Twisted Love

Hayley goes to a meet and greet to see Justin Bieber but something about her catches his eye. When they start to fall in love a tragic thing happens....will they be able to work through it or will they just give up ?


5. Is This A Start?

Justin's POV


The concert had just ended and I was so tired. But I still wanted to spend sometime with Hayley. Her friend Tonesia seemed pretty cool. 


I grabbed a towel to wipe off the sweat on my face and grabbed a water off the table. I then remembered I asked Fredo to ask her to stay but I didn't see her. Then I felt someone hug me from behind and I jumped being caught off guard. She was startled and stepped back apologizing with her head down. I lifted her head with my finger and kissed the top of her head. "Don't apologize. You just caught me off guard gorgeous." I whispered. She blushed and I just wrapped my arms around her and embraced her. When I hugged her it just felt different but a good kind of different. I think I was falling for her more.


I noticed Tonesia standing there all awkwardly and I let go of Hayley and did a cool handshake with her. Hayley walked back over and stood by TT. I heard Hayley call her that once so I might as well do the same. "Great show!" They both said in unison smiling. "Thanks!" I replied. We then made our way over to the snack table to just chill.


Tonesia's POV


That concert was so sick! I loved it! I'm actually really happy I came with Hayley. But I just feel a little bit unwanted. I can tell Justin really likes Hayley and stuff and he is all over her. I just think that it would be best for everyone if I just leave...


Just as I was about to get up and head back to the hotel some piece of trash lookin' girl walked over to JB and came over and sat on his lap. "Hey baby, Great show." She said right before kissed him on the cheek and gave Hayley a dirty look. Oh hell no. That bitch can take her happy ass self on somewhere. 


You could tell Justin felt confused by the facial expressions he made. Hayley just lowered her head and just fiddled with her phone. Thats just what she does in awkward situations. Anyway being the load mouth I am I said, " Excuse me? Who do you think you are Ms.Barbie ?" and she gave me a dirty look. And just to let you in on something, I say what's on my mind and I don't sugar coat anything. "I'm kinda wondering the same thing.…" Justin said quickly after. "Oh silly don't you remember." She playfully hit his arm after she said that. "If he knew do you think he would be askin' ?" I said in a smart ass tone. Justin kinda smirked at me kinda giving me a mental high-five.


She got up off his lap ,finally, and stood there and said, "I was your One Less Lonely Girl in Cali! You kissed me on the cheek and called me cutie. I thought we had a thing." Justin had this WTF look on his face, "Well I don't always remember all of my One Less Lonely Girls and I was just being nice. Also if we had a "thing" then I think I would remember you." He fatly said. The girl looked pissed and stormed off giving Hayley the evilest look ever when she looked up from her phone. 


"I know your jealous of her. No need to get mad about it." I smirked. She just rolled her eyes and left.


Justin's POV


Who in the hell was that girl?? I asked myself. I really just wanted to go over to tonesia and give her a hug ( in a best friend kinda way). She is such a smart ass and it cracks me up.


I noticed Hayley had her head down and I spoke up in the awkward silence "Hayley, she meant nothing to me okay. No need to be sad." She looked up with a glimmer in her eyes and giggled "I could tell by the way you treated her." By hearing that little giggle reassured me Hayley wasn't jealous or anything.


"We better get going." Hayley stated after I had been looking at her for a while without realizing it. "Yeah, we should." TT replied. I didn't want Hayley to go and I wanted to chill with Tonesia some more. "Why don't you just stay here with me on the bus?" I said with my eyes full of hope.



Hey Guys! Sorry for such a short chapter I will upload later tonight. 


DO you guys like Tonesia's attitude ?


Will they accept and go on the bus ?


Is the girl mad and want to get revenge on Hayley ?


Does Hayley feel as strongly about Justin as he does her ?


Comment below what you guys think should happen next!! See ya later my lovelies :)

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