~Justin Bieber Fan Fiction~
Maple thought everything was just amazing in Junior High, but when she got to High School, it ended up being a living hell. It's now her last year of High school. She's 18 now and a senior at Hollywood High School, which is located in L.A. (Yes that's a real place) It's always constant battle for her at school. She comes across a couple people who she never thought would be a part of her life.


3. That cutie

Nick's POV:



It's funny to think I'm related to the king of jerks, Justin. Were both related by our mom but different dad's. I personally didn't always get along with my brother. We were cool when he wasn't famous but after he became a pop sensation, he acted like he was better then everyone else. He did have a soft side at home, but in school he was this whole other person. We had a little brother and sister named Jazzy and Jaxon. They live with us too, and I love them to death. My older brother has been the captain of the football team I however was the captain of the basketball team. My brother was more of a jock. I wouldn't say I was much of a player like my brother, but I did do the same thing as my brother did. Meet and fuck. I don't think I've ever fallen in love before. My brother on the hand has fucked almost half of the school population. So I don't feel as bad. I don't do that as much now, of course my brother is still doing the same thing since freshman year. Now it's our last year of high school. I would say I'm more of the smarter brother and my brother is more of the player. Of course my mom doesn't do much about it, she gets upset every once in a while but she just gave up. Now my brother gets tattoos, and goes to party's almost every week. He's not that stupid but he tries to act stupid in class and in school. He always bringing home good grades just like me. I guess he just tries to hid the real Justin, but I guess he has his reason. 

I'm really stoked for this year because I plan to go to college and get the dream job I always wanted to have. It's been a pretty good start so far for me. I met this girl named Maple. She's really pretty, and doesn't say much really. I got to know her better this year. She's in most of my classes so I get to talk to her. She always seems a little shy sometimes. She also hates my brother too. I don't know why because she never told me yet. We aren't good friends yet but were getting there. It's funny because Justin my brother use to like her in junior high, but after a while that shipped sailed, I think. I only knew who she was because Justin would tell me about her and she use to hang out with the most popular girl in school Brittney. She's a bitch, and she's dating my older brother. I personally hate whenever she comes over because she's so fucking annoying and rude. I  use to like Brittney in junior high. Weird, I know. But after finding out what she was really like made me just hate her. I started to like Maple more, but I could never find her in school because it was so big. I didn't have a major crush on her but I thought she was cute and stuff. 

I talk to her more now. I get to learn more about her everyday in school. She also swim's, which I didn't know till she told me. I feel like I'm just falling for her. I've never fell in love before so I'm not sure if its just another meet and fuck type of thing. But I feel she's to innocent to do that, which is really cute. In Math I would make little faces to her and she would giggle, because it was so boring in that class honestly. I loved to hear her laugh.

Today in English we got this big project. Me and Maple were going to be partner but I guess Mrs. Wilson assigned partners. I was bummed because I don't get to spend as much time with her now. Instead I get stuck with Maddie, she isn't that bright. No offense. Maple got stuck with my brother and I know how much she hates him. She even tried to ask Mrs. Wilson if she could switch partners but she didn't let her. I saw how upset she was, it was kinda of cute when she gets upset. The bell rings and Maple packs up her stuff quickly leaves. I try to stop her before she goes to lunch so I can talk to her. I grab her arm gently to get her attention.

"Sorry you had to be paired up with my brother." I said. 

"It's ok Nick not your fault." She said smiling at me. She bit down on her bottom lip. It was a major turn on for me.

"Ok then I'll see you later then." I said smiling then waved goodbye. I'm thinking about asking her to go to lunch with me sometime. I can never figure out where she goes for lunch sometimes. We have off campus lunch, so most kids drive to lunch and make it back in time for class. 

Just the thought of Maple wants me to get to know her better. I wonder if she likes me? Well I guess I'm going to have to find out then.





Maple's POV:


"Maria!" I squealed. 

"Maple!" She squealed in return. 

"I hate how I don't have as many classes with you except for Science." I said disappointed. 

"I know babe it's so sad that this year we don't." She said in return. "But at least after this we go to college and move in together!" She said excited. 

"I know!!! I'm so stoked for that too!" I said hugging her as were walking to her car for lunch. Maria is just so beautiful. I always say she's prettier than me. But she refuses to say that she is and always says I am even though I'm not. She has dirty blond hair and hazel eyes that are just to dye for and tan skin just like me sort of. She is like the perfect size too! I however have just a caramel color hair and blue eyes, and I'm about the size of her so we can share clothes all the time! I'm a little darker than her. She always tells me how she want's to be my tan, but in all reality she's pretty close to my tan. She tells me how lucky I am to have blue eyes and brown eyes with perfect tan skin, but I could care less because I always felt different. Being pretty at our school felt like you had to be as skinny as a toothpick and you had blond hair and either brown eyes or blue. If you didn't look that then you weren't pretty I guess. I guess you can tell my lack of confidence is pretty low. I've never accepted myself because I never thought I was pretty.  But oh well, right?

"Oh my gosh Maria!! I forgot I need to tell you something urgent!!" I squealed excitedly. 

"Tell me Maple!" She said smiling. 

"Ok you know that kid named Nick?!" I asked excited. 

"Yeah you mean Justin's brother?" She giggled because she knew how much I hated him now. 

"Yes him." I said rolling my eyes then laughing after. 

