Unread Letters

Timmery Green is Harry Styles' ex-girlfriend. He hurt her, he broke her heart. Then, he regretted it; but too late. He wrote her letters, apologizing and begging for forgiveness. It was the only way he knew how to contact her, because she changed her phone number, she changed everything, to get away from him. He wrote her a letter a day for 60 days until he finally stopped. She never read his letters, she put them all in a box in her closet. A year later, on what would have been their three year anniversary, they bumped into each other. Harry tried to win her back. She decided to give him a chance. Will they fall in love again? Will they try again? Will Timmery finally read the unread letters?


1. Chapter 1

Timmery's POV:



I close the mailbox with a pile of envelopes in hand. I walk back into the house and flip through the pile. Yup, another letter from Harry. I set the rest of the envelopes that are addressed to my mom down on the table and walk to my room. I open my closet and grab a box from the top shelf. I carefully set it on the bed and out in the code to unlock it. I open it and look at the pile of letters, 59 letters, and I set the 60th on top. I carefully close the box and place it back in the corner of the top shelf of my closet.

~End of Flashback~


I shake away the thoughts of the last letter Harry sent me Maybe he moved on, he's probably forgotten about me. That was 10 months ago. We broke up exactly a year ago, on our 2nd year anniversary. Today would be 3 years. I again shake away the thoughts of Harry and walk out of my bedroom. I grab my keys and head to my car. I get in and drive towards our place.


Harry's POV:

I finally get up out of bed and drag myself into the kitchen to find food. "Well, look who's finally out of bed," Niall jokes. "Just for a second," I say. He gives me a puzzled look that soon turns to a look of realization as he says, "Today would have been three years, huh?" I nod sadly and he sits next to me at the kitchen table and says, "Haz, you have to move on. I know how much you loved Timmery, but you have to get over her, mate. What do you say we go do something to get your mind off of her, we have no meetings or concerts today and I'm sure the lads would be happy to." I shake my head. "No, I'm just gonna go to Starbucks and clear my head," I say as I stand up, slip my shoes on, and leave the hotel (we stay in hotels because we're on tour). I begin to walk towards Starbucks, my min flooding with thoughts of Timmery. I think about the 60 letters I sent her, a letter a day for two months until the lads finally convinced me to stop. I just can't help but wonder if she ever thinks about me, if she even remembers what today would be, should be. I'm so lost in thought that I almost don't realize that I've arrived at Starbucks. I walk in the doors and walk to the end of the line, still not paying attention. I'm pulled from my thoughts only when I hear, "Caramel latte please," I swear that's her voice. I must be going crazy, I'm imagining things. I look up and see her mid-back length, strawberry blonde hair. It can't be. Just then, she turns around, putting us face to face. I look into the ocean blue eyes and I'm in shock. It's her, it's Timmery.


A/N: Hey guys! I know it's short but it's just a sneak peak! I'll add more tomorrow for a comment, like, or favorite. Hope you like!(:

xoxo ~AlyJay(: & TaeKay(:

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