The Sangheili - a first person Halo fanfic


2. The Shadow of Intent

     “What attacked me? I asked, my aquamarine eyes filled with curiosity. A strand of my long blonde hair got in my face, but I moved it out of the way. “Vladekor Tigers.”, said a different Sangheili, “Vicious creatures. The tigers that attacked you is a pack we've been hunting down for months, a pack known as the 'Vladekor Rogues.' All of the tigers in that pack are rogue males, rebelling against other tigers who only attack people if they feel threatened. The Vladekor Rogues will kill anything more powerful than their leader, Monaru, the largest of the Rogues.” I stared in shock, remembering the massive tiger's large appearance and fiery eyes that gleamed with hatred and rage. “Ok... I have a question for Thel...”, I declare respectively, “Out of all the people you could have rescued, why save me? I'm just an average woman, going about my own business as if nothing happened.” Thel turned to me and smiled, putting his hand on my left cheek and stroking it with his thumb. “Everyone in the Covenant has a purpose that brings them love and honor. I believe you have that same purpose.”, he said, giving me a wink, letting his arm fall back to his side. One of the Elites rolled his eyes, another pointed a finger to his open mouth with his tongue sticking out. Then, I felt the Phantom slightly tilt backward as it landed inside another ship. Thel's eyes glimmered. “We're here.”, he said softly.

     The Phantom's doors opened, and I walked out with Thel with caution, looking around the landing deck. I jumped as I felt something nudge into my back. I turn around to see a very strange but very familiar creature. The creature had a large pinkish body with four long tentacles, a small head with six eyes that blinked at me curiously. “It's Vergil!”, I remark, gently stroking his head. Vergil then rubbed his head against my cheek lovingly, making a raptor-like purring sound. “Arbiter, you are needed on the bridge.”, said a Grunt, slightly jittery after making his announcement. “I'm on my way.”, Thel said, walking towards the bridge leaving me with Vergil. He urged me to follow Thel by nudging me in the back. With a smile and a nod, I run to catch up with Thel and follow him to the bridge. Outside the bridge doors stood two massive Honor Guardsman, blocking the entrance with long, speared staffs which they held in their large hands. One of them growled at me. “It's alright, men. She's with me.”, Thel said, placing his hand on the Guardsman's shoulder, “She was attacked by 'him' without knowing he was there.” With a respective nod, they moved their staffs out of the way to let the both of us pass. I looked around in amazement, my eyes taking in the massive size of the bridge of the ship and all the technology around me. A few Elites turned in their chairs and looked at me as if I was an alien from another world, which, in a way, I was to them. I flinched slightly as someone yelled out. “Listen here, Split-Lip, I don't care if you try to keep these vicious hairballs off our backs, all I care about is making sure every single one of those Rogues is dead!”, barked Sergeant Johnson, a Marine with jet black hair, dark eyes, and brownish skin covered by a common U.S. Marine uniform. He wreaked of respect and the slight odor of cigars.

     “I understand your fear, Johnson, but it's vital that we put as much distance between us and the Rogues as possible. It's not much, but it's helped buy us some time so we can plan our attack ahead of time.”, another Elite said calmly, his white armor glimmered in the low light. Commander Half-Jaw., I mouth the words as I pass the table and stood next to Thel. “It's true, Johnson. If Half-Jaw hadn't ordered his best Elites to hold back the Rogues, we wouldn't have enough time to strike back.”, said Lord Hood, a man with pale skin and hard blue eyes that looked like they have seen everything. Several Elites nodded in agreement to Hood's reply. “Hood, for the first time, you and I actually agreed on something.”, Half-Jaw said with a smile. His orange eyes glowed as they caught sight of my figure. “It looks like we have a new visitor.”, he said with soft eyes, “Welcome to my ship, the Shadow of Intent.” I blushed, never knowing that an Elite can be so kind. “She was in the forest behind her house gathering firewood when she was attacked by the Rogues. Fortunately, I rescued her before any further damage was done.”, he replied, putting his hand on my left shoulder. Several Elites gasped and looked at each other, murmuring. Commander Half-Jaw nodded calmly. “I see. She's very lucky to be alive with all of those claw marks.”, he pointed to the bandages on my arms. I smirked, “Pardon me for being rude, but these cuts are not claw marks, I was cut by tree branches as I tried to escape those... things... Sir.” Half-Jaw nodded as I explained what happened when I was attacked.

