Adopted by them

Madeline (Maddie) is a 14 year old girl living with her brothers Noah (18) and Will (16) her dad left her family when she was 7 and her mom moved to Paris for her Job so her and her brothers live alone in their house in South Carolina one day some very unexpected guests come her house...


23. Going home

*same day*

We hailed a taxi and went off to our hotel. once we arrived we checked in and walked to our room.

We all went into our rooms we dived up in. Girl is one boys in the other. I grabbed a water bottle from the mini fridge and sat on the window sill and looked out the window. God, how I missed being in Chicago. I loved the sound of the traffic and see all the people walking on the streets.

"hey, mads we're going to unpack. want us to unpack your stuff too?" Jade asked peeking in from the doorway

"no thanks, i'll do it later"


I got up and decided to go to the boys room. I knocked on the door and Harry opened it, as soon as he saw me he slammed the door. I pounded one more time really hard. This time Niall answered "come on in Maddie" he said stepping back so i could walk in.

I went in and saw Zayn and Louis playing Fifa, Liam Starting a load of laundry,  and Harry angrily unpeeling a banana.

"hey, guys" I said

"hi" "hey" "hi Maddie" they each said back

"Hi Harry" I said looking right at him

He just glared at me and took a bite of his banana.

"I'm gonna go to the pool any of you wanna come with me?" I asked looking at each of them

"there are no hot guys in there i already checked" Harry said taking another bite

"whats makes you think I was looking for hot guys" i asked glaring at him

"well i just assumed because you are a huge attention seeker" he said throwing away the peel and washing his hands

"why the hell would you think that" I asked raising my voice more

"you invited 4 older guys to your birthday party, you invited a boy over for a sleep over, and you fucking kissed me" he said crossing his arms

"I'm done with your shit Harry" I said picking up my bag

"later" he said plainly

I stormed out of the room and went into my room. I grabbed my phone and suitcases and left the room without the girls noticing me. I went outside and hailed a Taxi.

"1004 Stone street please" i said to the driver and he nodded

We drove for 20 minutes until we arrived in front of my house and I paid him Grabbed my stuff and got out.

There was a random car in the drive but I assumed it was Noah's or Carson's car.

I grabbed my key from my necklace and was about to unlock it but it was already open. I walked in and set all my stuff down. I looked around and didn't see any signs of human life anywhere. I walked up stairs and looked around some more. still nothing. I walked down the hall way and opened the door to my moms room.

I looked around then went into the closet. I went further in and saw a figure standing putting shoes away. I didn't recognize the figure so i grabbed one of my moms giant purses and was about to hit them in the head when they turned around. IT WAS MY MOM! 

"Maddie!" she screamed

"mom!" I screamed

I dropped the purse and gave her a huge hug.

She finally let go and looked at me.

"you dyed your hair"

"so did you" I said back

We went downstairs and sat on the couch.

we talked for along time to catch up when the questions i didnt want to answer came up.
"so why is your room empty and why were you gone?" she asked looking at me

"i kinda got adopted by One Direction" I said shrugging

"what?!" she asked choking on her tea

"it's takes to long to explain, i will tell you later" I said back

The boys and the girls have been texting and calling me all night but i just ignore all of them.

Liam called me for the 19th time so I finally answered so they would leave me alone


"Maddie,You answered!"

"what do you want?"

"come back to the hotel. where did you go?"

"I went home"

"you're there alone??"


"who is there with you?"

"why should I tell you"

"please Maddie I'm worried about you!"

"Liam I'm sick of this, Goodbye"

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