~Justin Bieber Fan Fiction~
Maple thought everything was just amazing in Junior High, but when she got to High School, it ended up being a living hell. It's now her last year of High school. She's 18 now and a senior at Hollywood High School, which is located in L.A. (Yes that's a real place) It's always constant battle for her at school. She comes across a couple people who she never thought would be a part of her life.


7. Playing Dirty





Did I ever tell you how much I hate history? Well I let you in on a little secret then. I. Hate. History. I totally don’t give to fucks about this shit. Well technically it’s not “history”. I’m actually taking government this semester, but I just refer to calling it history because it’s simpler I guess.

To tell you the truth being a senior can really suck, like a lot. There is so much shit to worry about, sometimes I just feel like saying fuck it, and give up already. But that would just be a waste of time on my part. So I don’t plan on giving up that easy. I’m weird like that.

However, history (aka government) is like a living hell for me most of the time. You want to know why? Because of the shit head named Justin fucking Bieber, and his little friends happen to be in the same class as me right now. Lovely isn’t it? Wrong.

Apparently after Justin and I’s little argument at his house yesterday he invited over that whore (aka Brittney). Well that’s what Nick told me at least. Justin was just straight up being a manwhore, and he was acting childish. Like really? As soon as I leave he invites that good for nothing bitch over! I don’t know why it enraged me to hear that from Nick, but it did. I didn’t want to put much thought into it so I just ignored it.

Unfortunately, Justin thought it would be funny to annoy me all day. I had a feeling it had to do with yesterday. I mean he usually annoys me all the time, but today he just seemed to make my day a living hell. For example, Justin and his so called “play toy” decided to make out all over my locker. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to spray down my locker with some disinfectant to rid the STD’s that are all spread over my locker.

On top of it in the hallways he thought it would be funny to trip me multiple times. No not once, but let’s just say about five times. At lunch was when those “incidents” happened. I so happened to have food in my hands at that time. I think you could tell where it went from there. Luckily Maria had an extra t-shirt in her locker. The worst part would have to be when everyone started cracking up about the whole scene.

That doesn’t top off the fact he got me another detention because he kept annoying the hell out of me in class, and I had a little outburst about it. And here I am now in government with Justin throwing stuff at the back of my head, and poking me repeatedly. Let’s just say I’ve had a pretty shitty day so far.

I’ve been trying to ignore him for the past half an hour, but it really was starting to eat at my nerves right now. I was probably about five seconds away from turning around and lunging at the asshole and strangling him half to death. Violent, I know. You would understand if you were in the same position as me trust me.

Luckily Mr. Pierce caught on to Justin repetitive ways, and told him to knock it off. For once I was on the same page as Mr. Pierce for once. I don’t think I could have lasted any more of that torture.

At last the bell finally rang signaling that class was over. I quickly gathered my materials, and rushed out of the classroom. I didn’t want to be in there anymore than I needed too. Besides I wanted to avoid Justin from any other further attacks. I made sure not to stop, and chat with anyone else on the way.

When I finally reached the sanctuary of my class, I plopped myself down in my seat. Only a couple seconds after I arrived I saw Nick, and Maria walk in. Immediately I made eye contact with Nick, and my heart fluttered just at the mere sight of him. My cheeks turned probably a crimson red. Then I saw that amazing smile he has flash towards my way. It only made my heart skip faster at the sight. God he just stopped every train of thought happening inside of my head.

“Hey Maple.” He said smiling to me.

“Hey.” I croaked. I’m so fucking stupid sometimes. My hands began to sweat at the sudden embarrassment of my voice, and my cheeks began to turn redder if that was even possible.

“How’s it going? Maria here was telling me that Justin has been making your life a living hell right now.” He said sounding concerned. It made me heart rate increase.

I cleared my throat before talking this time. “Yeah…” I said before continuing on. “I think it might have to do with our argument from yesterday.”

“Well that’s pretty fucked up if you ask me.” He sneered. “No guy should treat you like that over an argument Maple.”

“There isn’t much I can do about it Nick.” I frowned a little. There really isn’t a solution to this problem other than to ignore it.

“Well I’m going to have a talk with him okay?” He said before putting his hand on my shoulder. My heart immediately accelerated at the mere touch of his hand. Nick was fucking touching my shoulder!! Holy shit!

“Thanks.” I squeaked. I probably sounded like a retard right there. How do I always manage to embarrass myself in front of him? I turn to see Maria wriggling her eyebrows at the both of us. I immediately roll my eyes at her gesture.

“Alright class you have lab tomorrow, so you’re going to need to prepare for it today.” Mr. Reagan announced. Nick retracted his hand from my shoulder, and the heat that was there vanished immediately. I frowned a little in disappointment to the retraction of his hand, but if he kept it any longer I probably would have become uncomfortable.

Class continued on as Mr. Reagan droned on about the procedures, and how we needed to read the instructions. Most of the time kids will never read them, and some accident ends up happening. So Mr. Reagan is always drilling it in our brains to read them because he can’t afford for us to break anymore of his stuff.

About an hour later the final bell rang signaling that it was the end of the day. Well at least for school that is. I slowly made my way out the door, and waited till Maria was out. I was kind of hoping Nick would stop, and talk some more. Just the thought of him talking to me brought excitement.

Finally I saw Nick submerge first with Maria following slowly behind. Nick was the first to glance at me sending my heart at a fast tempo.

“Hey Maria I’ll make sure to clean this shirt, and give it back to you tomorrow.” I said.

