Soulless (Pompeii)

Katie's beloved town has been acting strange lately. Crime rates are on the rise and violence is all too common now. It's up to her and her friend Darren to find the source of the sudden change and try to stop it. Can they do it? Or will they fail and loose their city to the Soulless?

This is my interpretation of Pompeii by Bastille


1. Soulless

     Nothing but our own heavy breathing was audible in the tunnel. Not even the water streaming down the slick concrete walls could be heard. My breath came out in short little puffs and I was sure my nerves were going to be the reason we were discovered. I hadn’t been nervous while making these wild plans, but it seemed as if my confidence had been locked outside when we were sealed in. My heart was pounding uncontrollably and apparently even Darren felt it, because his hand moved forward and grasped mine firmly. I took a deep breath.

     A few months ago, our small town had a major increase in the crime rate and it just kept rising. The mention of a person being assaulted or murdered didn’t have a big effect on people any longer and the citizens simply began accepting crime and violence instead of trying to stop it.

     Luckily, a small group from the local sheriff’s office decided that enough was enough and they sought out the source of all this barbaric violence. Though, after weeks of searching and questioning people, they’re mission seemed hopeless. No one appeared to know how or why the sudden change had occurred. Then, a month or two had passed, and the police station started receiving reports of ‘black-eyed demons’ killing and kidnapping people, so again began the hunt.

     Sightings of these dark-eyed criminals now named the ‘Soulless’ were becoming more and more frequent and authorities were tired of rummaging case through case, looking for any type of connections between the offenses. Even with this major lead in the investigations, law officials remained clueless as to where to find the Soulless.

     A couple of nights ago an answer was finally found, but not in the way everyone had intended to find it. At exactly six o’clock in the afternoon, all televisions, radios, cellphone towers and power lines were cut off and our town was left in unfamiliar darkness. An hour later, a foreign call rang through the streets of the city. Those who did not cover their ears were taken over. Their souls were sucked from their eyes and their bodies stayed behind as hollow beings, wandering the streets.

     At night is when they all came out; they searched for those remaining few that hadn’t been transformed. So daytime was the only time those still alive could sleep and prepare things for that night. After many nights and attacks, only a handful of us were left and we knew that if we did not do something soon, we’d loose to the Soulless.

     That is the reason we found ourselves in our current situation. We’d done research and gone through all of the soulless attacks and it seemed that they had a harder time taking the spirits of those who were younger. Out of the survivors, Darren and I were the youngest and strongest, so even though we were merely teenagers, we were chosen to carry out the mission of slaughtering the leader of the Soulless. We weren’t sure if killing him was going to fix any of the citizens, but it would at least eliminate their source of strength and make them easier to defeat. The Soulless center of power was located underneath the city in the sewers, where it was always night, and so that’s where Darren and I were forced to enter.

     All the possible exits had been sealed off so none of the Soulless could escape, but that also meant that we were trapped. Unless we managed to kill and eliminate the main players, we’d lose to the monsters.

     “Are you okay?” Darren whispered, squeezing my hand. I nodded.

     “I’m fine. Let’s go.”

     “Don’t worry, I got your back. We’re in this together.” He murmured, smiling slightly.

     I took a step forward, my foot splashing in the shallow sewage water, and Darren cringed. We were going to make too much noise. If we didn’t find a way to move quieter, our plan of sneaking up on them wasn’t going to work.

     “Katie,” Darren said in a hushed voice. “Let’s walk along the side, I think it’s higher up than the water.” Slowly, I moved towards the edge of the tunnel, taking light careful steps. He’d been right about the ledge.

     Cautiously, Darren stepped onto it and pulled me up next to him. He took the lead, for which I was grateful, and slid sideways along the damp walls. The tube seemed eternal and ended in complete darkness.

     Feeling more anxious than ever, I followed him, my concentration fully focused on not slipping. If I did fall, then we’d be found and killed for sure.

     My shirt was sticking to my back due to the water on the walls and the knife I had in my waistband was beginning to prod me uncomfortably. Just when I was about to step down from exhaustion, the shaft ended and opened into a big room.

     I exhaled with relief and was about to say something when suddenly, Darren’s hand closed over my mouth and he pulled me back inside, against the wall of the tunnel. He motioned for me to be quiet and then peeked out quickly. Voices echoed in the big room and I gulped.

     “What time is it?” someone asked, sounding eager.

     “High noon. We can’t go out for another eight or nine hours,” answered a female voice.

     The people slowly walked across the room. Then, one of the strangers turned on a light, illuminating the space. I could hear Darren’s heavy breathing and was sure mine was just as loud.

     “Alright then, let’s just sweep the tunnels and be done so we can eat.”

     Footsteps sounded and the two began walking towards us. As the steps got louder, my heart pounded harder. We were stuck with nowhere to go; we were surely going to get killed.

     Darren turned sharply and pushed me back against the wall. I fell into a crevice in the concrete, bumping my arm.

     “Hey, why–”

     I stopped as he stepped off the ledge and into full view of whoever was in the other room. One of the strangers growled and the sound of metal being unsheathed ricocheted off the walls. Darren charged forward and I gasped.

     I saw nothing, but I could hear the sounds of the fight. Someone was hit multiple times and then an inhuman shrill cry emitted from the room. I flinched at the noise, but I couldn’t find it in myself to move and join the fight.

     “One down...” said a familiar voice. I relaxed a little, knowing Darren was okay. I cursed myself for being a coward.

     My foot lifted to step down off the ledge and a boom erupted through the air. It was a gunshot. But, Darren hadn’t been carrying a gun...

     I retreated back into safety, covering my mouth so that my feelings of anguish wouldn’t escape.

     “He was a lousy partner anyway,” whispered the earlier female voice. “I’d better go tell them that there might be more humans lurking.” She walked away quickly, leaving nothing but silence.

     Tears streamed from my eyes and down my cheek. I made no move to swipe them away though. Hesitantly, I moved out of the crevice and stepped down into the water, making a small splash.

     When I looked into the room, I couldn’t help my reaction. The tears increased in flow and my heart dropped into my stomach as I ran towards Darren. He was lying face up on the ground in a pool of dark blood. I stopped a couple of steps away from him and saw that his once cheerful eyes were completely black. Darren was gone.

     There was a hole in his chest where he’d been shot; his knife, still gripped in his hand. He’d fought them both by himself and I'd just stood there and let him die. Now I was alone. No one had my back anymore...

     After I closed his eyes and took the knife, Darren almost looked normal again. But, I knew he wasn’t and it was my fault. I didn’t even glance at the creature lying next to him as I left.

     I was going to get revenge for Darren. Revenge for everyone we’d lost.



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