Abused Then Adopted (May Edit/On Hold)

Katheryn, Age 5 gets abused. she gets abused by her father. Her mother was killed in a car crash coming home from work one night and the dad cant get over it and blames it on Katheryn.

What happens when the 5 year old runs away? will she get found?
Read and Find out!!


8. The 1D Adoption

Niall's P.O.V

The boys and I are going to adopt. I personally want a boy, Liam wants a girl, same with Zayn and Louis and Harry want boys too. But you know what now that I think of it I am okay with either! As long as they love me I will love them!!

We got to the Adoption center and the lady saw us and asked "How may I help you?" I told her that we were looking for a child aged 6-8 and that id dint matter what gender. After I had told her she walked out of the room and came back with a boy with Dirty-Blonde hair... like mine... also he had blue eyes... like mine... CREEPY!!!! Anyways she also then came out with a girl with Dirty-Blonde hair and brown eyes. The boys wanted me to interview the boy because he looks exactly like me... I don't know he kind of does. But anyways I did and Harry interviewed the Girl.


(A/N: Niall is Bold and Cody is Italics)


"Hello, What is your name?"

"Cody, and you?"

"Niall Horan" *smiles*

"You mean Niall Horan from One Direction?"


"So cool!"

*laughs* "Yes now how old are you Cody?"

"I am 7"

"Okay, well I will go talk to the boys and we will see"

"Okay thank you!" *smiles*

"Your welcome"


I walk to the boys and Harry was still interviewing the girl.


Harry's conversation/ P.O.V                (Harry: Bold Leia: Italics)

I got to interview the girl, I was pretty excited she was cute.


"Hi... Harry Styles?!"


"Wow! You boys are adopting?"

"Yes, Yes we are" *smiles*

"Wow didn't expect that!"

"Yes, So what is your name sweetie?"

"My name is Leia"

"Leia... That's a cool name"

"Thank you Harry, I like yours too!"



"So how old are you Leia?"

"I am 8 years old"

"Okay cool, I will go talk to the boys"


I walk to the boys and it looks like Niall finished before me. We talked and talked and talked for what seemed like an hour but it was only 10mins. But we decided!! We are going to adopt......


CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was sweet and an amazing boy.


A/N: Like it?? I knew you would!!!! They adopted CODY!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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