“Don’t worry about Maple. Get it back to me whenever you can.” She smiled back.

“Thanks.” I replied before continuing on. “I wouldn’t have had to ask you if it weren’t for that asshole.” Beside me I could hear Nick snickering. I chuckled softly with him. At least someone else agrees with me.

“Speak of the devil.” Maria sneered as soon as we entered the parking lot. There he was leaning up against his car with Brittney wrapped around his body like a fucking blanket. They were in a full make out session from what I could see. I couldn’t help but make the gagging noises to show my displeasure of seeing something that horrid.

“Do they know what the meaning of ‘get a room’ means?” I questioned repulsed by their actions.

“Apparently not.” Nick spoke up before opening his mouth again to talk. “Hey Maple…” He said scratching the back of his head. I could tell he was nervous just by that action. Something Justin always did too.

“Hmm.” I managed to get across my lips as I payed my attention to the scene in the parking lot. I really don’t know why I was watching them. It really was disgusting to see them get it on in the parking lot, but a part of me couldn’t stop staring at the scene unfolding.

“I was wondering if you wanted to u-umm come to the party this Friday?” He said nervously. I turned my focus back to Nick before answering back to his question. Nick fucking Birmingham just asked me if I was going to the party Friday night. I honestly didn’t know what party he was talking about, but he fucking asked me so that’s all that matters. I felt like I could have passed out at any moment. And yes both him, and Justin have different last names because they have different dads. Just for the heads up.

That’s when it clicked in my head. I have never in my whole life have been to a party. Maria has always tried to drag me to one, but I always refused. I was scared of them. At least from hearing all the stories I’ve heard at school. And I was just too awkward to be at a party. I would never know what to do if I went to one.

“Oh u-umm I haven’t…” I wasn’t able to finish that sentence because Maria beat me to it.

“She’d be glad to go.” She beamed. I turned towards Maria gaping at her response. Who does she think I am? I stay at home on my weekends, and read fucking books! I don’t go to parties.

“Close your mouth.” She hissed quietly to me. I didn’t realize I was still gaping until she pointed it out. I was still in shock from the whole thing.

“Great!” He said relieved.  I could visibly see Nick relax after Maria replied for me. Was he afraid I would reject him?  

“Well I got to get going. I’ll see you around Maple?” He said more as a question than a statement. I nodded my head response because no words could manage to escape my mouth at that moment. He waved before walking away. I gave him a weak wave back.

Then something hit me. No literally someone hit me upside the head.

“Oww.” I frowned rubbing the side of my head.

“You idiot. You almost gave that poor boy a heart attack. He thought you would say no.” She scowled.

“Well I was…” I wasn’t able to finish before Maria hit me upside the head again.

“Ow! Would you stop fucking doing that!” I hissed.

“Maple you never turn down an invitation to party… especially if it’s coming from Nick.” She scolded.

“Well I’ve never been to a party.” I replied. “I just don’t like the atmosphere of them, and they are scary.”

“Maple you need to grow some lady balls, and get use to it because where going to that party no matter what.” She said. “Besides you’ve always denied my chances of bringing you to one. So that’s your fault.” She smirked.

I inwardly groaned. Why me? I had every right to turn down his request. I would of preferred maybe a movie, or some bowling, but no I have to go to a party!

“Now I’ll get to dress you up all sexy for him.” She squealed as we reached out cars. I groaned some more at the censorship of my own friend.

“Dear God Maria will you keep it down.” I hissed. “I really don’t want to attract attention.”

“Oh shut up. I know you enjoy the attention.” She giggled.

“What a great friend I have.” I said biting on my lip to hide the upcoming smile.

“The best!” She gushed. “Anyways you’re coming to my house on Friday. Got it?” She said pointing a finger directly at me.

“It’s rude to point.” I said cheekily.

“Did you hear what I said?” She scowled.

“Yes mother.” I smiled.

“Great! I’ll see you later then bud.” She replied before giving me a bone crushing hug.

“C-can’t b-breathe.” I said gasping for air.

“Sorry.” She said before climbing inside her car. The roar from the car sounding around the parking lot before she pulled out and drove off. I went to my car before seeing a sticky note stuck to the side of my window.

It read. ‘Call me if you ever get into a sticky situation. –Justin’

What the fuck does that mean? I swear I will kill that fool. I tore the note off, and crumpled the note before throwing it to the ground. He must think he’s so fucking funny. I grabbed for my door handle only to feel a wet sticky substance underneath the handle.

I instantly shrieked at the realization that I just touched gum that was already chewed. Meaning it most likely was in Justin’s mouth. Also meaning he’s the one that decided to put that there. There wasn’t just one, but four pieces stuck underneath the handle. This will take forever to get off! And it’s on my nice car!

I could hear the loud up roar of chuckles escaping from Justin's mouth. I immediately made eye contact with him sending him my most deathly glare. If that was even possible.

God I’m going to kill that son of a bitch. Game fucking on Bieber. Game. Fucking. On.





Author Note:


So just a heads up, but I changed all these books to mature content because I think some people weren’t able to read it. I think? Anyways there will still be explicit scenes on here so if you don’t feel comfortable reading that or seeing that then you should stop reading this book. I don’t want someone complaining about it, and then I have to change it back to Rated R again. I don’t want to have to do that. Anyways enjoy the update, and don’t forget to read my other Movella’s. Also VOTE, COMMENT, LIKE, and FAVORITE! I need your guys input on my stories!!!



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