     “What's your name, soldier?”, Sergeant Johnson barked lightly. I looked back and forth awkwardly, then cleared my throat. “Nicole.”, I reply lightly. Half-Jaw smiled. “It's nice to meet you, Nicole. I am sure you have heard of me... well, for an obvious reason.”, he said, pointing to his missing left mandibles. The sight of his missing mandibles reminded me of something I have, but wasn't sure what it was. Then, it hit me. “Hold on a sec.”, I say as I place my backpack on the table before me and dug through it. Half-Jaw watched me with a brow raised in confusion, then both went up in surprise. “I made these sometime last year, and didn't know what to do with them. But when I saw your missing mandibles, I knew that I made something worthwhile.”, I comment as I pull out an object wrapped in a T-shirt. One of Half-Jaw's aides growled defensively, thinking the object would be a weapon. Half-Jaw raised a hand to stop him. “It's alright, brother. She does not mean us any harm, so there's no need to act out in violence on something as simple as this.”, Half-Jaw said with a smile as I approached, handing him my little gift. “It's not much, but I think they might come in handy. I don't know why I made them, but I think I was just bored or something. Anyway, I think you'll like them.”, I smile lightly. He held the object in his hands, then carefully unwrapped it and stared in shock with what he had unveiled before him. “You made artificial mandibles? You are one talented young lady, I will tell you that.”, Half-Jaw declared, taking the artificial mandibles and putting them on. He leaned forward and hugged me, as if I did something that made his life better. “Thank you for your gift.”, he began as he released me, “I have searched countless galaxies for someone to make a pair of artificial mandibles, and have not found one who agreed to make them.” He smiled as he leaned back into his chair, several Elites chuckling and making cute remarks. “Aw, listen to him.”, said one Elite. “He's so cute.”, remarked another. Half-Jaw rolled his eyes, smiling. “Shut up!”, he mocked humorously. The Shadow of Intent continued its silent journey back to the Covenant's base.

     Half-Jaw gave me a tour of his ship, when we were suddenly interrupted by a floating machine the Covenant know as the 'Oracle'. “Hello, I am 343 Guilty Spark. I was the Monitor of Installation 04. Welcome to the Shadow of Intent, and I hope you'll enjoy your trip on this marvelous ship.”, he said with joy, his eye glowed brightly as he spoke. I blinked awkwardly, unsure of what to say to a machine that's quite possibly smarter than I am. “Oracle, this is Nicole. She's new to the ship, so try not to make her uncomfortable, alright?”, Half-Jaw asked with caution. The Oracle nodded, and floated off towards the armory in silence. “You don't have a Spartan dog tag, do you?”, Half-Jaw asked curiously, his brow raised in interest. I shook my head in disapproval, not thinking I was going to be needed out in battle. He looked down, and lifted the dog tag hanging around my neck in curiosity. “Academy of Legends. I didn't know Earth has such talented people like you.”, he winked playfully as he let my dog tag fall and continued walking. I blushed slightly at Half-Jaw's comment, not thinking of myself as an expert. I quickly caught up with Half-Jaw and looked around as we entered the armory. “Wow. Now THAT'S a lot of weapons and armor.”, I declare as I look at all the weapons on the walls and the armor on faceless mannequins, the armor gleaming in the lights that glowed above. “Wait a minute, if you brought me here...”, I stated, beginning to realize what he was trying to tell me, “...then that means-” Half-Jaw nodded. “That is right. I know this is unexpected, but I need to ask you this: Will you help us in our fight against this rogue tiger menace?”, he asked with eyes filled with hope and victory.

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