Moonlight Sonata (Moonlight Series): Book 1

If you lose someone who was the only person who mattered, you're done. But, what if someone you find just by a dream, changed the emotion. How do you think Claire handled her thought of her killing her own mother? How can you react to that? Losing the only the only one who you thought would care for you. Claire finds her other half, Blake, making her heal through her pain of loss.


19. Meeting begins


     I stood behind Blake for what seemed like hours before Ceasil spoke,"Blake what is it you have come to request once more?" Blake tensed and I rubbed his arm to comfort him."I have come to request extra protection for my soul mate...I have some things I need to do which I can't do if I am worried about her all the time...a former friend of mine,Leelan,has tried to harm her on two occasions...."He speaks with a stressed voice. "Blake please allow us to take a look at your precious soul mate if you will?" His body tensed as he said,"Is that really necessary Ceasil?" " I'm afraid it is my boy if we are to get a accurate feel for the situation..."Ceasil said in a cool tone."I stay close to here at all times ...she is not to be touched..."Blake slowly releases my body from being pressed against him to slowly moving me in front of him. He put his hand around my waist and tensed up as they started to circle us back and forth. I layed my head towards Blake's shoulder as I began to get nervous as to what 'The Council' will request next."Move away from him my child..if it is possible.."Blake's grip intensified even more. I looked in his eyes,I will be ok Blake...if it helps my safety we need to do all that is asked of us, He slowly loosened his grip and I walked to another part of the room.I watched as they circled me to get a feel for my energy. All of the sudden the disperse and got back to there seats at I walk back over to Blake. He cupped his hand on the back of my neck  and layed his four-head to mine and I softly put hand on his wrist,Are you ok?Did they hurt you?,he asked in a concerned voice. I reply with,No..they just circled me and stared at me for a few seconds...,I saw his eyes explode with fire and I cupped his cheek,Its ok love..They didn't hurt me Blake. The fire in his eyes reduced and he calmed down and gave me a soft kiss.

   "Now now kids, save that for later...we have deliberated and made our decision.." he paused for a minute,"Because we have hi hopes that you will follow the rules as soul mates..and because of the high respect for your family...we have decided that we would grant your request...but...if you do anything to jeopardize will be taken away from you understand?" We shook are heads in acknowledgement of his question.'Ceasil...I have one more request..if it is not to much of a bother..."Blake asked cooly as he hugged me to his body."Very well then .."Ceasil said in a bored tone. "I want to ask if I can get out of I can stay with my soul mate..."Ceasil looked at Alec,Luke, and Matt as to have a silent conversation with them. It seemed like hours before they turned,"Blake on your request to leave assignment,because you found your soul mate,has been granted because she needs your protection as well..and it can get difficult to be away from each other..." I hugged Blake as excitement filled his body. He braced his body around mine protectively as Ceasil came near,"I am not here to harm..I'm just here to let you know that the extra guards that are leaving with you will be waiting for you outside the door. You have three guards that will be protecting Claire and helping you Blake.."

           Blake took my hand as we exited the room and found our guards as he clutched tightly to me,"Its ok,'I whisper,"I belong to you remember that.I love you."I gave him a soft kiss as I heard a male clear his voice,"I am Max,to my left is Caleb, and to my right Casey..we are the guards assigned to you..we are to follow only You and Claire's orders."He said to Blake."Ok..thank you for doing lets start the trip back to our home.."Blake said as we started to walk down the hallway. When we reached the door and went outside all four of the men walked in a block around me. I was guarded from every angle. When we arrived Blake asked the guards,"Do any of you no how to drive?" When the responded Max said,"I you need me to drive us?" Blake shook his head yes and cupped his hand around my waist. Max and Caleb sat in the front and Casey,Blake, and I sat in the back. Blake looked at each of the boys as if to tell them that I belong to him and no one else. As Max started the car I layed my head on Blake's shoulder and played with his hand to remove stress. He relaxed at I massaged his and removed all his tension. Are you feeling better Baby? It will be ok to relax a can trust me..and the guys..they know that I belong to you...and nothing will change just relax and enjoy the ride home..I'm sure these guys can get us there over night..I say to his sweet,handsome, mind and he smiles.I know that Claire just makes me nervous with all these guys around you...I don't like another male being this close to you...just stay by my side the whole time, he says with a stern look at the guys and grab my waist. His jealousy makes me want him to claim me even more...I kiss him and see some of his thoughts,bond mark...claim mark...,I realize he wants to mark me as his own..claim me as his own. And I realize that I want him to even more than he wants to..


      The next day...

      We arrived at home just in time for lunch and I can hear Blake's and the boys stomach growl like they haven't eaten in three days. How hungry do boys get? We  get in the house and get the guys settle in there rooms. While Blake and the guys unpack there belongings I make them there lunch. I make hamburgers and frenchfries and wait for them to return. As I cook I feel a hand wrap around my waist and a whisper in my ear,"You know that I can't resist you are the only thing I'm hungry for.."I giggle as Blake tickled my side,"Blake be serious..I'm am trying to cook here..if you want to play it can wait until later..I have four hungry boys to feed..."He leans into my ear,"You feed us then meet me upstairs when you are done...I will probably have to come and get you anyways...because it will be to long waiting for you.."I looked at him and said,"I will be ok around the guys...they wont try anything..they know that I belong to you..." I rub my hand on his cheek as the guys walk in,"Get a room you two!!"They all said simultaneously. Blake and I laughted at there response to us nearly kissing.We know that we can't kiss around them..and it makes it more difficult for us..but we will deal with it. I watched as all the guys ate and Blake put his arm around my waist and stood behind me."How are you all enjoying the it feeling?" They all mumble and finished there food. Max spoke,"If only my mom could cook like!It was amazing."All the boys laughed in agreement and went upstairs. I began to wash the dishes as Blake stood beside me rinsing,"I'm glad the enjoyed there food...and now..when we are done with the dishes ..i'm taking you up to the room and kissing you."I smiled a complete smile at Blake. I'm so glad that he has a good heart and wants to protect me. As we finishes he picks me up and carries me to the room and I giggle."I need to ask you something when we get in the room Blake..ok?" He smiles,"Sure, anything babe."

    We entered the bedroom and Blake sat me on the bed facing him in his lap,"So ...what did you need to ask me?"  "What is a mark?Claim and Bond?" He looks around the room but I turn his face towards me and look in his eyes."They are marks that soul mates give each other so other see that they belong to somebody..its what I'm battling on the inside..."I slowly give him a hug and his lips come to my neck and he kisses me all over my body. When he lifts his head I kiss him on his lips he puts his hands on my waist and pulls me closer. We continue to kiss the rest of the day and night..I feel asleep with him kissing me..

    I dreamed that night of how it would feel to finally be marked by Blake.I needed him...exactly like he needed me..and I could sense his inner battle with himself...but that night will come soon enough...when he is able to claim me and mark me as his. Trust will come.....

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