Twisted Love

Hayley goes to a meet and greet to see Justin Bieber but something about her catches his eye. When they start to fall in love a tragic thing happens....will they be able to work through it or will they just give up ?


3. I'm Dreaming...

Hayley's POV


I soon felt a small tug on my sleeve. I turned to look and it was some lady with a walkie talkie. She asked "What's your name ?" I replied " My name is Hayley and my friends name is Tonesia." I replied gesturing to TT with a confused look on my face. If it was someone I had recognized from the crew I wouldn't be so creeped out. I could really understand what she had mumbled into the walkie talkie.


She just pulled my hand and told me " Come with me, both of you." Tonesia stopped in her tracks and being the sassy girl she is said," And what if we don't, huh? Who are you anyway to tell us to leave our seats that we paid for ?" I didn't know what to say to that was actually happy someone said that because I was wondering the same thing. The women had a shocked look on her face and quickly said," I'm with crew Bieber.


Justin sent me to come find you and take you some where else." I looked at TT questionably and she did the same back. I spat out " Exactly where would you be taking us?" Wouldn't you be a little questionable about a women coming up to you out of no where and telling you to come with her to a place she won't tell you. She looked at a piece of paper she pulled out of her pocket. She looked up at me and said," Justin told me to come follow you on your way back from the meet and greet and take you to the floor because he over heard you saying you had bad seats. And there just so happens to be two extra seats on the floor. If you come with me now I can take you to them."  I just stood there in complete shock. TT noticed and spoke up. "We will come with you but what happens to our seats ?" " I will explain on the way, I just want to get you to your seats in time before the count down ends." She spoke.


We both nodded and started making our way through the isle. " Your seats will be given away to come one that does not have any tickets." She stated not looking back. We were scurrying trough the arena. She told us to give out tickets to her and she would give us the floor ones. We exchanged and she lead us down a stairway that took us to the floor. She pointed to the row we were in and said," Those two seats right there. Enjoy the show ! See you later…" she giggled. Hold up she said see you later instead of goodbye. I am probably over thinking things like normal. We took our seats and there was only 3 minuets left on the clock. When she handed us her tickets they were the original ones and by that I mean they are cardboard and have his face on it. Ours were printed out from Stub-Hub (it's like Ticketmaster).


I was fangirling so hard in my head, but this time I let it show. I jumped up and down and shrieked. Then I contained myself eventually and put our new tickets in my bag that way across my shoulder. Oh and I forgot to mention we are in the 3rd row 7th and 8th seat. But the only crapy thing about this is that the seats are so close together and I'm claustrophobic. Hopefully I will be fine.


Justin's POV


I just couldn't stop thinking about her. There was just something about her that stuck in my head. "Are you ready Justin ?" a crew member asked. I nodded as the hooked me up to my wings. I told one of my crew members to get Hayley and her friend to the first three rows. I hope she found them. Then I suddenly felt a tug and started descending. The stadium is filled with girls but the only one I seemed to focus on was Hayley. I looked down slightly just enough where I could see the floor and scanned for her. I couldn't find her in tell suddenly I hit the ground and spotted her. She was right by the catwalk. I smiled at her. When I looked into her eyes I genially felt happy. I don't know why I didn't feel this way about Selena though. 




I just want to thank you guys for reading my story ! 

WHY didn't he feel this way about Selena ?


DO you think he is falling in love with her ?


WHAT will happen between them ?

Comment what you think ! 

I will update later today! See ya later my lovlies :)

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