Friend Zoned

Kylie and Liam have been best friends since pre-school. They’ve faced all challenges together, and high school was the biggest challenge yet. Kylie had become a socialite; became everyone’s best friend. Every girl wanted to be her, and every guy wanted to be her boyfriend. Liam had ended up on the other side of the school’s spectrum. He had very little friends that he could trust. What happens when one event affects their relationship as friends? Could it bloom into something more, or will their friendship stay the same?


1. Opposites

Kylie Carlton. She had been my best friend since pre-school; even our parents were close friends. She was always the one person I could trust and count on whenever I’m feeling down. She knew how to make me laugh, smile, and I could just be myself around her without even trying. She had blonde hair, wavy but beautiful, and hazel colored eyes. 

No matter who our friends were, it was always just Kylie and I. But then high school hit and everything changed. She tried out for the cheerleading squad Freshman year, and obviously, she got in. I never became an avid fan of sports - football, basketball, baseball, etc.

I was more interested in school. I was always studying and my parents were proud. That also meant Kylie and I - we never got to see each other at all. She always stayed after school until five and I would go home around the usual 2pm.

I missed the days when she and I would hang out after school. We would go to the movies on the weekends, or have a movie night at each other’s houses. We would go to the mall and she’d beg me to carry her stuff - she didn’t have to beg. I was always willing to carry her stuff for her.

She and I would have a blast. We would spend our Sunday’s eating sundaes and have a study session when she needed it, but it was obvious that she just wanted an excuse to spend more time with me. Those were the good old days, but now those days have changed.

For her, it was always cheerleading practice. Her excuses became more constant - that she was always busy. She never had time for friends - never having enough time for me at least. She constantly hung out with Danielle and Erin, her new best friends. Not me, not Liam Payne.

It was our last year of high school; we were Seniors. Over the course of four years, I have made four new friends - Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles. Each guy had their own clique, except for Niall and I.

Louis mostly hung out with the soccer team, Zayn hung out with jocks, and Harry - well he was a player. Even though our cliques were different from one another, the five of us would all hang out at each other’s houses from time to time.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Harry asked. It was lunch time and we were all sitting at a table together, not too far from the cheerleading table. “Yeah, she is.” Zayn said. But it was clear that both boys were talking about two different girls.

“Haz, we all know that you have no chance with a girl like her.” Louis said. Harry was talking about Dani, the beautiful brunette who Kate called her sister. Dani had green eyes, like Harry, and she was the co-leader of the cheer team. Kylie was the head cheerleader.

“Like you have a better chance.” Harry said.

From where I was sitting, I could get a clear shot of Kylie. Ever since she joined the cheer team, we never spoke. There were glances every so often, but that was it. They were glances that didn’t mean anything, and never would.

“Maybe you should ask Zayn for advice.” Niall suggested.

Zayn dated Kylie Freshman year, but they broke up last year. I heard two different stories. Zayn’s story and Kylie’s. Knowing Zayn, Kylie’s story was more believable. “I am not going to ask Zayn for advice. I dated the swim team, the softball team, and the volleyball team. I think I can handle the cheer team on my own.” Harry said.

“Oh yeah? Why don’t you go up and talk to Dani now?” Louis asked with a smirk.

 “Maybe you should come with me Liam.” Harry said, standing up.

“No, maybe you should do this on your own.” I smiled as we watched Harry walk up to the table. After a few minutes passed by, Harry walked over and sat down at our table. “So, how was it?” Zayn asked.

"Those girls are stuck up. They acted as if I weren't there." Harry said, then looked at Zayn. "How do you do it?"

"So now you're asking for my help?" Zayn asked. "It's simple really."

"Okay, why don't you prove to us that you can talk to the cheerleaders?" Louis asked. Zayn smiled, standing up and walked over to the table. He came back and handed a piece of paper to Harry. "That's from Jennifer. She thinks you're cute." Zayn said as Harry looked at the paper.

"Liam, aren't you friends with Kylie?" Niall asked.

I didn't want to talk about my friendship with Kylie in front of the guys. Honestly, I had no idea where she and I stand. We were on opposite sides. She leaned towards the popular side, and I, well it's obvious that I'm way out of her league.

She would probably ignore me just like all the other cheerleaders. The bell rang as all of us stood up and went our separate ways. Niall and I have stuck together since Freshman year. "You can't ignore her forever Liam." Niall said as we walked down the hallway towards our Spanish class.

Niall was right. I had to step up my game, but how?


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