a bet that change my life(harry styles fanfiction)

in this story harry styles is not famous well not in the first chapters, he is the most popular kid in his school but under all that bad boy look is a heart a heart that only melissa could have but would harry tell her his feelings or would he hurt her ??


2. the bet

author note 

thanks for all you you who have press the like and favorite buttom. i decide to call you all kitties bc i love cat so yeah also when harry and melissa are talking melissa will be bold and harry will be italic.if you dont understand what i mean:



bye kitties

melissa p.o.v(still party)



the party was going to end soon so i decided to go outside for a minute to get away from the smell of alcohol.there was a little bench so i decided to sit for a little while there,i was thinking about everything that has happen to me all my life but my thoughts where interrupted by a person touching my shoulder.i look up and see the one and only harry styles.i remember when we where in middle school we used to be friends and i was had a crush on him but i never told him.our moms are like best friends.but when we stared high school he was another person,that kind,sweet,caring,nice boy was gone and now that boy was a monster, a bully.but i still have a crush on him, i have tried to not like him for three years but i still do.my thought once again were interrupted my harry waving his hand close to my face.

what do you want 

someone is in a bad mood

i said what do you want 


i want to do a bet with you

harry your drunk

am not drunk and as i said i want to do a bet with you

why me,why you even talking to me? did your little whores got tired of you?

shut up and i dont care  what you say we are doing the bet yes or yes understand

yes i understand English 

whatever so you are going to live in my house for a month 


because you will be my slave

what never 

and if you do what i tell you i will be nice to you and all your friends for the rest of high school but if you dont do it am going to bully those little rats more and more each day


why are you doing this

because you are pretty and i know you have a crush on me 

i dont have a crush on you and for the pretty part you got the wrong person maybe alice but not me now leave me alone

so you want your friends getting hurt right maybe i could like bully them in front of you 

dont you dare hurt my friends you little monster

then is a deal be at my house tomorrow at 5 pm and if you are not there i will pick you up so yeah and if you tell this to anyone you and your friends are dead okay

then what i have to pretend to be your girlfriend for a whole month?

yep now i have to go see you tomorrow at 5 .

what am i going to do???

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