good happened to you, but
you can feel it in your bones that something bad is going to happen not
soon after.

I hope it won't.


More tomorrow :)

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