Let Me In(Harry Styles)

The mysterious boy Harry moves in next to August, a girl who has to deal with her parents' divorce and being bullied. August develops a special bond with her strange neighbor, but when the small town they live in is startled by a series of brutal murders ever since Harry moved into the flat, it seems he's more involved with them than August thinks. "Innocence dies, Harry doesn't."



25. Chapter 23: Whos fault?



His hand grabbed my upperarm really tight and as he started walking, he
pulled me with him. I followed, not having an other choise and still
being shocked of all what just happened.When we almost reached the doors
to the changingroom, I turned my head and looked over my shoulder. Blood
was on the whole floor and spreading itself in the water in the
waterpool. Several body parts were lying in the water and on the floor
and my breath got caught in my throat. I snapped out of my stare when I
felt a hard pull on my arm which caused me to catch him up and almost
making me fall. As we walked through the doors and into the room, I
looked up at him to see his eyebrows were frowned and an angry look was
plastered on his face as he looked straight forward.

This was not what I had imagined. I sure did think about what would
happen if I would see Harry again, and most of the times I imagined that
I would jump on him and gave him a passionate kiss, telling him how much
I missed him and him telling me how much he missed me. This was
different. Actually, this was far from what I had imagined. We didn't
kiss, hug, talk, not even make eyecontact.

We stopped walking when we reached my locker which still was open. Still
holding my arm, Harry bend down to look if any more stuff was in it, but
everything was already lying on the ground because of Kenny. he then
bend more down and took my shirt in his hands as he let go of my arm. He
stared at the ripped clothe, which basically was a jacket now.I held out
my shaking hand, so he could put it in my hand and I could wear it as a
jacket. But instead, he dropped the clothe before quickly putting his
white T-Shirt over his head and handing it over to me. I shook my head,
looking at his T-Shirt, but he ignored it and shoved it over my over my
head. He then grabbed my arm again and pulled me with him out of the
changingroom towards the exit of the building. Once we were outside, he
walked over to me and stood in front of me. He bend down and patted his
back, but me being me, didn't understand it and Harry seemed to notice.

"Get on." He hissed and faced me quickly from over his shoulder with an
angry expression on his face. As I slowly and gently jumped onto his
back, I wondered why he was so angry. Just when I was only sitting on
his back for only one second, Harry immediatly started to run in
vampirespeed. Everything flashed by as I felt his muscles moving
underneath me. His hands held hold of my tighs so I wouldn't fall and my
arms were swept around his neck but in a way I wouldn't strangle him. As
Harry ran, the wind with his scent filt my nostrills which was really
familiar. It was the scent I smelt whenever we were close and whenever
we hugged.

In only one minute, I could see, although everything was a blur, we were
entering the flatbuilding. A few seconds after, Harry stopped running
and we reached my front door. He then let me drop off his back and
pointed towards the door. Immediately understanding, I walked over to it
and unlocked it before opening the door. I stepped outside, creating
enough space for him to walk in but yet again he pointed into my
apartment, signalling I needed to get in frist. So I did. I heard
footsteps following me and a door closing. I then turned around slowly,
looking at the ground. When my body was facing him, I slowly looked up
from under my eyelashes. His nostrills were flaring, his eyebrows
frowned, his teeth clenched together just like his hands which were
balling a fist and his eyes were looking piercely into mine.

"You need to sleep." He ordered and grabbed my arm yet again before
pulling me with him into my bedroom. Once inside, I yanked my arm back,
and it worked.

"No Harry! Before you left, you kept ordering me the same after
something happened. Sleeping is not the way we can solve this, but
talking will!" I yelled in his face and I felt the muscels in my face
creating a mad expression. Harry turned his back towards me and I heard
his heavy breath.

"August you nearly died." Harry said, still not facing me.

"I wouldn't if you never left me!" I shot back. He immediately turned
around with a really, really angry look on his face.

"Oh so now it is my fault?!" He raised his eyebrows as he looked at me
in the eyes.

"Hell it is!" I yelled back.

"August it's only been one week! One fu.cking week since I left you and
look how much you got yourself into trouble already!" He made a move
with his arm, showing how big it was.

"It never happened if you didn't leave!" I argued back.

"We only knew each other for one week and look how attached you already
are to me!" He yelled and nodded once with his head as he took one step

"Because I...I..." I trailed off, not knowing what to say, but knowing
he was right.

"Because you what?" Harry asked harshly, emprasing the last word.

"Because I need you!" I yelled before I even knew what just had escaped
my mouth.

"Because you need me." Harry repeated me in a tone signalling he didn't
believe me.

"Yes. And I need you more than I can take, honestly." I whispered and
looked down.

"You don't need me, you don't need a monster like me." He said.

"Stop calling yourself that! You are not a monster! To me you are a
hero, Harry!" I yelled and balled my hands in fists.

