Sinners Like Me

It was the beginning of summer, June 21st. I was working the streets like always, attracting rich men in my way too tight way too short dress. My make-up was smeared from last night. If you haven't guessed already, I'm a prostitute, a slut, a whore. Whatever you want to call me. I didn't want to become what I am now, but I had no choice. Until a mysterious figure stepped into my life and helped me heal.
But I have sins that cannot be forgiven, not even by God Himself.
My name is Echo Willie Wilson and this is what happened to me.


4. Cologne

His apartment didn't have an elevator so we walked up five flights of stairs.

"Sorry about the trek. They are putting in an elevator soon. Hopefully." Zayn said , glancing back at me. I fake laughed. I was really nervous for some reason. There was a rock in my stomach and I could smell cologne. Not Zayn's cologne. A cologne that smelled so very familiar.

 When we reached his door, I heard loud music and yelling. I was a little startled, But Zayn seemed unfazed as he unlocked the door and opened it.

I walked in after him and was greeted by music and a blonde dancing with a little girl who looked about seven. A brunette sat at the kitchen table eating what looked like pizza. His back was to me but he looked so familiar. And he didn't look up when we walked in. Probably because he didn't hear us walk in.

The blonde did and turned down the music and smiled. The little girl kept hopping about, laughing. She looked a lot like the blonde. She had his blonde hair and his bright blue eyes. She was wearing a long light green dress and hopped around barefoot.

"Hey, mate! Your back! And you brought a friend." The blonde said.

"Niall, this is Echo Wilson. Echo, this is Niall Horan, my roommate." I shook hands with him. I was about to say hello when the brunette eating pizza stood up and turned around. We locked eyes and I gasped.

"Harry?" I muttered. He smiled and nodded. I dropped my duffel bag and sped walked toward him. He met me halfway and he looked me in my eyes. I remembered those bright green eyes. And his curly brown hair.

"Echo." Harry mumbled. He smiled and engulfed me in a hug.

"I thought I'd never see you again. You just didn't show up to school one day. Your dad told me that you had run away." He cried. I sobbed into his shirt.

"I did. But it was to get away from him. I didn't tell you because then you'd come looking for me. Oh I missed you so much." Harry was the only part of my childhood that wasn't ruined. My dad hated him while my mom loved him. She told me once when I was younger that I shouldn't let him leave my sight, because he was a keeper.

I buried my head into his familiar chest. I inhaled deeply and smelled the cologne that I knew all too well.

"I missed you too. You were my only real friend and then one day you disappear. It broke me for awhile. Hell, I'm still in pieces. But enough of that. You obviously need a place to stay. But this isn't my flat. It's Zayn and Niall's." I had totally forgotten about our audience. The little girl, Zayn, and Niall were standing there, clearly uncomfortable.

I wiped the tears away and smiled. Harry put a friendly hand on my shoulder and my hand lingered on his waist.

"She can stay here! We have an extra bedroom. We know that you have Louis, Liam, and Liam's girlfriend at that flat. And she'll have her own bathroom." Niall offered. The little girl grinned.

"Yes! Finally someone who's not a boy." Her voice was full of energy. She seemed sweet. And she looked a lot like Zayn.

"By the way, this is Scarlett. She's Niall's cousin. We get to watch her for the summer 'cause her parents are in America for work." Zayn mumbled. I smiled and waved.

"Hello! I bet all these boys are annoying, right? Especially Harry. He is one big goofball." I teased. She giggled and nodded, hopping up and down.

"Hey, I'm not that bad. I've changed since the last time you saw me." Harry growled the last part in my ear. And while I blushed profusely, Niall laughed with Scarlett, who was also singing,"Cooties! Cooties! Harry's got cooties!" But Zayn looked sad, hurt almost. I wondered if it was the way Harry was teasing me. He couldn't get feelings for me this quick. We just met.


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