Adopted by them

Madeline (Maddie) is a 14 year old girl living with her brothers Noah (18) and Will (16) her dad left her family when she was 7 and her mom moved to Paris for her Job so her and her brothers live alone in their house in South Carolina one day some very unexpected guests come her house...


3. meeting them

oh my twizzle! I'm so sorry for taking for fucking long to update!! i'm on vacation but please don't hate me :( because i love all 125 of you who have read this so far :) <3 good bye my babes!















Maddie's POV

*the next day*

I woke up on the couch and i went up to my room to put on new clothes, i put on my purple shorts with studs on the side, i kept on my black crop t shirt and then i out in my white keds ( i went down stairs and turned on the TV, i decided to watch dance moms, i watched for about 20 minutes and the door bell rang. I got up and walked to the door and unlocked it and opened it and standing there right in front of me was no other the 5 sexy boys that make up One Direction.

"ummm h-h-hi" i stuttered "hello love, out tours bus broke down and we were wondering if you knew of a  place were we can get it fixed" Liam asked me "ummmmm uhh umm n-n no I don't know of one sorry" i said blushing a little "oh well thanks anyway love" Liam said turning around (and the others) to leave

"wait!" i said a little to loud "yes?" Harry asked him the only one turning back around "u-ummm do you guys wanna come it to hang out and have something to eat while you wait to get your bus fixed?" i asked playing with my hair "well will your parents mind?" Liam asked being the caring person he is

"no, my parents aren't around" i said hoping they would agree to come in "okay then we would love to come" Liam said looking behind him looking at the other boys, i stepped back a little so they could walk in "you guys can go sit on the couch if you want" i said pointing to the couch, Louis,Niall and Zayn sat  on the couch. Harry sat on the chair in the corner and Liam just stood there awkwardly "so what would you guys like to eat?' i asked

"what ever you wanna serve us" Zayn said with a big smile "umm i can make empanadas" i said looking around at them "i don't know what those are but they are food so i will eat them" Niall said with a completely straight face i giggled a little then walked in to the kitchen i got out the pastry dough and i heard foot steps behind me i turned around and saw Zayn leaning against the counter "hey um i thought you might need some help" he said standing up straight

"um yea thanks" he walked over and stood next to me "i never got your name" he said putting filling in the pastry dough "oh I'm Madeline but you can call me Maddie" i said looking up at him then looking down again. we finished cooking them and i put them on a plate and brought them in to the living room, Niall got up right away to get one, he put one in his mouth and chewed once he was done chewing he said "yeah they're good" i just giggled a little.

they finished eating and we were all just sitting in the living room. i still can't believe I'm with them! but i must not fangirl."do you guys wanna play a game?" i said a little nervously "truth or dare!!" Louis screamed, we all sat in a circle "i will go first" Harry said, "Niall truth or dare" "truth" "okay, how old were you when you had your first kiss?" harry asked with a cheeky/devilish smile "i was 10" Niall said back  "what about you Maddie (Zayn told my name) when did you have your first kiss?" Niall asked with a smile "i haven't had it yet" i said a little embarrassed.

"hey Maddie can i asked you a personal question?" Liam asked me "yea sure go ahead" i replied back very perky like "were are you parents?" he asked a little quietly   "oh well me mom is in Paris as a chef, my dad left when i was 7 so i have no idea where he is and my brothers just moved to the city yesterday. soo I'm living here alone" i said fiddling with my hands.

"don't you have have a relative living with you or anyone" Harry asked with a confused look on his face, "oh um my mom's old friend May was gonna live with me but umm.... she died yesterday" i said scratching the back of my head, all of them left out a little gasp when i said that "oh, Maddie I'm so sorry." Liam said awkwardly rubbing my back.

 i perked up a little "okay let's continue the game" i said sitting up "sounds good' Zayn said, "Harry truth or dare?" Zayn asked "ermm Dare" he said back a little unsure about it, "i dare you to go to the fridge and drink all the milk out of the jug" he said with a big cheeky smile "is that okay with you Maddie" Harry asked standing up "go ahead i don't mind" i said with a smile, he went to the fridge and grabbed the milk, he stated drinking it and finished it in 8 seconds! (it was almost full) so i was impressed,7.

"mehh I'm bored" Louis whined, i just giggled "oh hmm do you guys wanna watch tv or..." i asked holding the r "sure, you can turn on what every you want" Niall said, Zayn,me and Niall  (in that order) all sat on the couch, Harry and Louis sat in the loveseat and Liam sat in the chair in the corner of the room, i turned on the tv and decided to watch Doctor Who. we watched 2 episodes and it was baout 7:30 pm, i turned off the tv and looked at the boys.

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