"A hero? Oh c'mon August. This is not a fairytale story, you know I'm
everything but a hero."

"To me you are." I defended quietly.

"August a hero doesn't kills people for his own need." Harry argued back.

"But a hero protects, and you protected me." I whispered and looked down
at the ground.

"I never protected, nearly got you killed a couple of times!" He said
and pointed his index finger towards me.

"But it never happened because you were also the one that saved me! You
could keep yourself from draining me, saved me just a couple of minutes
ago! Harry to me that's what makes you a hero! You are stronger than
your lust!" I yelled and it immediately stayed quiet right after. I felt
myself panting heavily, my heart beating a thousand times faster than it
normally did and the adrenaline rushing through my veins.

"Harry I-"

"Save it." Harry spat back and ran a hand through his hair.

"No Harry, you need to hear this." I said and tried to keep myself calm
since I was getting really frustrated of him not listenening and
believing me.

"I don't want to hear it, I wish I had never met you." Harry said calmy
and my heart broke at the last part of his sentence. My throat was
caught up, I couldn't bring out a word nor a sound out of my mouth. I
felt my eyes watering and saw my eyesight getting blurry. My whole body
started to shake when I saw Harry's face wore totally no emotion but
angryness. I shook my head at Harry and slowly took a few steps back.

"No." I whispered, still shaking my head. "No." I then turned around and
ran towards the door, but suddenly, it closed itself in front of me with
a bang. I quickly grabbed the handle, but just when I did, the door
locked itself too. I pulled at the handle and banged against the door,
but nothing worked and I felt the courage disappearing.

"You are not going anywhere." I heard his husky and angry voice and my
head immediately snapped towards my right to see him standing a few feet
away from me with golden eyes. In a flash, they turned back to their
normal green ones.

"I only wanted to thank you for saving me." I croaked out and felt a
tear escaping my left eye and rolling down my cheek. towards my chin and
down my neck. Harry's eyes softened for only one second when they turned
more angrier and his nostrills started to flare again. I stood there,
watching him move in frustration until he suddenly banged his fist on
the wall as he screamed out a husky scream, making me step a few steps
back. I immediately held my hands on my ears as I watched his fist
pulling itself out of the hole which he created in the wall.

"August, you're driving me insane, do you know that? Fu.cking insane!"
Harry yelled and rubbed his face with his hands. "Why do you keep doing
this to me?" He asked and looked at me in the eyes, expecting an answer.
I stood there, nailed to the ground and staring into his eyes. My mouth
opened itself and made a weird noise, but an answer never escaped my
mouth. Actually, I didn't even have one. When I closed my mouth again,
Harry groaned deep before turning around and facing his back towards me.
I saw his shoulders going up and down and his chest growing bigger and
smaller as he took deep breaths. I saw his hands were balled in fists
and his knockles were white.

"I love you Harry." I whispered, but I whispered it most likely to
myself. Harry must have heard it. He immediately turned around with the
most angry expression he had ever shown and I quickly took a step back.

"You what?!" He yelled and his eyes flashed golden-red, making me even
more afraid of him. he then started walking towards me very fast and as
he did, I stepped backwards until my back hit the wall. I looked around
me, trying to find enough space for me so I could run past him and for
something with what I could stop him, like hitting him with a vase or
something. I snapped out of searchtime when Harry was standing in front
of me

"Don't Harry." I whispered just before he crashed his lips down on mine
and put his tongue straight in, not asking for entrance. I was taken
back at first, but as soon as I felt his soft and cold lips moving
against mine, I closed my eyes and before I even knew what I was doing,
I swung my arms around his neck. His cold tongue moved around mine and I
made circles with mine, not really knowing what I had to do since Harry
was already doing everything. I could tell he really was mad; the grip
on the collar of his shirt I was wearing pulling me closer towards him
and the dominance. Suddenly, he pulled away and grabbed the collar of
the shirt even tighter before raising me off the ground. Before I could
ask what he was doing, he threw me on my bed and in vampire speed, he
was on top of me. He pinned both my hands beside my head and connected
our lips again.

The then grabbed the hem of 'my' shirt. He pulled off the clothe as he
quickly pulled away from the kiss. He looked me in the eyes as he
quickly lifted it up and pulled it off me, leaving me in my bikini top.
He then started to kiss my neck and I froze immediatly, scared of what
he was going to do. Before I could stop him, he sucked on my skin. I let
a quiet moan escape my lips before his cold tongue started to stroke my
skin, creating goosebumps all over.  

His own eyes weren't green anymore, but almost black and full with lust.
His hands snaked under my back towards the hook of my bikini top. He
gave me multiple pecks on the lips as he unhooked it and once it was, he
sat more up and removed the top before throwing it across the room.
Suddenly, he started to kiss my neck and kiss down by every kiss in
vampire speed. Now and then, he nibbled on my skin. He then stood up and
I immediately grasped for air which I had held in as he unbuckled his
belt and unzipped the zipper of his pants. His pants fell down onto the
floor and he stepped out of the pipes as he laid down over me again.

