~Justin Bieber Fan Fiction~
Maple thought everything was just amazing in Junior High, but when she got to High School, it ended up being a living hell. It's now her last year of High school. She's 18 now and a senior at Hollywood High School, which is located in L.A. (Yes that's a real place) It's always constant battle for her at school. She comes across a couple people who she never thought would be a part of her life.


6. Deal with it


Justin's POV: 



I couldn't stop laughing inside my head about earlier with Maple and Nick. I knew Nick was going to ask Maple something important. I ruined his chances to ask her anything at the moment. Nice try brother. It was funny because Maple got so pissed off. 

When Nick had finally left us I couldn't help but stare at Maple a little bit. She had those perfect curves, and her facial features. She was a fine ass girl. I'd so fuck her in heartbeat. A man can only dream though. 

When we walked into detention she sat where she was surrounded by other students. I see how it is Maple. I guess she doesn't understand my charms and magic. I flirted with this girl in front of her to move. And of course it worked like all the other times I've done this. 

Maple wasn't pleased with the arrangement. But hey I can't keep away from her; she just keeps me on my toes sometimes. There's always that edge she has to her. She's different, and she doesn't drool over me like other girls. I'm not use to that at all. 

It throws my game off a lot. I can't get to her as close as the other girls. The thing is I like this game, it's different. Instead of the usual plan. Flirt with the girl, take her home or something, do it with her and stop talking to her the next day. Lots of heartbreaks, but who cares? Not me. 

Life goes on and I'll never talk to those girls or remember them. It's simple. But it gets boring after a while. That's why I enjoy this little game, or whatever the fuck it is. It's interesting, and enticing. I was pulled out of my thoughts when I felt something get pushed into my back lightly.  

I turn around to see Maple with the sign in sheet for detention. She gives me a disgusted look. I give her my simple sarcastic smile. I knew how much she hated that when I did it.

"Thanks princess." I say smirking. She rolls her eyes and leans back in her chair, crossing her arms across her chest. 

"Don't call me that." She says irritated.

"Shh!" The staff member says glaring at us. We aren't "supposed" to talk in class, but then again who he plays by the rules. Well Maple plays by the rules most of the time. I snicker at it. We got Mrs. goodie to-shoes behind me. In fact I don't think she's done anything bad. But you never know a good girl could be a total freak at home. Wonder what she's like in bed.  

I finish signing the sign in sheet and hand it to some other students who haven't filled it out. I turn my body towards Maple. She's in her own little world right now. I see her drawing some little sketch's on her notebook. They were actually pretty good. They weren't like little stick figure drawings. They were more like Pablo Picasso's drawings. Well around there. 

"Those are some good drawings you got there." I said whispering to her. She looks up meeting my eyes then looks back down at her notepad and continues her little drawing session. 

"Thanks I guess..." She says sounding exasperated. I continue to watch her draw this little girl on her notepad. She caught me staring at her artwork. She then proceeds to move her notebook away from me. Making it impossible to see it unless I leaned over her shoulder more. I sigh in defeat. 

Man I hate detention. It's so fucking boring. I get an idea and pull out a piece of paper and a simple writing utensil. I start to write a little simple message to Maple. "Aye(:" Seems simple enough. I fold the paper in half and slide it on Maple's desk. 

She doesn't see it at first because she's so focused on her drawing. I scoot it closer to her, then see her glance up from her artwork and glares at me. She glances at the note on her desk and shoves it back to me. I push it back to her, and turn back around in my seat. I sit there and wait till she responds back to me.

I see the note fly past my head and land on top of my desk. I pick up the note and unfold it. I chuckle softly to myself when I see what she wrote me "Do you not understand what "Leave me alone is?" I write a response quickly back to her. 

"Sadly I can't leave you alone." I wrote before chucking it back to her. I hear her unfold the paper and write something in response. She tosses it over my shoulder and lands on my desk again. 

"What you mean "you can't leave me alone?!" She wrote in response. I started to write my response but I was interrupted by the bell ringing for dismal. I turn around and see Maple scurry out of the class quickly. I pick up my bag and walk out quickly so I can catch up with her. I see her head for the parking lot. 

"Yo Maple wait up!" I shout out to her. I see her turn her head towards me and keep walking away. Man she can be a pain in the butt sometimes. I roll my eyes and start to jog over to her. I reach her and keep up with her long strides.

"Do you ever stop talking to me?" She said hissing at me. 

"No actually sweetheart I don't." I said grinning at her. I notice her jaw tighten. She stops abruptly. 

"Stop fucking calling me that." She almost shouts out to me. I chuckle at her outburst. "What's so funny?" She asks pissed off. 

"Oh nothing. You just look so cute when you get upset." I said smirking at her. 

"Shut up." She says rolling her eyes and continues to walk. I follow next to her, knowing I pissed her off more.

"Aren't we supposed to be going to my house to work on that project together?" I asked grinning. 

"Well I changed my mind. I'm going home." She said before she stopped and sat on the bench in front of the school. Her eyes wandered around the parking lot. It looked like she was looking for someone. Maybe for a ride or something.

"I don't think that's a good idea." I said sitting next to her now. "Besides it looks like you might need a ride." I said smirking. I lean back and prop my hands behind my head. She looks up at me glares before turning her attention back to the parking lot. 

