Let Me In(Harry Styles)

The mysterious boy Harry moves in next to August, a girl who has to deal with her parents' divorce and being bullied. August develops a special bond with her strange neighbor, but when the small town they live in is startled by a series of brutal murders ever since Harry moved into the flat, it seems he's more involved with them than August thinks. "Innocence dies, Harry doesn't."



20. Chapter 18: ''No, you don't understand!''

**** AUGUSTS POV ****


I watched her every detail on her face. The mole above her lip. Her long
eyelashes. The freckles on her cheek. Her plump lips. Her thick eyebrows
that she gave me.

I closed my eyes and hugged her dead body as tight as I could. The sound
of the monitorbeep was earpiercing, it started to hurt now I did hear it
for a minute. But it was the beep that statisfied it, that made it all
clear. Her heart had stopped beating and it wouldn't start anymore. The
realisation of it made a pressure on my chest appear, but also an empty
feeling inside.

“August?” I heard a manly voice whispering and I opened my eyes to see
Harry standing by the door. My heart dropped for the hunderth time when
I saw his facial expression. /Concerned and worried./

“Please, just leave.” I cried out and laid my head back down on the
pillow next to my mums.

“I won't.” Harry answered and I heard footsteps approaching.

“But I want you to so leave.” I hissed through me teeth.

“I don't care.” He simply answered and I heard his voice was near, so he
also was. I was about to speak when the door flung open. I dug my head
up in the air and when I saw it was a nurse, I immediately laid back
down and held my mum more tighter.

“Mrs. Moonsky, you need to leave.” The nurse demanded.

“No.” I answered her and refused to move.

“You have to.” The nurse answered and laid a hand down on my shoulder. I
immediately swept it away and yelled, “No!”

“August listen to the-”

“Don't you dare to tell me what to do, Harry!” I yelled and shot up so I
could face him. His eyebrows were knotted together and his eyes looked
fiercely into mine. I heard the door opening yet again and when I looked
into that direction, I saw more nurses and doctors coming into the room.
Without hesitating, I hugged my mum yet again as tight as I could and
dug my head in her chest. Soon I felt hands on my legs, waist and arms
and I immediately started to move and try to swep them all away, but it
was useless.

“No! Please! Stop!” I cried out when they lifted me up. I held my arms
around my mums waist, trying to keep hold of her, but soon my arms
weren't around her anymore.

“No! Let me go!” I begged them and tried to kick and move myself in
their grasp when I saw six people were carrying me.

“Harry do something!” I yelled and looked over at Harry to see him
watching me with the same expression as he had when I yelled at him.
“Harry!” I begged him, but he only looked me in the eyes. I stil felt
the tears escaping my eyes. I looked over my shoulder to my mums
lifeless body and when I saw I was being carried away from her, I
struggled one more time, and this time they weren't strong enough. I
fell onto the ground with a thud and wanted to stand up and run away,
but when my back hit the ground, a wave of pain flashed through me.
Screaming out in pain, I felt hands again touching me and snaking itself
around my legs and waist, but I was too tired and too much in pain to
struggle again. I knew people were staring at me whilst the nurses and
doctors dragged me away from my mum, but I couldn't care less and I
couldn't see them since my eyes were shut in pain.

I felt my back and head hitting something soft and opened my eyes to see
that I was lying in a hospital bed. I wanted to turn my head to take in
the surroundings, move my body to run away, but I was pinned down and my
courage in escaping was fading.

“Make it ready!” The nurse who was pinning my arms down yelled.

“What-?” I asked not knowing what was going on, but then I saw a tissue
appearing above my head. My eyes widened when they put it on my mouth
and I tried to scream, but once I opened my mouth, a chemical scent went
straight up in my nostrils and mouth.

