Twisted Love

Hayley goes to a meet and greet to see Justin Bieber but something about her catches his eye. When they start to fall in love a tragic thing happens....will they be able to work through it or will they just give up ?


8. This Can't Be Real

I know that chapter was crappy but this one is better.



Hayley's POV


Tonesia could see the fear in my eyes and she grabbed my hand heading toward the door. "Going so soon ?" a deep voice that gave me chills down my spine with the sound of it. It had to be Taylor's. I turned my head slightly to look not being able to speak. He was walking toward me with his "boys" behind him. I noticed one of them flashed a gun and told everyone to keep quiet and not to call the cops. 


Just the thought of why he would need to do that scared the shit out of me but I had to hide that fear because if Taylor even noticed a slight piece of it he would take it to his advantage. That can't happen. 


"Leave us the fuck alone Taylor." TT spat noticing me not saying a word. He didn't respond and just kept walking over to me. He grabbed my arm with a REALLY tight grip. That will be a bruise later. "Why are you trying to run, baby?" He whispered in my ear. "I'm not your baby." I spat trying to get even the slightest release on my arm. 


"Leave her the fuck alone and just get out Taylor. She left yo sorry ass for a reason." TT said full of attitude. This is why I love her, haha. Taylor signaled his "boys" and they grabbed her arms and attempted to get her out. You think that worked? No. She is stubborn as hell and just sat down. I was trying not to crack up. 


"So what do you mean you're not MY baby? Don't tell me your whorish self found you a miserable boy." He said. I wanted to punch him in the face so bad but I stuck to what I knew. Being a smart ass. "I did find self a wonderful man actually, thanks for the concern. How is you search for you man going ?" I smirked. "Shut up bitch!" He yelled slamming my head against a cinderblock wall that made up this restaurant. "Anything to say now bitch" He yelled as he lifted my head up by my hair. "Bite. Me." I stated as if I had no pain and had no effect about what just happened. He then bashed my head even more times into the wall. I had no power to stop it. I could barley keep my eyes open but I knew as long as I stayed strong hopefully I would live long enough to see Justin's face again. 



Justin's POV


"I can't wait to see her, bro!" I excitedly told Alfredo. "We all know you have been talking about it ever since you woke up this morning." He laughed. You see I'm going to surprise her with coming home early and your probably wondering why I said home. I know this is gonna cheesy but home is where ever Hayley is. See I told you it was cheesy. 


We finally got to her house and I said goodbye to fredo that dropped me off. I had a bag in my hand because Hayley said I could stay with her instead of getting a hotel. Her mom is surprisingly cool with it. 


I walked up to the front porch while fredo waited in the driveway. He was doing that any case she wasn't home. I knocked on the door and Hayley's mom, Melanie , came to the door. "Oh my goodness ,Justin! You have grown so much! " She said as soon as she saw me. I have met her before if you couldn't tell. She pulled me in for a hug. She looked so much like Hayley it was scary. "I thought you weren't coming here in tell tonight ?" She asked shocked. " I wanted to surprise Hayley" I said cheekily, sightly blushing. " Aw, That's so cute! I wish she was here." She said. Wait, hold up....she's not here?


Apparently my confusion was showing so she continued. "She left not to long ago to go meet up with Tonesia at the frozen yogurt shop down the street. You should go there and see her!" She got excited at the last part. "Okay, Thanks Melanie. I might just do that." I smiled. " Just call me Mel." She kidded around. I laughed slightly and asked if I could just leave my bag here. She took my bag and said it would be in Hayley's room. I think I'm a little more excited because I get to sleep in her room.


I walked down to the car and told Alfredo. He happen to know this town really well and knew where this place was. Thank god because I forgot to ask her where it was. Stupid me. We drove and were there with in like five minuets. I saw flashing lights everywhere and an ambulance had just pulled in. 


I got a bad feeling in my gut and ran into the yogurt shop and saw a pool of blood rushing from a girls head. That can't be. They rushed her on to a stretcher and onto the ambulance. "You can't be in here ,sir." Some cop told me. I didn't feel like fighting with him and cooperated. I walked outside in complete fear of who was in that ambulance driving away. I suddenly noticed TT talking to some other cop. He walked away and I just looked at her mouthing the words "that was Hayley wasn't it." I was praying she would say no but she didn't. She looked down and nodded with tears to her eyes. 


I walked over to her. "Who did it." I said with anger fuming in my veins. She looked at the guy getting hand cuffed with blood all over his hands. He noticed me looking at him and just smirked. I don't know what took over me, but I just ran towards him almost reaching him before getting held back by damn cops. "You son of a bitch." I muttered. He heard me and responded "Hope she dies." and smiled. That motherfucker had the nerve. If these cops were not holding me back he would have his face beat in. 


My day dream about how I was going to kill him ended by me coming back to reality with cops yelling in my ears telling me to step back and calm down. I was furious and stormed back to the car with Alfredo waiting in it lost about what happened. He looked at me scared like. I mean I would be scared to if I saw some one the way I looked right now. "Follow that ambulance." I spat and he got the hint about what had happened. He was pulling away before I saw someone running up to the car. It was Tonesia. Knowing what she was gonna ask I just rolled down my window and simply said as nice as I could,"Just get in." She followed my statement and got in the back seat. 


Once I find that boy that did this to my baby. He is gonna die a slow painful death. What brought me out of my thoughts about that once again was TT. She broke the silence on the way to the hospital explaining what had happened back there. All I could think about was what if I had gotten here sooner and stopped it ? I told her I would always protect her and I didn't...




Is Hayley gonna be okay??? 


Will Justin blame himself for this or will he beat Taylor's ass ???


Comment below what you think !!! I love reading them !! <3 


What should happen next! You decide! 


See Ya Soon My lovelies :)

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