An American girl goes to visit her Grandmother in Mullingar ,Ireland and spends time with a rising United Kingdom band.


1. He's so whatever

At One Direction's concert in Mullingar. One Direction singing Nobody compares


Niall's solo: You're so pretty when you cry x2 wasn't ready to hear you say goodbye now you're tearing me apart x3.

Janegh: Sha, move it or loose it

Sha: Oh, sorry, we're you watching whatever their name is

Janegh: yea

Mom and Dad: Janegh and sha hurry up and get your suit case and start packing. we are leaving tomorrow right after school.

Janegh: In less than 24 hours I'll be in the same city as Niall Horan.

Sha: is it too Late too late to be an only child.

Mom: yea

Janegh: what if Niall picks me up at the airport.

Sha:why would he do that  you don't even know him

Janegh: cuz' i text him all the time and I'm following his ever tweet and his ever move and we he goes every single me he wants to meet me

Sha: can I stay home?

Mom: No

Sha: why not

Dad: cuz' your grandma hasn't seen you in 2 years and your a minor its against the law

Janegh: shh they are talking about Niall Horan

Niall: I'm so glad to have the most deciated fans in the world and we wouldn't be where are today if it was for them.we love what we do


Sha: he's such a fake

JANEGH: i know everything about him where he works, eats and shops, and parties

 In Mullingar

Niall: come lets find you a real girl

Liam: but she is a real girl

Niall: she's a car

Liam: oh look who it is Niall Horan's girlfriend Cierra King

Cierra: hi Baby Liam

Liam: what are you doing here its guys night out

back in L.A. California

Janegh: you can't come

Sha: its an all school dance

Janegh: the word dance its embrassing when you dance

Sha: dont worry in not gonna dance its fro the school newspaper

Leslie: so are you gonna take your camera to Mullingar

Janegh: of course

Leslie: good cuz' we need more picture of Niall Horan

Sha: why are you 2 so hung up on him

Janegh: do u see what i have to live with!! sha you can stay home with grandma and play  Plainy Clappy with Grandma but im gonna go find Niall Horan
. when we get there One Direction will be having there daily meeting with their Mangers

In Mullingar

Simon: they're late again

they walk in

Simon: finally ok so now its time to talk about this movie that you guys want to do its basically done deal but you guys have to stay out of the light till Monday. thats only 2 days so stay home ok

One Direction: okay



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