"Yeah so what about this Nick kid?" She asked curious. 

"Well I think I like him." I said biting down on my bottom lip. 

"Ooooh Maple's got a crush on Nick!!" She says hitting my arm while driving. I blush at what she says. 

"Pay attention to the rode silly! And yeah I like him, but I doubt he likes me." I said. 

"Oh my god Maple, why do you say that?!" She asked frustrated with me. 

"Say what?" I asked stupidly even though I knew what she was talking about. 

"Your always saying how your ugly and all that. When really any guy would die to be with you. Your fucking gorgeous!" She said. 

"Well how I have that lack of confidence because of that bitch troll Brittney. And if I was so damn beautiful how come I've never had a boyfriend?!" I asked.

"Ugh don't even talk about her she annoys the fuck out of me. And Maple just because you've never had a boyfriend doesn't make you ugly, ok?" She said as we pulled up to some restaurant finally. We decide to go through the drive through since we didn't feel like getting out.

"That's what you say because you get boyfriends all the time." I said sad because I knew it was true. She sighs. 

"Maple maybe god is just saving the right one for you. You just need to blossom so you can get out there and find him." She smiled and rubbed my back. 

"Well I hope he comes soon because I'm getting tired of waiting and feeling lonely all the time." I said. 

"I assure you he will come eventually." She said. "Now what do you want?" She asked. 

"If I eat I'll get fat." I said laughing then rubbed my stomach. 

"Oh shut up Maple your nothing close to being fat at all. Now what do you want?" She asked smiling. 

"I'll just get some fries and a shake, and I'll pay." I said smiling.

"No it's my treat babe." She said then smiled. We pulled up to the first window. "Can I get two shakes and two fries please." She asked. 

"Ok will that be all for you guys today?" The cashier asked. 

"Yes." Maria said. 

"Ok that will be $8.50 please." The cashier said. Maria pulls out a ten and hands it to her. "Here's your change miss. Your food is at the next window, have a nice day." The lady said. 

"Thanks!" Maria said. We pull up to the next window and grab our shakes and fries. Yummm! I start to eat my unhealthy lunch and enjoy every part of it. "So how many classes do you have with this kid?" Maria asked through mouthfuls of food. I laughed at her trying to talk and she hits me in the arm. 

"Well I have like three classes with him. He makes these funny faces to me during math. He smiles when I laugh at him." I tell her while eating my fries. 

"Well it sounds like this kid actually might like you." She said winking at me.

"Haha I wish!" I said laughing. 

"Pssh be quiet Maple and just accept that he actually might like you!" She said hitting my arm playfully. 

"Fineee." I said. We had our windows down and jamming out to the radio in the car. Me and Maria like to dance and sing to the songs that come on. Were weird like that. "Call me maybe" came on, me and Maria started singing our hearts out. We got weird looks occasionally while we were driving or when we stopped at the stoplight, but we didn't care. After that song ended "Runaway Love" by no other then Justin himself came on. Me and Maria usually sing to any song on the radio but I really didn't like him. I stopped singing and crossed my arms while Maria continued to sing loud enough for everyone. She looked at me and punched my arm. 

"Come on babe! I know you don't like him but this is still a good song, beside this one has Kayne West in it!" She said smiling. "Come on!" She said punching my arm till I said something. 

"Fine! I'll sing this one time to this song." I said smiling. Curse the fact that Maria can always get me to do anything, I hate to see her unhappy. I start to sing along to the song. Yes I did surprisingly now the lyrics to the song.

"Yeah there you go!" She said singing along to the song too. I just smiled and began to sing with her like two stupid idiots. We both started to dance to the song a little when we pulled up to the stoplight. The light felt like it was taking forever but then again there was a lot of traffic. I didn't notice but this really nice looking car pulled up next to us. I ignored it like most of the other cars that pulled up to us and looked at us funny. I heard the guy began to chuckle next to us in his car. That's what most of them did. I looked over to see who the guy was. My mouth dropped open, I took another look to make sure what I was seeing was right. Maria noticed I stopped singing and looked to see what was up. 

"That was some lovely singing right there. I love that song, it's one of my favorites." He said chuckling and smiling. That voice belonged to the person we were singing to on the radio, Justin... I looked at the light and it finally turned green. 

"Go, Go, Go!!" I yelled to Maria trying to get away from him. "Roll up the window please." I said to her. Holy shit. 

"Well that was interesting." Maria said. Great he'll probably tell all his little friends about that. Or he'll tell the bitch troll Brittney and just make it a living hell for me. 

"Great now I'll probably get shit for that. And I have class with that loser!" I said upset. 

"Don't worry Maple he won't do that." She said

"How can you be so sure?" I asked.

"Because I'll beat the shit out of him for you." She said to me laughing. 

"Ok Maria, whatever you say." I said now laughing. 

"One more year Maple." She said and smiled. I smiled back and starred through the window. We pulled up to the parking lot of our school. We had at least 5 minutes to get to class. I said my goodbye's to Maria and told her that I see her later. She kept telling me to not to worry about Justin and all that, but I honestly couldn't stop thinking about it. The worse part is I have class with him and his two best friends are also in there too. I feel like I'm just going to get humiliated. I began to bit down on my bottom lip, and start to twirl my hair. I walked in and found my seat. Justin wasn't in there yet.

 Moments later Justin shows up, minutes before the bell is about to ring. This is going to be interesting...

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