Being Paranormal

The secret village that is full of towns people who all know each other and their secrets. But they don't know about a boys secret, that maybe finish them forever without anyone knowing they existed...


2. Seeing Things

Chapter 1

Seeing Things

It was late at night on a Wednesday and Dylan was staying up late watching a film about ghost and zombies. His dad told him not to watch it because it will give him nightmares. Dylan didn't care and found it awesome anyway instead of creepy. He went to the toilet and came back seeing that the TV was off and the living room lights aswell. "Hey i was watching that. Where is everyone", Dylan asked himself. he came around to the kitchen and it was empty with nothing but his dog eating from its bowl. He looked upstairs and peeped into his brothers room and saw him asleep without his cover put on properly. Dylan knew his parents must have gone to bed and turned  everything off to make him do the same. He didn't care about it too much and he knew it was at least half ten at night. He had school the next day and he really didn't want to go, because he had science almost all day with his worst teacher. Mr Wormen (war-men). He didn't bother to complain about how much he hated science and his teacher. He tried to get to sleep after that thought of science. He was twelve years old and just a normal kid. He went to quickly do his teeth before bed and he stared into the mirror making out a person, the person was an old man who didn't look happy and when it saw Dylan he screamed at him not making any noise at all, the man came closer to the mirror and vanished. That freaked out Dylan, until he thought he did need a rest and he had watched to many films about ghost. But it was actually a ghost there just Dylan didn't realizes it as much. He crept into bed and fell deeply into a sleep that he wished he could get out of. He had a dream about creepy stuff inside his own home. It was short but he didn't know if it did happen or not. He was just glad it was morning and his eyes awakened as yawned out loud. He heard his mums footsteps creaking along the landing and entering his room.

"Sleep well Dylan", she asked.

"uh well yea, no, not really", he replied.

"well you know about staying up late and don't make me explain why you should-"

"ok,ok, I'll get ready for school". Dylan sat up looking into the sunlight out his bedroom window and saw what looked like a blue smile. He was more scared the minuet. He was sure something was going on. He got changed and went down stairs. His bedroom was light blue wallpaper and had things like a rocket and bats dangling from the ceiling. He had posters up every where and they mostly were about Ghost Hunters and other films he loved. they had comics of them aswell he always read with his friend. He took his breakfast and crunched the pieces of toast all other the floor. After he rushed everything and just remembered before he left his house that, he had homework and he didn't finish it because he watched that film he loved. Later he was all set and ready for school but was just about t make it on time.       

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