Sinners Like Me

It was the beginning of summer, June 21st. I was working the streets like always, attracting rich men in my way too tight way too short dress. My make-up was smeared from last night. If you haven't guessed already, I'm a prostitute, a slut, a whore. Whatever you want to call me. I didn't want to become what I am now, but I had no choice. Until a mysterious figure stepped into my life and helped me heal.
But I have sins that cannot be forgiven, not even by God Himself.
My name is Echo Willie Wilson and this is what happened to me.


1. Living Hell

I must have been 'working what I've got' as Ashley, best on the streets, puts it because soon I was approached by an old, grimy man who looked like he should be kept in the loony bin. He also looked about 40, and I was 19. I hated nights like this.
"Hey sugar. Whatcha name?" he slurred. He was drunk too. Great. But I needed to pay the rent so I smiled.
"Brittney." I lied. Brittney was my 'whore name'. "Whats yours?" I asked, biting my lower lip. He smiled and laughed.
"Luke. Call me Luke. Or your master, if you'd like. How much do you charge for four hours?" He asked, pulling out his wallet.
This was the tricky part, since asking for too much would scare him away. But asking for too little would never pay the bills.
"Two hundred and fifty dollars for regular sex. Fifty more for toys and rough housing. Twenty more for role playing." I said to him. He smiled and pulled out a wad of bills.
"I want all three. I'll pay for a room too. Come on, baby. Daddy wants to get some."

Twenty minutes later I was in a cheap motel room, laying on the bed. Luke had told me to wait as he locked the door. When he came back, he smiled.
"Now strip to your pretty panties. I want to see what color they are."
I did as told and revealed my black lace thong and matching bra. He smiled, taking his shirt off. This action revealed that he had a hairy belly and small man-boobs. I pushed away the thought and smiled.
"Like what you see?" I asked. He nodded and started to get on top of me. I forced a smile. "Then come and get it." I growled to him. He grinned and started to unhook my bra. Here we go, I thought. Welcome to my living hell.


How do you like this story so far? I was unsure whether to post it or not but here it is! Comment and favorite and I'll be your BFF forever!


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