Moonlight Sonata (Moonlight Series): Book 1

If you lose someone who was the only person who mattered, you're done. But, what if someone you find just by a dream, changed the emotion. How do you think Claire handled her thought of her killing her own mother? How can you react to that? Losing the only the only one who you thought would care for you. Claire finds her other half, Blake, making her heal through her pain of loss.


22. Healing


        The anger I am feeling is nothing compared to what rage was coursing through me when I was beating Leelan.  I'm glad that I killed him.  No one messes with my soul mate. No one. He deserved everything he got for almost killing her.  The only way she is alive is because.. for some bizarre reason, I was able to heal her before we were bonded.  I still don't know how that is possible.  But, as I cried and laid on her chest and screamed because I had lost her.. for a few minutes anyway. My tears soaked through her clothes and a bright light appeared before her body. She was lifted in the air the landed in my arms.  I started to feel what she felt..and that was extreme pain.  As she came back to consciousnesses, her screams filled the night air.  I'm scared,"What is wrong, baby? Are you ok?" She continues to cry. Gosh.. I hate seeing my soul mate in so much pain."It..hurts...every...where..." I pick her up gently as a soft whimper came out of her mouth. " have to stay conscious... ok? You nearly died.." She shook her head yes and I carried her all the way to the house, which wasn't very far from where we were located. 

    I walked in and sat on the couch clutching her to my body.  I didn't want to let her go. I felt a calmness come over Claire's body as I held her close to me. "What happened Blake?," said Max, who walked in the room and ran to Claire's side. I gently layed her on the couch as I got up to walk around. She pulled my hand and said,"P-please..d-don't l-leave m-me B-Blake...I-I n-need y-you r-right n-now..."She began to cry as I lifted her up so I could lay by her. "What hurts, Claire?" I said in an angered voice. She hesitated and said,"My left arm and right leg for the most part and then my head is killing me.." "Max..hand me the phone..I need to call Dr. Sterlings..." He picks up the phone and hands it over to me. "Thanks.." I said, as I rubbed Claire on the back. The phone rang for a few minutes until her answered,"Hello?" "Dr. Sterlings...its an emergency and I need you to come to the safe house in the mountains..Claire is injured and we need your help immediately... " He shuffled some papers and said,"I will be there in two minutes...I live right down the road.I will be there shortly." I hung up the phone and layed my lips close to Claire's ear,"Dr. Sterling is on his way..he is going to make you better ok.." She nodded her head slowly and I kissed the side of her ear.

   I heard a knock on the door quiet loudly,"Can you get that Max?" He ran to the door and in walked Dr. Sterlings. "Blake..I need you to get up so I can see what I am dealing with..." 'Dr. Sterlings..I-I..." I started then was cut off,"Blake I haft to see all the can stay near her...but I need you to I can see it all..." I nod my head and slow move,"Claire Dr. Sterlings is here he needs to look at you ok?" She nods her head as much as she could.

      "Now Claire...i need to look at your that ok?" She nods her head and he lifts up her shirt. I move to stop him when he holds his hand out,"You haft to let me do my job Blake.." Fury runs through my eyes,"That doesn't include touching her clothes..I can do that part...just please..don't touch her clothes...."He nods his head looking sorry and in agreement. "Claire..Baby..I'm going to lift up you shirt ok? So Dr. Sterlings can look at your stomach.."She nods her head in agreement. I lift up her shirt and see purple brusies marking her beautiful skin..I control my anger and kiss her on the four-head and stand up and hold her hand."Just what I exspect to see..." Dr. Sterlings says as he moves to her arm and leg. She screams out in pain and arches her back. I lay my hands on her four head when she thinks, Blake..I think I'm going to be sick... I pick her up quickly and get her to the bathroom as quick as possible. Dr. Sterlings runs into the bathroom and says,'Blake...she has a broken arm and leg..i haft to reset the bones..."She vomits into the toilet and lays her head back onto my shoulder in the crook of my neck. I pick her up and take her back to the couch and lay her there. 

   Dr. Sterlings start to reset her bones and she clutches my hand as hard as she could not to scream out in pain. Once he was done she looked relived and I rubbed her head and kissed her. "You did great Baby.." "Only because you were helped me..thank you." She said in a soft whisper and then feel to sleep. 

   She was so beautiful. My little warrior. My fighter. Claire. Perfect. Strong. Claire.

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