secrets i would never tell

"WHY WON'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!?!?!?" I screamed running out of my room crying why does my life have to be so hard?!?!? hello there my name is Roxy Jacobs and i'm not just i normal 18 year old i have a secret that no_one knows it might sound crazy but i can see thing people i see dead people... i wish that i couldn't see them but i do and one time i even told someone that i could see them but they thought i'm crazy so after that i learned to keep quite about it until i meet them and everything changed


2. the death of the twins

i slowly opened my eyes to a complete dark room where am i?  i quickly sat up rubbing my head  "hello....anyone here"? i said trying not to sound scared but failed  this was little creepy you have to admit it, one girl in a dark room do you hear the creepiness? i stood up and started to feel around for a light switch but but instead heard something that made me become more scared then i already was "Roxy... Roxy come here my dear Roxy"   i started to feel cold  cooled   and i knew what was about to happen then all of a sudden i saw light flicker on and it looked like i was in a run down bathroom i was standing at the the sink and i looked around wondering what just happened before i knew it i was shouting "WHO'S THERE"?!?!?!? "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME"?!?!? i said scarcely that's when the lights start to flicker on and off really fast "WHAT'S GOING ON"?!?!? i screamed then i start to hear like someone laughing or maybe more like giggling but i wasn't really pay any intention to that because i was paying more attention to what  sounded like girls singing when i looked up i actually saw two girls they were singing a nursery rhyme "ring around the rosy pocket full of poesy ashes ashes we all fall down" and they kept repeating it. i started to hold my head and scream. then i the same two girls playing together on a play ground they looked like twins they actually looked happy until some man walked over to them and i could tell he was drunk cause he was he was walking in a zing zang  towards the girls and when the girls looked up and saw him they got that scared look on their faces. he then started yelling at them and when they didn't answer they didn't answer he slapped the first twin in the face and  then started to beat the twin i screamed at him "STOP IT" i screamed as loud as i could but i guest he didn't hear me i looked over to the other twin and she was crying and screamed for him to stop by now the other twin looked horrible  the twin grabbed his arm and held it and told him to stop but he threw her on the ground and she was knot out and before the last hit the girl woke up and ran to the man but it was to late. she's was dead blood was everywhere on the ground  and what surprised me is that the father started crying and started say he was sorry and the twin push him out the way and she was crying and she called him something but i couldn't hear it because she was crying so hard she picked up her sister and started crying even harder and that when the man i guessing the father pulled out a gun and said no witnesses  and shot her after that i was crying.then everything went silent i stopped hearing the giggling and the nursery rhyme and even the light stop flickering and everything went dark and i shot up covered in sweaty and i was cry in someone's room with the lights turned out as i started to get up out of the bed then the door swung open and i saw a figure "oh good your awake" the person said as they clapped their hands together." who are you" i said nervously i'm still messed up about the death of the twins and now this?!?!? this is by far the worst day ever. 

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