His hands started to take off my underwear and pull it down quickly. I
felt it slip off my legs, then his hands trailed up my legs again as he
hovered above me again. His hands then grabbed his boxer and in only a
few seconds, he wasn't wearing it anymore and it giving me a full show
of his /thing/. Suddenly, I watched it disappear between my legs and I
felt it brush against my entrance. I took a deep breath, preparing
myself for what would come when I suddenly felt him going away.

"Sh.it August. " Harry said but with a loud voice.

"What?" I asked.

"I totally forgot!" Harry now yelled and laid his hand down on his
forehead as he sighed and closed his eyes.

"What?" I repeated again, louder this time, totally unaware of what he
was talking about.

"You know, about what Kenny did to you..." Harry trailed off and slowly
looked me in the eyes.

"I'm so sorry, I should've-"

I cut him off. "Harry, to be honest I totally forgot about that. It
never popped into my head, nor his name.   I just... forgot?" I said but
it sounded more like a question. It was true. I realized I hadn't been
thinking about what he had done to me. I guess this was a good sign,
that I really did trust him.

"You didn't?" Harry asked, astonished.

"No?" I said and shook my head as I scrunched my eyebrows together,
thinking about it.

"Well... Is this like... okay to you?" Harry then asked and rubbed the
back of his neck.

"Yeah." I said, still thinking. I saw Harry smiling and then crashing
his lips down on mine again. Just before he did, I saw his hands
grabbing hold of the headboard and I felt himself move in the right
position. I then felt him entering me and a sharp pain went through my
lower body. I squeezed my eyes shut as he pushed himself deeper into me.
I opened my eyes to see Harry was still in an angry mood and I could
feel the tension between our clammy bodies. He didn't really care about
me, all he wanted was to feel alive again, enjoy something what he
hadn't enjoyed in years. He needed me.

He slowly started to do his job. The pain was terrible at first but he
was right, it was soon taking over in pleasure .He panted as he started
going faster and deeper. Suddenly, I heard something crack before my
head and then, several things hitt he ground. I immediatly opened my
eyes, to see Harry had broken the headboard because of his hold on it.
Harry had stopped too and I looked at his arms to see all his muscles on
full show, which honestly turned me on. I didn't really care about my
headboard. I swung my arms around his neck and pulled him closer towards
me. He immediately got the hint and continued with giving us both
pleasure and I grabbed each side of the bed.

"August you're really tight." Harry breathed out and I opened my eyes to
see him hovering above me, each time coming closer and then pulling
himself away before repeating it again by every move he did. His curls
shook by every move he did and I couldnt't help but bring my hands in
them and tug every time he entered me.

After a few minutes of pleasure, he started to go irregular and started
to kiss every inch of skin on my stomach and chest. I then felt my knees
starting to shake and not soon after, my legs too. A few seconds after,
I reached my high and felt a relaxing feeling wash over me. I laid my
head back on the pillow and sighed deep. Harry continued for a few more
thrusts until he clasped himself onto me while breathing out as he was
reaching his high.

When he was done, he looked up at me in the eyes and smiled. I smiled
back, still a bit in a trance of all what just happened. He then laid
down next to me and looked at me, sweat dripping on his face and his
curls in one big mess, but it still looked adorable.

"That was amazing." He breathed out and kissed the skin on my shoulder,
sending a tinglingsensation through my body. I nodded and looked at him
through my glassy eyes, feeling the butterflies in my stomach flying.

"I'm really glad you came back, you have no idea how much I missed you."
I whispered and moved myself so I could face him better.

"You... missed me?" Harry asked quietly and I nodded as a tear escaped
my eye.

"More than you can imagine." I whispered and tried to swallow the lump
in my throat away.

"I'm so sorry August." Harry said before wrapping his arm around my
waist, pulling me close towards him. I felt the urge to cry, but hold
myself in, not wanting to look like a baby.

"I missed you too. Really, really much." Harry whispered and kissed my
forehead, making me smile. It then stayed quiet. I was enjoying that he
came back, enjoying he was back in my arms. After that week without him,
I had practically gave up with hoping he would come back. And here he
was, in my arms and we just had done something of what everyone on
school had said what was amazing. But I bet mine was better. Although
they had done it, they hadn't done it with a vampire, and I did.

"August?" Harry's husky voice snapped me out of my thoughts and I looked
up to face him and look into his bright green eyes.

"Yeah?" I asked him and smiled.

He bit his lip, still looking me in the eyes before his lips formed a
adorable smile and created the dimples in his cheeks, "I love you too."


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