"Yeah well I rather walk to your house then ride with you." She said agitated. 

I chuckle. "I'm not that bad of a driver." I said. 

"Whatever." She says rolling her eyes. Sassy much. I see her pull out her phone and look through it. 

"Suit yourself. Good luck trying to find it." I said smiling sarcastically. She has no clue where I live anyways. I get up from the bench and begin to walk towards my car. I know she'll want a ride. She's not going to walk all the way to our house. 

I open the door and get into my car. I check the passenger door to make sure no one is waiting there, like Maple. I start the car, and the engine purrs to life. I reverse out my parking places and drive up to where Maple is. She has her arms crossed over her chest. I roll down the window. 

"Sure about that ride?" I asked smirking. 

"Yeah I'm pretty fucking sure about it." She said with attitude. Looking back down at her phone pretending to do something.

"Don't need to be so sassy."I said chuckling. Then I thought of an idea. I hated the idea but it was the only thing I could think of. "You'll get to see my brother Maple." I said sighing. Her head swung up and her gaze met mine. I turned my head so it was facing the windshield. "Are you coming or not?" I said gritting my teeth. 

"Shut up and drive Bieber." She said climbing in. I knew it would work eventually. What does she even see in my brother? I blow off the thought and drive off, away from the school. We sit in the car in complete silence the whole way there. 

We arrive to my house. I see her gawk at the size of our house. I smirk at her expression. "Like it?" I said grinning. She looks at me then back at the house. She doesn't say a word.

I walked inside first. It was quiet as usual. It was just me and my brother in my house. My mom and my little bro and sis all lived in a different house. My mom came all the time and visited us. Well she doesn't live that far away from us anyways. 

I really didn't like the idea of living with my parents since I'm already 18 now. I enjoyed it when I was younger but now I'm grown up. Besides I can bring home girls more often in my own house, without my mom yelling at me as much. 

"Why do you live in such a big ass house?" Maple asked pulling me out of my thoughts. We were walking up the stairs now to the small office room.

"Because I can." I said sneering at her. What does she expect? I'm teen pop sensation Justin Bieber! 

"Ok then." She said. "Selfish much..." She mumbled to herself, but I picked it up. 

 "What was that?" I said clenching my teeth. 

"Oh nothing." She said and rolling her eyes again. Now it was my turn to glare at her. 

"Bitch..." I mumble under my breath. We get to the small office room and open the door with Maple trailing behind me. I walk over to my desk where a Mac was placed on top of the wooden desk. I booted up the system and pulled another chair out for Maple, and place it next to mine. 

I pat the seat now next to me. She does her usual glare at me. "Do I have to sit right next to you?" She spat. 

"Well unless you want to sit on the floor and do the project by yourself, then sure?" I said grinning ear to ear. She only continued her deadly glare, but it didn’t scare me. Hmph bitch you can keep doing that but it won’t affect me.

She pulls out the paper for the assignment. The project we have to do involves us working together to create a good debate about school uniforms. God why did we have to be stuck with this subject out of all the other subjects we could have had?! I don’t want to do this shit.

 “I want to go against the topic.” I said flatly not giving her much of a choice.

“What? No! I was going to pick that side.” She said raising her voice.

“Umm no I picked against so you have to pick the opposite.” I said irritated by the fact were arguing about this right now.

“Who said I had to listen to what you say?” She huffed, crossing her arms across her chest.

“No one, but I said…” I wasn't able to finish when she rudely interrupted me.

“And you think your opinion stands superior to my opinion?” She hissed.

“Well yeah.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

“Ha! Well you got another thing coming to you if you think I’ll agree to your opinions.” She said clearly agitated by me. I could care less though.

“Well I don’t think you have much of a choice, because I’m for sure not doing pro.” I said annoyed by her.

“Well then Justin I’m afraid I’m going home then.” She hissed. She sat up from her seat, and began to collect her stuff together. Once she collected all her stuff, she began to walk towards the door.

“Fine with me then… Won’t be my fault if we fail.” I said smirking. She stopped dead in her tracks.

“I could care less right now Justin.” She said while facing the opposite way still. “Besides it’s not due for a while, so I have plenty of time.” She said. I could just practically see the smug look on her face because she thinks she proved me wrong. I was about to say something back only to see her slam the door close leaving the room.

“Fuck.” I hissed under my breath. I hear the distinct laughter and chatter from downstairs. Well go figure, my brother’s home. Great. She’s most likely going to get a ride to her house from him. The thought of my brother makes my blood boil.

I hear the purr of the engine come to life from outside. Yup, I was right. In fact the thought of my brother with Maple makes me want to punch something. It’s always a fucking competition with him and me. What does she even see in my brother? He’s nothing compared to me. But why does it matter? I don’t even like her…Right? I think someone needs to pay me a visit.

I pick up my phone and dial the number I’ve become so well aware of. I really need to get rid of her. She picks up on the second ring.

“I thought you never called.” She whispered seductively into the phone.

“Yeah, yeah shut up. Meet me at my house in 5 minutes. And remember I don’t like waiting.” I said gritting my teeth. God her voice annoys me.

“Okay baby, I’ll see you then.” She said before I hung up.

I need to get my mind off that stupid girl. She thinks she can just walk away from me like that? She’s got another thing coming if she thinks she can do that. You’re in for it Maple…


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