“Shh, breath in slowly, it's going to be alright.” The doctor who was
pushing the tissue against my mouth, but it only made me freak out more.
I screamed, but for every scream, I needed breath and when I inhaled it,
I felt myself getting weaker and weaker. I looked at the footboard of my
bed when I saw Harry standing there, watching me with again the same
expression. I wanted to scream for him to help me, to get the nurses and
doctors hands of me, but no voice suddenly escaped out of my mouth.
Black spots were filling my eyesight and I felt my muscles getting
weaker and weaker. I had no idea what was happening with me, and it made
me freak out more although it seemed I was getting weaker and no voice
was escaping my mouth and no muscle was moving, trying to protest what
was happening. My eyelids were getting heavier and were trying to cover
my eyes. I tried to keep them open, but there was no strength in my body
at all anymore.

I felt the tissue being lifted off my mouth and nose, but it was too
late for me to get up, I blacked out.





Slowly I opened my eyes, but closed them quickly when the sunlight shone
right in them. I groaned and wanted to roll over, but a small wave of
pain reminded me that I couldn't. I raised my hand and brushed my hair
out of my face, but opened my eyes when I felt another thing than my
index finger skin brushing against the skin of my face. I held both my
hands in front of me and my eyes widened when I saw a few fingers were
in plaster. Looking down at my body, I saw I wasn't wearing my own
clothes anymore but hospital pj's. Did they took off my clothes?! Why
did they do that?! Why am I here?! I started to panic, my breath was
going faster but when I felt my chest rising up and down, I felt
something was pushed against it. Wondering what it was, I lifted the
collar of the hospital pj and saw my ribcage was plastered as well. I
thought back to what happened before I blacked out, when flashbacks of
my mum came flooding back in my mind. My tears immediately filled with

“Mum.” I whispered and felt the warm liquid going down my cheek.

“She's somewhere else now, somewhere better and safer.” I heard a manly
voice and moved my head to the leftside to see Harry sitting on a chair
beside me.

“You don't know a thing about it.” I spat and frowned my eyebrows.

Harry was about to say something back, but was cut off by the door
opening. He shot his head up and looked over his shoulder and I just
moved my eyes. A nurse was walking into the room and she smiled when she
saw me.

“Finally! You're awake!” She cheered and started to walk towards me.

“Can I go home?” I asked her and pulled up one eyebrow.

“Yes after you answered these questions.” She said and sat down on the
chair on the other side of the bed of where Harry was sitting.

“Okay.” I answered her.

“Well, you have three bruised fingers, two on your left and one on your
right hand. Also one rib is broken. Can you explain me how this
happened?” She asked as she grabbed a pan and waited for me to answer so
she can write it down on her clamboard. I glanced over at Harry quickly
and saw he was waiting for me to answer ass wel. I swallowed deep before
lying, “I fell.”

“You sure about that?” The nurse pulled up one eyebrow as she gazed into
my eyes and narrowed her own.

“Yes.” I answered her.

“Okay. And what was the first thing you did right after you fell?”

“Walked back home and took a shower.” I answered her this time the truth.

“Okay. And where were you when it happened?” She asked and narrowed her
eyes again, making me nervous.


“Okay. Now I need you to answer these questions about your mum.” She
said and grabbed my hand, trying to reassure me, but I quickly took my
hand back.

“Was the relation between you and your mum good?” She asked.

“Sometimes.” I answered and shrugged my shoulders.

“Did you know she drank and did drugs?”


“Did you do anything about that?” The nurse asked and I was getting annoyed.

“Yes I told her to stop but who am I to tell her what to do.” I answered
but it sounded a bit angry.

“I understand,” She answered and was about to say something else when I
cut her off.

“No, you don't! You don't know how it feels to be unloved because she
didn't feel love for you, only when she was down to earth and clean!” I
yelled in her face and I heard Harry sitting more up beside me.

He nurse looked at me piercely in the eyes for a few moments before she
spoke again, “Okay the last question, do you know what the consequence is?”

A lump in my throat appeared and I stared at the ceiling. What was the
consequence? I thought back to everything, to the time since my mum
started. The adrenaline immediately rushed through my body and I bit my
lip before looking at Harry. He nodded and I looked over to the nurse
again, who was already looking at me.

“Well?” She asked, waiting for me to answer.

I bit my inside cheeks, realizing it all and coming to the conclusion
what the consequence was.


Her fucking own husband and my fucking own dad.”  


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