Change My Mind.

McClaren's life takes an unexpected turn as she discovers that her grandfather has passed away and has to fly out to Ireland to say her last goodbyes, but what happens when she bumps into a blonde haired-blue eyed Irish lad that might just be the reason she changes her mind and stays?


4. Decision.

McClaren's POV

I thought about it for a minute and almost gave into temptation, then I remembered the look my mum gave me and stepped sideways, away from Niall.

"I'm sorry but I can't." I said before turning my back on him.

"What d'you mean you can't?" He asked looking rather hurt and confused.

"I-I can't sleep with you, I'm not that kind of girl." I replied before walking up the stairs and into my room.

I dropped my towel, placed it in the basket and started drying my hair.

After a few minutes I was done, I brushed through my hair once more until I heard my bedroom door opening.

"Listen, I know you want this just as bad as I do, don't tell me you've never done this before." He said as he grabbed my hands, entwining our fingers.

I shook my head 'no' before saying "Actually, I'm a virgin, I don't do this sort of thing, ever."

He looked at me in shock and pulled me close to him.

"You're beautiful, y'know?" He said before leaning in for a kiss.

His soft lips gently brushed mine as I stood there in complete shock.

After a few seconds I wrapped my arms round his neck and kissed him back harder.

His tongue licked my lips awaiting entrance before finding it's way in and entwining it with mine.

He picked me up, wrapping my legs round his waist and placing his hands on my bum.

He began to smile into the kiss as it got more passionate.

He walked over to my bed before gently placing me on it and taking his top and pants off.

"Are you on the pill?" He asked.

I nodded in response, unable to speak.

He unhooked my bra with one hand and took my lace bottoms off with his teeth before taking his boxers off.

"You ready?" He asked as he positioned himself at my entrance.

I nodded at him again.

After we both reached our third climax I heard the front door open..

"Shit, Niall, get in the bathroom and have a shower, someone's here." I whisper-shouted as the footsteps got closer.

He quickly did as he was told as I heard a knock on my door.

"W-who is it?" I asked as I put my dressing gown on and tied it tight round my waist.

"It's me." A male voice replied.

It couldn't possibly be him, right?

Last I heard he was on the opposite site of the world..

There's no way it's him.

I made my way over to the door, slowly unlocked it and cautiously opened it.

It's him, it's really him.


Sorry, I thought I uploaded it last night but I pressed 'Save as draft' by accident :c

~Linds x


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