Soulless (Pompeii)

Katie's beloved town has been acting strange lately. Crime rates are on the rise and violence is all too common now. It's up to her and her friend Darren to find the source of the sudden change and try to stop it. Can they do it? Or will they fail and loose their city to the Soulless?

This is my interpretation of Pompeii by Bastille


2. Soulless Miko

     The room separated into many more different tunnels and I chose one of the larger ones. There was a faint light at the end of the shaft so I knew I’d run into someone sooner or later. I had to make it to the center of the Soulless’ hideout, where their main source of power was located.

     I was running on pure optimism. Everything inside me was coming apart slowly. I’d been nervous before but now it was a whole new level of uncertainty. A sudden voice snapped me back to reality and I stopped walking.

     “Now, where did you come from?”

     Someone stepped forward out of the shadows into the dim light and chuckled. I squinted and could make out the shape of a tall guy. He was an original Soulless, not a turned human and he wasn't much older than I was.

     “What did you find Miko?” another voice said from behind him. A smaller man came out from the darkness. They both looked me over with opaque eyes.

     “A human,” muttered the smaller one. “I guess Mary hadn’t been lying when she said she'd killed one down here.”

     I swallowed hard, taking a step back. Miko smiled, pulling something from his waistband.

     “Come on Miko. Let me do it. I don’t like the use of all these guns nowadays,” The other complained. Miko frowned and shrugged; he put the gun away.

     “Very well Adrian.”

     The man advanced towards me and I pulled Darren’s knife. Adrian smirked and pounced, punching me in the stomach. I doubled over, but brought the blade down, making contact. It pierced his skin and made a deep cut in his shoulder.

     Adrian backed up a little, holding his arm. He growled and came for me again, this time landing a kick almost in the same spot. I stumbled and he took the opportunity to punch me again, hitting my face. My teeth grinded together and I felt the pain explode in my jaw. I’d gotten caught up in the moment and run into something way too difficult for me to handle. I couldn’t do this. Not by myself.

     Another kick to the back of my leg made me fall forward and I dropped the knife on the ground. Quickly, my hand reached out to grab it and I felt Adrian’s foot connect with my neck. I struggled to breathe as I fell.

     “That was too easy,” he said, sounding a little disappointed. I choked on the air that I breathed in and closed my eyes to try and relax. Breathe... Breathe...

     A sense of deja vu swept over me. I’d said that same word repeatedly to myself the night my parents had died at the hands of the Soulless. I’d been in this same situation before; I was alone and scared. It seemed like my life was over. But, I needed to relax so I’d live to make my next move. Even if it looked like the end, I had to keep hoping there was more.

     My eyes opened slightly and Adrian’s face came into view. He was crouched down in front of me, smiling. I coughed once more and finally felt my airways opening. Inconspicuously, my arm moved to my back and my fingers slowly closed around the handle of my knife. Luckily it hadn’t fallen out before.

     “Any last words?” he asked. I smiled slightly, causing a look of confusion on his face.

     With a speed I didn’t realize I’d possessed, the knife came from behind my body and embedded itself in Adrian’s chest. It went in all the way to the hilt and then I pulled it out viciously.

     His black eyes opened in surprise and his mouth formed a small ‘o’ as he clutched at his chest with one hand, trying to stop the blood. Adrian looked up at me once more before falling back onto one of his elbows. He opened his mouth to say something, but all that trickled out was a stream of red. He died quickly, but his eyes remained open, seeing nothing.

     I sat up, massaging my neck where it had been hurt and wiping the knife on my jeans. I’d done it! All on my...

     “Quite a show if I must say.”

     All my newly found pride and optimism was shot into the ground as I realized that Miko still remained. My head lifted to meet his dreadful gaze. He reached into his pocket once again.

     “Now, if you’d please come with me,” he said formally, his voice holding no sadness for his dead friend. Miko aimed the gun at me and motioned for me to get up.


     “Did you come here for me?” asked the tall man at the end of the table. His voice was deep and fierce like his eyes. They were completely black as were all the others in the room, but his held more depth and power. He was the leader: the power source for all the Soulless.

     Hesitantly, I nodded. Laugher bounced off the walls, all of it directed towards me. From behind, I could hear Miko chuckling as well.

     “You are very amusing, child. From what I gather, there aren’t many of you humans left, am I right?” the man said again, taking a giant gulp from his glass. Again, I nodded.

     He smirked.

     “Lovely. Soon, this will be our city!” he announced, raising his glass. Everyone around me cheered, clapping and smiling. I dropped my head to look at the ground. I’d lost...

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