Adopted by them

Madeline (Maddie) is a 14 year old girl living with her brothers Noah (18) and Will (16) her dad left her family when she was 7 and her mom moved to Paris for her Job so her and her brothers live alone in their house in South Carolina one day some very unexpected guests come her house...


24. Chapter 27

Maddie's POV

Me and my mom were sitting in the front yard on a blanket catching up when a big black Range Rover pulled into the drive way. I knew exactly who it was. I quickly got up and ran to the car as they all came out

"why are you here?" I asked loudly whispering

"we were worried about you babe" Jade said

"Leave now, my mom is right over there and I don't want have to explain why two ridiculously famous bands are at our house" I said pointing in the direction of where my mom was

"oooh your mum, I want to meet her" Perrie Said and they all walked over there

I turned around and saw Harry leaning against the car looking at me.

"what Curly?" I asked

He approached me and pulled me into a hug

"don't touch me, you smell like corn" I said pushing him off but he wouldn't budge

"Maddie, I'm sorry, I love you and I never wanted to hurt you." He said stroking my hair

I pulled away and grabbed his hand

"I love you too, Dad" I said and a smile crept on to his face

We walked over to were everyone else was and talked for a while until we went inside for dinner.

After dinner my mom made me explain to her how I met One Direction/Little Mix, Got adopted by them, Moved to London, Got into a performing arts school, and Burned Down a house in all the 2 years she was gone.

"and that is how it all happened" I said

My mom was just staring at me wide eyed. 

"Wow" was all she said



Sorry this chapter is so short and kind of bad, I'm just really tired. Love you guys

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