acadintal love

Hi I'm , Cassidy. but most people call me Yvonne that's my middle name. I am the shy girl and my parents. are dead I live with my sister little brothers 3 of them and older brother 1 my sisters 4 3 young and 1 older I am weird but this story isn't about me well it is but ugh! the point is that. my worlds all wrong and who I fall for.......... is no better his names Jason McCann. read and you'll probably understand better.


16. needed help from the best

I was still hugging Jason when he picked me up off the floor. I immediately wrapped my legs around his waist. he put his hands under my butt to hold me up. he walked over to the guys and removed one of his hands so he could shake hands with the one who seemed to be in charge. I had my head in the crook of Jason's neck. he went back to holding me tight against him. I had a death grip on his neck. he would occasionally place a kiss on my neck or ear or squeeze me tighter and closer to him. and every few minutes I would tighten my grip on his neck. I don't know when but soon I fell asleep. when I woke up I was still in Jason's arms. and he was getting a beer. I sighed and closed my eyes back. he chuckled and turned his head. I opened my eyes slightly. he was smiling at me. he kissed me slightly on my lips. and whispered in my ear.

Jason: time to wake up baby.

Me: I'm comfy tho.

he chuckled.

Jason: well I'll tell you what.

Me: what?

Jason: if you wake up. then you can stay right where you are. but I need you awake. ok?

Me: okay.

I lifted my head up and he kissed me. I tangled my fingers in his hair. he slipped his tongue into my mouth. I moaned and he smirked I pulled at the ends of his hair. he pulled away and smirked. I blushed and hid my face in his neck.

when we got back to the living room I heard a girl say something that made me so insanely jealous.

Girl: jay jay why do you still carry her around. you act like you want her more then me. and I know you want me more.

I lifted my head and glared at the girl. she blushed and stuttered in trying to apologize.

Me: were you talking about Jason?

the girl nodded.

Me: well then let me make this clear to you. if I catch something like that coming out of your mouth again. your going to need a new face. do I make myself clear?

Girl: yes, sorry.

Me: good, and no your sorry I heard. not that you said that.

Jason was smirking at me and I just rolled my eyes. then a boy looked at me and said.

Boy: damn girl if you weren't Jason's girl I would so be up on you right now.

I cringed and Jason glared at the boy. a growled came from deem in his chest before, he spoke.

Jason: yeah but she is mine. and unless you want to end up dead. then you should shut your god damn mouth.

he said in such a low voice it sent a chill of fright through me.

I looked at Jason with wide eyes. he turned and saw.

Jason: what?

Me: kill him? for flirting with me? and a bad attempt at that?

Jason: your my girl and no one is going to talk to you or about you like that unless that person should be me.

I smiled at him and kissed him full on the lips. he kissed back of course. everything feels so right then I remembered why we were in the wear house. Hannah. 


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